what's up YouTube petite in here today

we are going to go somewhere pretty

exciting I've never been here either so

it's going to be my first time as well

we're going to go to a place called a

restaurant Depot where all the

restaurants go to shop and buy produce

and stuff so let's go and see what kind

of deals you can find it's gonna be so

much fun I'm waiting for mom she's still

inside the house but very excited you

know how I love a good deal even if it's

just for food which you guys know I also

love a great deal here we are

Restaurant Depot there's entrance Friday

night looking for heart but these are

pretty much all they have like those

giant push things like that so I think

this communion one of these I don't know

but I'm gonna grab one and we're going

to go inside this place is out of

it's like Costco

oh these shrimp

look at that 54 90 units per case five

check out the silverware

Oh fully cleaned squared

$14 two one seven four one

my squadron yeah all right check out

that frozen fish

home start shaking yoseob

oh my gosh of wine champagne Pinot Noir

what is this place

creamy strawberries oh you look kind of

device how much is it a giant tub 1740

other thrifty artx cream

okay guys so this place is blinking

literally hot going steroid it is so

intense and like there's so much stuff I

can't even look at this rice you got

like ten dollars cheaper than pasta

which is already pretty cheapest

considering rice right Oh dry milk

strawberry preserve fling herbs or grape


where did they go

a detergent interesting vinegar

look at this canola oil it's only 1774

for this jag enormous thing which I'm

gonna grab he's plastic forks and stuff

are like really cheap but only 595 a box

and there's like how many's inside a box

I don't even know a thousand okay I can

find a thousand for 595 that's what they

look like

just someone text oh but check it out

okay so rice oil fish supplier I want

that fifties ice cream but I have

nowhere to put it it's only 17 bus for

like a Jaguar it's like seeing of ice

cream I don't even know what to do with

my life right now I don't want

everything for their food

alright we are inside the giant freezer

and it is pretty cool I'm not wearing

one of the jacket stuff

but like we have like jackets you can

borrow outside put on I'm just looking

at all this stuff look at this giant

thing of vegan it's $70 but 25 pounds of

sliced bacon that's crazy

yeah this girl is intense oh this one's

to have like the wax deal on it look at

all these bags of cheese and now to the


look at these special

Hebrew National

need as far as the eye can see

happy hi little quail egg

and study

so I am pasta

we just found it like a giant box


there's a protein from

795 for this giant thing of hope because

a vegetable earlier carbs are

relationship like 495 bags because I 366

for basal that's so cheap

795 of the people and a salad dressing

french fries section Oh what you want

edible flowers more 3495 big holy


Oh cherry tomatoes 1 we need that

that's the date the 395 woo Hot Tamale

Sana's calamari and I'm gonna make you


I'm super excited this how much was in a


I live in 88 we are in Bradley all these

tortillas even has a little 6 years that

we're always looking for oh my god

my mom is dying because they have

colored tortillas Oh

get these sodas moisture is 2049

all right we just went to the soda but

it's I actually we think it's cheaper at

Costco to buy soda we're gonna go there

let's check out these are all like the

plates different state rolls napkins

everywhere serving tray crazy so this is

all the stuff for getting lots of stuff

and we're going to go check out at the

end disposable

all right we are headed to go pay

there's the registers

all right so here is all the stuff we

got such a great deal for all this food

so excited now we're going to go home

and meal prep ok finish yeah we finish

up the garage we're going to go eat at

this all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue

place this is gonna be the first one so

that should be exciting that's good at

the car alright we just got here this is

supposed to be like a smokeless Korean

barbecue like you cook the food by

yourself and it doesn't make you smell

excited John John super excited

it's called Gangnam Korean barbecue

here's the menu so this is the cooking

thing smokeless sauces and solid want to

go to the bar thing to pick up some

sighs yeah got some sighs from the


green tea ice cream for dessert all done

we are back with Sarah Bell and her baby

and we are just walking back up we're

gonna go look for some coconuts

to have some fresh coconut juice and

it's super hot and humid but this is so


check this out by Clarabelle by bebe