$400 for ALL OF THIS?! Restaurant Depot GROCERY HAUL

today this very day I took my very first

trip to restaurant Depot never been to

this story for my brother-in-law took me

he is a chef and I stocked up on a few

things made a few extra fun purchases

and mostly just got a feel for the store

and what it was like in there it was

very exciting this month I am NOT doing

my normal grocery shopping trip to

Costco like I usually do I'm doing some

alternative trips I'm doing did this

trip today and then I have a big as your

standard order coming on Monday which I

will show you that as well so I'm gonna

go kind of slowly through this so that I

can look at my receipt and tell you how

much these things cost I know I was

really interested looking around so I'm

sure you will be too let's get started

all right first of all this is my big

overview of what I've got here oh my

kids already busted into that box of

orange oranges these are not only just


there we go reasons okay so these are

big five-pound tubs of sour cream and

yogurt the one thing I have to add about

this store is of course being a

restaurant supply store there weren't

really organic items that's just kind of

not available there so just a caveat

sometimes I buy organic sometimes I

don't if I had an unlimited amount of

money I'd buy everything organic but you

know how that goes having a family of

ten on one income you do what you can do

month to month alright back to the

yogurt okay so our yogurt here was seven

dollars and fifty eight cents sour cream

was six dollars and forty cents then I

got a bunch of these frozen vegetables I

got some peas and carrots and mixed

vegetables California blend and this one

has some broccoli and cauliflower green

beans peppers kinds of things these were

all between two and three dollars a bag

and the bags are two pounds two and a

half pound bags okay we went ahead and

let's see here I got I'm gonna go down

the the receipt that might be easier

this is a little out of order but this

is a cheesecloth that I needed for

something else so that was three dollars

and sixty cents then

um let's see that well I got corn over

here as well I forgot to show you that

one also three dollars and forty cents

okay then this is a four pound block of

applewood smoked thick sliced bacon and

this was thirteen dollars and eighty

cents okay I have a two pound bag of

shrimp and this was thirteen dollars and

then this is a big five-pound package of

hotdogs all beef hot dogs and these were

let's look and see if I can find it I

just had with a minute ago $15.95 so

almost $16 for that big five-pound bag

okay then I've got a bunch of cheese's

here and I kind of stocked up on I'm

sort of stocking my refrigerator with

things to last me over some time so this

cheese back here is a parmesan and my

brother-in-law he's like he's Italian

and he said that is the best Parmesan

cheese that that was there before us so

I got that one $16 for that big big bag

no no can we see how many pounds

James is helping me here see how many

pounds of that five pounds five-pound

bag there that was a big one that will

last us a long time and then oops I'm

gonna structure guys the cheddar let's

see I have a white sharp cheddar and

that was $12.95 and I have a block of

feta for eight dollars and 56 cents this

one was on sale

it's normally 374 pound and it was 229

pounds so I did get that one and then

let's see where was the mozzarella James

I'm trying to look up and down this

receipt here while I talk to you guys

mozzarella was also on sale that was $12

for that mozzarella and then the cream

cheese up there is you see the cream

cheese on the receipt James hmm maybe I

should show you guys you might see the

cream cheese before I do huh

oh there it is cream cheese $6 that's a

three pound container for six dollars

there okay Leo requested clam chowder

I've actually never made clam chowder

can you believe it I order it sometimes

when from like Panera Bread and I think

it's good but I've I've never made it

myself so we got a can of that to try

we'll see how that goes and that was I

don't see that one either

I think I should probably go down this

oh there it is $10 for that camp it's a

three over three pounds of clams okay

this salmon is they put it on ice so

that's why it's in that bag for me there

they have fresh seafood there so that

salmon was on sale it's a huge piece of

salmon and it was $20 so it was actually

on sale for $5 a pound 498 a pound and

it is beautiful so we are actually going

to make that for dinner tonight I'm so

excited so excited to be back with my

big bag of carrot this is a 25 pound bag

they also had a 50 pound bag and I would

have loved to get that but I'm I'm gonna

be really pushing it on my refrigerator

and freezer space and we have actually

our refrigerator in the house and then

we have gotten a second used

refrigerator for our barn I'm we

actually had a sweet subscriber bless us

and send us some money and just want to

gift us a second refrigerator after ours

went out isn't that precious

so we do have a second refrigerator it's

a refrigerator freezer and then we have

