we have so much going on that I need to

talk to you guys about so much stuff

happens in April I don't know why that

is our crazy crazy month today we're at

the restaurant Depot shopping for

ingredients for cookie munchers I wanted

to show you guys a little bit more of

the story yes you've seen a past walk I

showed you guys the entire store here

but we got some things today it's not

like a huge load but I am by myself

today and I am not very strong which

means that uh it's really hard to do

everything I'm gonna try to grab six

bags of sugar for restaurant because

usually I try to order stuff a lot from


other places Costco but coronavirus

right now I have to go to the business

store which means that there's bigger

bags which is not good for small people

so it's just me put on the general

manager right now in this location so

any of the ingredient getting and

ordering is all on me

sugar won't be in for a bit from our

online supplier or a flower because

they're out of everything too so I

really had to come here

things have been way harder to come by

with the coronavirus so here I am let's

get some sugar


breaking those swing already the four

pounds there's something at flour brown

sugar and a bunch other stuff I think

eyes noticed I've celiac so flour is

like poison to me even getting it all in

my hair

alright we got a huge amount of flour

here and that is because the father is

sold out literally everywhere it's like

every store like Walmart had like three

bags of like ten pounds each and that

was it so pour it right of flour soon so

here yeah I was worried they wouldn't a

flower here but I guess they restart

you gonna get that car going right now

it's like I gotta put all my weight into


huh I think you follow up the cart come

with me please it's a shooting

Legolas puppy in the sword

we are done

Thank You Lee that's what's up I can

barely pull it back to the depot no we

have so much to talk about I'm outside

cookie munchies right now kept so much

going on that I need to talk to you guys

about that we are working on in the

upcoming vlogs you guys should be so so

pumped cuz there's so much going on we

are going to be launching soon which

basically means that they're hemp

products so yeah we've been making like

a bunch of marketing videos of what we

plan on selling and working on different

ingredients and things for what we plan

on doing so I'm actually gonna flash it

right now at night we started working on

the recipes for our hemp products we're

gonna come out with pie rice krispie

treats and come out with cookies as well

where we made our first batch and

actually try them that is totally crazy

gives me brain I've been talking so long

about starting a company that also

incorporates CBD is not weed it's hemp

but down the line if we've got if it

ends up being legal for THC too we'd be

totally open to expanding but for right

now the CBD is federally legal and we

decided that we are going to expand

rapper 420 which is you know the

national day of the year for hemp or

weed and we think it's the perfect

launch date to launch it in tempo we're

not gonna launch it in Jersey right now

because we are in Tampa and we know that

we can do it here we will probably

expense that in Jersey in the future

though hopefully in the near future so

we're really excited about that we've

been testing products it's a huge move

for us it's so cookie still rice krispie

treats still desserts but it's wholly

different Avenue for us and it's so

exciting we brought in these awesome

people on board named Josh and Tracy and

possibly two other people that are gonna

come on board to help us with this line

and help us grow the business more

especially around CBD products and other

things like that our normal line is

still staying the same but we're also

gonna have a CBD line as well and I was

gonna help us expand and do everything

that we want to do in the future so

that's super exciting they're probably

gonna come on right now as the general

managers of the business but they will

probably end up taking a piece of the

business down the line equity shares and

other things like that to help us grow

it especially where we go and travel is

you're gonna do good visits go travel

the world so they will also be wrong

running it while we go and travel but

more of that will be coming in the

upcoming vlogs for now I

show you guys a little bit about our

recipe testing and flash to that what

happened last night so here we go



all right so we go get a show but it

sounds like 30 in the morning and the

perfect time to try some snacks so I

just tested a bunch of different rice

krispies treats so we got one sick we

got Bertie pebbles nerds Oreo some of

them these ones every year are dipped

with frosting on top and extra stuff

these ones are just plain with just

stuff mixed in you got nerds chocolate

