Official Restaurant Depot Information Video

restaurant Depot is a cash-and-carry

broadline foodservice wholesaler

offering savings selection and service

seven days a week

our warehouse stores stock everything a

foodservice operator needs whether it's

for fine dining or fast food with

locations from coast to coast Restaurant

Depot supplies the needs of thousands of

food service operators in the US I like

to shop the Restaurant Depot because

convenience whatever I need for my place

I finally here is very fresh when you

come here you try to save it at least 40

50 dollars nice convenient location and

you know has everything that you could

possibly want for your restaurant or

your catering business in addition to

Restaurant tours and caterers nonprofit

organizations such as homeless shelters

churches and schools can take advantage

of the savings and selection at

Restaurant depot we work for a school

tutor time with the directors and we buy

all of our food here rather than have it

deliver restaurant Depot sells

top-quality national and regional brands

in addition to several brands of our own

that cover a broad range of product

categories there's fresh meat and

produce seafood cheese eggs poultry

provisions frozen food as well as dry

groceries paper supplies cleaning

supplies beverages and equipment

actually buy everything produce desserts


stuff like the glasses and the

silverware for the restaurant Restaurant

Depot is not open to the public

unlike wholesale clubs who charge a

membership fee to all who shop there

we offer free membership to anyone with

purchasing authority for a food business

or a nonprofit organization our

customers never need to purchase excess

inventory and no minimum purchase is

necessary to take advantage of every day

low prices and monthly specials they

don't need to buy big quantity they can

come here by the quantity they needed so

if you a hurt long week with bad sales

you'll not hurt so much with the food

our members are free to walk the aisles

and select the merchandise they need

they can see and smell the freshness and

quality of what they're buying thus

avoiding any unpleasant surprises of

having product delivered to their back

door I see it all over this place I

don't have to really ask anyone to come

and help me out and assist me I can

basically help myself Restaurant depot

locates in areas near a high

concentration of local food service

businesses the buildings that house our

warehouse stores range in size from

forty thousand to one hundred

twenty-five thousand square feet with

ceiling height somewhere between 25 to

32 feet concrete floors support the rows

of metal wax that reach to within a few

feet of the ceiling the bottom two or

three shelves make a product easily

accessible to customers and the upper

tiers of racking are used for product

storage approximately one third of

kotoba warehouse space is refrigerated

for receiving stocking and selling fresh

and frozen foods loading docks receive

trucks making deliveries from early

morning to late afternoon

there are separate off street entrances

for delivery trucks and for customer

traffic ample off street parking is

provided for customers vehicles

Restaurant Depot's management firmly

believes that good business begins with

food safety to this end our warehouse

operations adhere strictly to the FDA's

passive guidelines as well as state and

local health regulations the companies

keep it cool program which focuses on

maintaining proper temperatures of

refrigerated foods as a proactive

customer education program lauded by

many state and local health inspectors

whatever the size of a customer's

purchase Restaurant Depot offers keep it

cool solutions that help maintain

optimal product freshness for all

perishable products in transport in

recent years several broadcast network

food shows have included segments in

which chefs were filmed shopping at

Restaurant depot one segment of Fox

networks Top Chef New York Edition

showed competing teams of chefs sourcing

food at restaurants ago there are

several ways in which restaurant Depot

benefits the community we offer jobs for

50 to 120 area residents Restaurant

Depot gives you a chance to grow in this

company to become in the management to a

supervisor maybe to a branch manager

I've been with the company for 35 years

I started as assessment it's a great

company with the service in the

community for a long long time buildings

and grounds are well maintained we work

with the community building

commissioners and city officials to make

sure that our buildings fit in with the

surrounding environment

because were all wholesale only business

there are limited business hours and

significant traffic is not added to area

streets restaurant Depot helps small

restaurants prosper by giving them the

same buying power as big restaurants

it's very good for the community goes to

give a job of it all this area

Restaurant Depot can be an asset to any

community we work in partnership with

community leaders to strengthen small

business and thus expand the economic

base a lot of the local businesses that

we know deal here and they're very very

happy with it I love it

you have everything in one place they

really do this mean I like that you

cannot find any place better than the

restaurant people