this is a pressure cooker pressure

cookers lid this is the rubber

and you sure the rubber is not broken or

anything these are just regular and make

sure that this is in een properly and

this is just a hole that goes straight

in because we want to use this to put on

top all right now this is where the

pressure is like a guide this let us

know when is when it's safe and when

it's not safe when it's up like this it

is not safe that mean the pressure is is

is pressured and if you open it it can

burn in your face on earth you when it's

gone like this it's safe so you just put

this on like this just put it on be sure

that it's here just make sure it's

shuffled make sure it's in there


alright that's step one Oh to use a

pressure cooker a pressure cooker so

this is a pressure cooker pressure

cooker pot make sure it's firm because

there's a screw there that you can

tighten it at times if you have to and

this one - this one is loose nobody's

okay but you can screw it and tighten so

this is the piece first turn your stove

and water

and then add a piece add peas add 8 cups

of water now part 3 of pressure cooker

so users find the blue sea look boom you

have these are the goose

so they should fit we're going to start

our time and once it starts to whistle

you just put this up put your stoves

gauge on on 8 on I and once it starts

away so we're going to turn it down I

turn this around

because you should always turn the

handle of your pot in you should always

turn the angle of the pot in inside the

store because somebody can be walking

and bounce it put your stoves gauge on 6

and so the piece of scotch bonnet visit

Jamaica dinners calm thank you and

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please visit my visit my page and follow

the links now after 10 minutes it starts

to listen

turn your so on for this is part 4 and

how to use a pressure cooker to look

right here it's off no no process from

Italy which is the only thing that

pressures coming from and this is the

input so this is the important thing

the garbage should be stopped when it

cools is gonna be down gonna be down

would be more effective yeah diamonds

the ball so now the thread turn over and

move this

move your parts move the part to a cool

cool spot and wait for it to cool

another way to cool it if you want to

call it fast is to just run this over

water run here is a spot 602 use a

pressure cooker so run this over water

this spot for your sink with some water

run this over water and in about 30

seconds there will release and once it

releases you just open it you just a

this offers once that release this once

this release you take this off and then

to open it no another tip a lot of

people do not like to use pressure

cooker because they say pressure cooker

take all the flavor while take all the

flavor because they don't use it


don't ever lift this up like no while

it's cooling godus want me to release

the flavor don't lift it up there's a

low it to cool today is Saturday so I

started cooking early so you can just be

patient so now this took fifty minutes

50 minutes to cool see see look it's

done don't don't don't don't

so you just remove this as if you were

going to run in the water this would be

down first and then you move this

to that so it took 20 minutes exactly as

I said this is what it looked like so

now we're going to remove the water and

cover it and let it stay you can test it


so that's it so you just cover it ready

for it