chip chocolate chip and caramel




all right try chocolate chick I do the

same flavor at the same time this is

chocolate chip chocolate chip Cheers

I cannot I can I eat it with them

because of celiac yeah I don't taste it

well that's because there's not a lot of

doritoes regular butter again but it's

not to the point where I've had edibles

ever much much like the wall I taste it

and I get that bad to me huh no I didn't

hit properly

yeah the totally cuts it out he can't

talk there there was chocolate or

cannabis kinda tastes like a mint

chocolate mm-hmm we got nerd Macau

frosting all right I'm a junior so you

don't like nerd candy rmally so nerves

are dropping chip so far yeah right like

a nerd you guys tried nerds trying hard

with frosting - Claire you're very -

sweet hey you can touch do you try try

the side with the frosting obviously or

I think without the frosting the Nerds

is good wages leave after the camera

I like that one do the same

so you don't do it by yourself you don't

get out of his mouth so have you guys

liked that more or less than cocktail

caramel really

I'm sure the order thing look great too

I was actually the I was three or my

favorite young caramel in the Nerds all

three or solid yeah to the half of this

we carry all three into the camera pits

are gone and then we'll look at the

sales and they stuff is sold really

super well compared to the other jet

then we'll keep it otherwise

if I sold about the same or equally as

the other ones I've save you carry the

OREA one and them and their jaw area

about you might know superclod Nigeria

is always yeah yeah yeah I think the

nerd is gonna be good and I think the

nodes are super sweet like a candy and

then I liked the Oreo cookies it's

unbreakable event thank you Thank You

Daniel I appreciate it I appreciate it

has marshmallow but it's just missing

pretty comfortable with the fruity

pebbles if you just did it with fruity

pebbles without the marshmallow your

Rice Krispies just fruity pebbles I

didn't it's that marshmallow and then


yeah you don't like it let you open up

your mind it is good

so what's everyone's tops favorites now

I'm doing the nurse I definitely like

the rest of the Oreo I definitely the

caramel and I definitely like the

fruity pebbles but I sometimes think it

was just a fruity cover which is always

great yeah absolutely autumn really

except the first chocolate chip I think

it has to have the caramel on it if you

do it yeah but I think they're all song

except for the icing so excited to

expand to CVG let me know guys think in

the comments below do you think this is

a good move do you think that people are

gonna like it do you think it's going to

do well I think people are going to love


CBD is so popular and maybe down the

line will appeal it to expand to THC who

becomes federally legal as well or even

just legal in Florida alright guys I

hope yet another day they remember the

chefs now about business is awesome at

having fun so leave your comments below

and let me know what you think of the

journey you are enjoying the journey of

our second storefront location here in

Tampa let me know in the comments below

I absolutely love to read those make

sure you hit that subscribe button see

it updated on everything that's

happening with the CBD line this is a

huge huge change rush and we are so

excited I'm sure it's gonna hit it off I

really really do believe that and I am

so excited but more of that will be

coming soon for experimenting products

the actual launch of our CBD line in our

store on 4/20 will be coming up soon so

keep a look out for that that's gonna be

so exciting to be an awesome awesome day

for us probably frantic and hectic

because for some reason April is always

the most hectic days of our month we had

the Kickstarter in April when we were

out of rides bagels in our first

location our second location we did our

grand opening that day that's imprinted

onto it horrific car accident our Grand

Opening Day so much stuff happens in

April I don't know why continue sir that

is our crazy crazy month

make sure you dream big today guys do

something different get out of your

comfort zone and do something awesome

whether it's launching your CBD line

starting a bakery center your restaurant

or something totally different whatever

works for you give it a big thumbs up if

you guys like this video and we'll see

you guys next time on same brand much

that's for loops but they

fruity pebbles but they were out they

had like a mixed Lucky Charms for

whatever cuz this euro Kovan coal-based

cereal has been like really out of socks

they didn't have normal free pebbles

after you Devils mix of marshmallows

what yeah so yeah I guess that works and

then the other one is Oreo so you guys

not to try them and give a taste test so

the CBD yeah we gotta cut it so people

can grab a knife or something