Illuminated On-Off Rocker Switch with Wiring Products

welcome to wiring products today we are

going to wire up a on/off illuminated

rocker switch ok so this is going to be

the ground terminal this is accessory

and this one's power again

this one's accessory power and ground

first off we're going to use 16 gauge

red primary wire we we strip the jacket

take off that jacket twist the wire put

it in your terminal

crimp it


hook that to the power which is the

center terminal on this switch and then

we're going to use a green indicator

light as the accessory and put that on

the accessory terminal and the black is

just going to be ground

and so let me hook this up to our system

positives positive where red is red

we're going to go black on black and

black on black

indicator light I'm going to turn the

power on and see if it works that's in

the off position on position and both

lights are on so your accessory is

working and the indicator light on the

switch is showing you it's on and that

is how you wire up an on/off rocker

switch with the indicator light thank

you very much for your time come visit

us at wiring products com