Restaurant Depot

hi everyone is penny how are you today

today is Friday February to 28 I hope

you are having a although it's 7:15 a.m.

I'm happy not to restaurant Depot it's a

warehouse and I need to buy some boat

food so I want to take you along to let

you see how the restaurants buy their

food ok when I get there I turn the

camera back on see you soon oh my god

honey's up all day come on I need some

obey right

we need some thought we need some


we don't need no salt how much thought

we have we have two small one right here

what about the lorry what about the

lorries come you sit won't so we need

lorry okay get that one okay so we're

just gonna turn around this season area

we're walking we're working

come we need some hot sauce did you put

hot sauce okay

all right we'll we're gonna come around

so we don't um miss what we doing okay

it's a Brit man come here Redman Connor

I think the bread man is late this is

255 I like to bread you said you wanted

to get some hotdogs roll

how much is a hot dog roll 162 for 12

you said you wanted to get some hot dog

growth okay we'll get to hot dog growth

okay I like to cook breathe like know we

gonna have to come back cut the bread

minute I'm Rock I like a bread like no

cheap these are all the boxes or the

potato chips that you get at the corner

store and 7-eleven and let me just give

you the us right here you get 60 bags in

it and the price is $16 can't see 16

hours and 44 cents yep

you're gonna get Duff Doritos Cheetos

makes the 30 count yes

that's 1412

all right that's cousing song things the

death with cavities

so this is where the restaurant shops


so this is how this price work to either

buy in a unit or you get it in the case

and there's always cheaper to get the


the soft stuff go at the top

how am i doing on my stick Alva

my state that we put mustard on the list

we don't need mustard okay so we have to

go back around why he didn't get this

hot sauce okay you can stay right there

oh they get too hot so it is clear

what's cold outside well there's still

this cold are we gonna get to the big

one or the little one

I told Calvin still but now I have a

question this is a rigid no we just get

the get the original and then we fill up

these and we fill up these

you get the original and then we fill up

the little bottles cheaper this way

so I need to get some coffee

let's see what is a better bar

you got this back right here for 28 25

this one right here is 949 didn't you

used to get this one calais that I make

sure that's not dig kaya cuz that's

Colombia Holmby I know one thing you

smell really good I don't think that's


I don't think that's enough no it's not

enough we get stuck in this off with

this coronavirus that's not enough

coffee okay I need some cracker this is

611 for one box

how many box are you gonna get with this

one - I need some of the

sunshine saltine crackers you see the

price Nabisco screaming huh

what'd you say no that's what Nabisco

that's not sunshine Nabisco premium it's

this one right here that's a price for

that one I was trying to find a place

with this one see it I want to show you

the chocolate that I baked with I think

this is it

oh wow this is 4309 I just out for

coffee for me come slide this out so I

slide this out right here so they can

see the chocolate

okay that's what I want to see yeah so

this is um this is dark chocolate you

can actually eat this so this is really

good and this is the milk chocolate and

then and then they have this what is

this this is a Belgium chocolate

semi-sweet oh this is the one I use is

exactly the one I use right here for

bacon mmm when the price came down it's

only forty nine thirty now it was on

almost $100 that bag of sugar is not big

enough that bag

hold on this is the biggest they have

the 25 pound bag I thought we had a

bigger one than this one okay how much

is the 1366 so Hickel your big bags of

rice actually have it upside down all

your rice Carolina's way this is 13

miles to see those 13 bucks

yellow rice okay I have to pick up some

nuts almonds

okay so I think I'm gonna get the BK is


I wanted some pistachio but surprise

I can't see $45 and I'm gonna get this

apple juice right here that coffees

gonna be in a way right gotta move that

coffee and what else I get in the

cranberry juice okay which one I get

this one in the case just okay get that

one right here the cranberry good get a

case of that all these soldiers we do

that's not that's not the right one


oh that's just sodas down here this

place is not open to the public you have

to have a restaurant or be affiliated

with a nonprofit organization I'm Keisha

tissue then in a pinch plates


never been here this early


this is on this fats are chained 16 all

right you can get a case of that

okay I'm looking for some wax paper okay

dude I'll hit gonna Patti give me those

paddy papers yeah wait turkey

yeah I need a box a teeth and get a box

of six dollars for this box

all right how we doing good on your

shopping bags

we're going into the freezer


it's called here we in the freezer



over here

I'm gonna get some butter

I need to unsalted butter






all right I'm good


wait Calvin wait

this is all boxes of french fries

although fast


trying to hug me up so I can get out of


get some carrot

is a man







cases of oranges right here we normally

buy us 30

I mean it's um

they have some chops or you gotta get a

case they got chopped Benton's right


I gotta get out of here Oh


do you want to enter pepper

yeah I'm freezing my hand

let me show you some more they got case

of the college so these are some of the

cakes they have and then what the

restaurant sorry of you yeah that's

where they get it from

Davis cookies yeah

for some ice cream right here

they have these $6.99 10-pound dole

bananas I'm gonna have come and pick up

one of these

yeah I'll probably get behead


if you have the crab way

if it's a cart we still didn't get

everything all right

yeah it's kind of heavy when you're

going down here

you got push it from the back