a deep freezer he used to have two deep

freezers actually just a second smaller

one that was my grandma's old deep

freezer but it actually stopped working

so we have just one deep freezer and a

lot of them are full because we have

meat and things already in there so yeah

we have a lot of beef that'll be

interesting to see how I fit this the

rest of this stuff in okay so this bag

of carrots was $11 and 51 cents for that

25 pound bag of carrots

okay then back in the back you can see

this is a jar of 100% pure olive oil

yummy and that olive oil is $13 to 57

cents we have romaine hearts those are

two dollars for each one of those and

there's six heads of romaine in there in

the bags

and I also have this big tub of spinach

this actually was organic like I said

most of the things were not but that one

subsequently happened to be so that's

big spinach is eight dollars and 69

cents and it's it's huge I can't see two

pounds big two pound container of

spinach there okay so then the next

thing that's I've noticed that in our

area of the stores we're out of is

gluten-free pasta so I am if you've been

following my journey you'll know that I

have started making sourdough bread with

actual wheats and my gluten sensitive

child is doing fine with it

however pasta and those types of things

I'm still buying gluten-free you know

until I start making my own noodles I

guess for now I'm buying gluten-free so

I was excited to see that they did have

pasta look at these

James kind of set you right here we're

gonna look at the pasta whoops let me

pull the bench out a little bit sealed

fault okay so this is if I can get this

out here it is a corn and rice pasta I

typically will just get a rice hustle

but it is organic so that was pretty fun

and then this one is just this penny


look who's coming by the window this is

the guy who's making this possible he's

holding the fussy baby so that I can

talk to you all okay so the pasta was

for those big containers it was $17 a

box and there are twelve boxes in each

of the boxes so that's good that's much

better price than I get around here

because each of these is a 12 ounce er

so that's just a dollar something a box

that's a much better price

and then let's see what else we have

okay those two big boxes back there are

tortilla chips and I liked that they

were non-gmo so that's wonderful and

they were seven dollars for each of

those boxes so that's three pounds of

tortilla chips

I'll probably just divide those up into

gallon ziplock bags so that we can use

them over a longer period of time and

keep them fresh okay this is I forgot to

show you this one before I went by and

it's actually been opened already

Jason was eating something you said do

you mind if I open that this is ketchup

yes I know are you in shock too yeah

that's how the ketchup comes so we'll

put that in individual bottles but this

huge seven pounds of ketchup was five

dollars can't go wrong also hiding back

here I see if I get out I needed a new

spatula so I went ahead and got this one

this was five dollars and sixty cents oh

yeah I said ketchup for 90 okay and then

what did I miss the reasons this is ten

pounds of raisins in here this was

broken dude oh yeah

this was $24 for this ten pounds of

raisins and I will put these in

individual containers and put them away

or the kids would probably eat through

those ten pounds in like a couple days

right and then we have this big can of

tuna with $16 this is a four pound can

16 no it's a lot of tuna and then last

oh not last two things I have onions

where are the onions on here I have

never bought this many onions in my life

this was $13 just $13 and it's 50 pounds

of onions they seem very firm and fresh

so I think that they will last for

months just fine yeah we're gonna be

making some onions buddy

Leo and I like fried onions and then the

last thing over here is another shocker

this is 36 pounds of butter

I'm telling you ever since that that

brief time when they were limiting how

many boxes of butter you could buy I've

been a a butter hunt and my search has


I now have 36 pounds of butter in my

freezer I just stick them straight in

the freezer like that you don't need to

do anything else just throw them right

in the freezer and they were a dollar 86

a pound can you imagine that you can't

touch that price anywhere else dollar I

can't even get them out they're packed

so well in here there we go

dollar 86 a pound for this butter so I

am definitely stocked up on these things

it's just a strange grocery haul in

addition to well we already have in the

freezer we have beef in the freezer and

chicken and ham

we have produce like fruit we already

had fruits we have a lot of grains flour

and oats and things coming on Monday

which I will show you and of course our

chickens produce eggs for us every day

and we get fresh milk delivered from a

local farmer once a week so we are set

the Lord has blessed us with some good

food and I will be sure to film my as

your order and show you that one also

shortly so have a great day guys thanks

for sticking with me through this

tedious grocery haul and I will see you

soon bye-bye