How to Use a Pressure Cooker

I'm going to show you some basics on how

to use a pressure cooker it's a great

way to cook beans soups stews and even

desserts and it saves on energy and time

this is one style of pressure cooker as

a heavy-gauge pot and a tight-fitting

lid this lid has several things on it

that are important to know about this is

the pressure reliefs and this is a

indicator that when it has reached

pressure this button will pop up it also

has a quick release valve so you can

turn this manually to release the

pressure and this particular version has

a lid that locks this is the gasket it

goes inside the lid and make sure that

the pressure stays in the pot it's very

flexible and you need to make sure that

it's clean and has no rips or tears this

is how you assemble the pressure cooker

you insert the gasket under these little

flanges here and then line it up and

close it you need to close the steam

vent and lock the lid there are three

ways to use the pressure cooker one is

called the natural release method which

just means you let the pot cool off on

its own the second is to move the switch

and release all of the steam pressure

inside and the third way is just to take

the pot over to the sink and put cold

water on it the amount of time you cook

things in a pressure cooker depends on

several factors your pressure cooker

your altitude whether you have pre

soaked the beans or grains that you're

cooking and how tender you want

everything to be when you're done

I live at 8500 feet so I usually have to

cook things much longer than most people


these garbanzo beans I want them to be

very tender so I'm cooking them for 13

minutes the recommended time is between

9 and 14 minutes

we have a cooking chart on our website

with that gives ranges of cooking times

so when you're ready to use your

pressure cooker check the chart if you

live at a low altitude choose the

shorter amount of time and try it you

may have to experiment a few times to

get it right I'm going to be cooking

some garbanzo beans I soak them

overnight and rinse them really well and

now they're ready to put into the

pressure cooker you need to cover them

with water about two inches above the

beans secure the lid make sure that the

pressure valve is closed lock the lid

and then we'll take this to the stove

turn your burner on to medium-high and

let it come to pressure and you'll know

it's a pressure when this little yellow

button pops up set your timer and turn

it down to low once it's finished

cooking turn off your timer turn off the

heat and then move the pot off the

burner now I'm using the natural release

method so I'm just going to let this

cool down naturally and we'll know that

the pressure has been released when this

little button goes down alright it's

been about 20 minutes and you can see

that this little yellow button has

dropped which means the pressure is down

inside the pressure cooker it's now safe

to open it so i unlock it give it a

twist let's remove that lid and inside

we have some lovely cooked garbanzo