where do you buy ingredients if you are

starting a business a restaurant a

bakery anything like that and you want

to buy ingredients for cheap that are a

little bit bigger well I'm going to show

you guys today the restaurants start



my name is Kat my boyfriend's name is

Brandon we have a restaurant or a bakery

called cookie munchers and we have two

locations one in New Jersey and the

second one in Tampa Florida which is

where I'm at right now is playing place

you my ingredients but the cheapest but

you can get if you're not in a super

small town usually they won't have the

restaurant stores so I'm going to show

you guys through the entire store right

now and I give you guys a little bit of

a sense of what's in there what the

prices look like let's go inside and

check it out so I am inside now this is

more for the restaurant section so we

got giant things of ketchup

yeah big ones and then small single

serves stay of entire cases right here

they do the same thing with spaghetti

sauce pizza sauce all this stuff comes

in these giant cans over here over here

they got giant bags and salt on they

also have the same as flour sugar they

had bags at a 25 pounds 50 pounds salt

that's 25 pounds 50 pounds then they got

side baking ratings here like graham

cracker crumbs they also have sprinkles

up there different types of jams i'll

show you guys the sprinkles and all this

up here


there's a giant boxes of chocolate chips

hurts to syrup things like that as well

so you can take this out this has four

thousand chocolate chips in it then if

you don't want to make things from

scratch they also have like mixes like

that brownie mixes cookie mixes giant

batches of it so that you can make like

big batches for an actual restaurant or

a commercial operation so this is all

the different types of containers that

you can sell your product in so like

whether you want it to be microwavable

and like sort of a like circular or a

square like container with a plastic lid

that can be microwaved then you go one

of these option all of them literally

show what it is and then below it

they'll say what the prices are so you

have a perfect idea before you grab a

giant box of them which could be all the

way up to like a 500 pound on your clean

100 and 500 depending on what you're

getting I save a bunch of boxes of

different types of teas they have

different syrups that you can look at or

I think coffee and like sweetener type



they even have a liquor section with

chasers and an actual like wine and

things like that


I so then they have a freezer section

and then a super cold section that you

actually walk into which I don't like

that section so I'll probably be in

there for like a few seconds because I

can't really cold really easily but

check this out so they got I'm gonna

show you guys all the signage you can

see all the different options they have

and how big the boxes are raviolis

lobster ravioli is 49.99 physics Lobster

in five pounds I'll show you guys the

prices and what it is so chicken wings


4352 and you get 15 pounds of it the

giant amount of seasonings are here like

everything you can imagine in big

containers and they're super cheap

parsley 298 for this big container at

the store could be four bucks for one

like this size so this place is amazing


it's $22 for this side cinnamon that's a

really stinking good gilda store a small

little one could be like four or five

bucks or you get a case of four of these

and then you get even bigger discount

it's only 20 bucks per thing welcome to

the cold section my least favorite

section so we're not gonna be in there



there's so much meat it's super cheap

here but of course if you're here to get

it for your house you would be getting a

lot of meat so yeah that's be okay baby

pork tenderloin Judaism I got my nose is

getting credit so okay all right guys

almost done in here

I appreciate the more things you make a

few more shots and then I'm getting out

of the cold section here


entire room is basically a giant

refrigerator in Ireland


access not to sell food they also have

containers and pots anything else you

can eat giant pots medium small


you will come out with gigantic cards

for the other ingredients stacked up on

them and that's how they supply their

restaurants it's kind of a backup source

for us but many people use this as their

main source of ingredients back in the

cart now but I hope they give you a

better sense of the restaurant Depot the

main thing a lot of restaurants use to

supply their ingredients the other main

ones I would say our Cisco is probably

the biggest one or you all say foods or

you know it's us foods those are two of

the like main suppliers that people use

for their restaurants you want

ingredients actually delivered to your

establishment don't have to come pick

them up this one you need a big truck or

something like that if you're a bigger

operation it's very hard to do it in a

small car I haven't seen anyone else on

YouTube post a video about where to

source ingredients and actually show you

around the restaurant store and the

prices that they have so I hope if this

really helps you guys out if you are

starting a restaurant or bakery business

or if you already have one so I just

want a flash real quick - a cookie

challenge if you guys remember they have

a cookie challenge at cookie munchers

that when we started back in our first

cookie shop in New Jersey they have to

eat ten of our big cookies so we're

known for cookies as big as your face

that's our tagline 10 cookies and a pint

of milk in just 20 minutes we've had now

I think in the Jersey store maybe around

five or six people complete it here

we've had one completed so far and then

two people just started working on it

yesterday and tried it out I'm not gonna

give you guys an answer on if they

completed it because I want you guys to

find out for yourself so I'm gonna flash

to that and then I will do the munch out

right from here because I wanted to show

you guys that footage from yesterday cuz

it was ah alright let me swatch that

right now


that's wrath and the roaming players so

they can eat here it's all back but he's

almost done I see this on the baby

oh my god Oh guys it's okay right after

engine either got it right on top and

there we go

they're in so determine stir up in D now


looking so good we got either up oh my

god so close

I don't know ministry that

I want you to see that cuz the cookie

challenge is awesome I actually love

people who are completing it and I'm

they obviously did not complete it that

well they definitely gave it a good

solid try and I think they're gonna come

back and do it next semester so maybe

they'll complete it then alright guys so

I'm where belongs to me I'll show more

of the stores I'll be flying to Jersey

next week and I'll show you guys the

first store coming up on what's going on

there we're gonna be replacing our

general manager she's moving on to more

like pastries cakes that sort of thing

she likes designing things which is not

cookie munchers and I hope to in the

next vlog introduce you to our general

manager here who is hopping out the team

he believes in the dream big mission and

I absolutely love it he's gonna be

awesome I'm sure he's already doing an

awesome job and he's only like two days

into trainings things are happening

we're working really hard we are hot

solid it's a dream big today guys do

something different make sure you get

out of your comfort zone do it now guys

don't wait till later don't think of

excuses make it happen I have faith in

you guys much faith in your comments

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if you guys like this video and we'll

see you guys next time I guess I'm very

much out when you're just starting out

this is definitely a great option and if

you're willing to get a truck or

something and scale with it totally good

to go once you expand to more than one

location this becomes a little bit

harder because then you'd have to pay

someone else to go to the store and most

employees do not necessarily love doing

that but sometimes it's completely

necessary so it depends on your

situation but I just want to give you

guys all the options you have available

to you and this is definitely one of the