Everything you need to know about my Pressure Cooker | Flo Chinyere

hey guys in today's jollof mass we are

going to talk about the most valuable

item in my kitchen my valuable I mean

the cooking item or utensil that every

time I bring it out to use it every time

I'm using it I feel so thankful that I

have it in my kitchen I'll be wondering

where I would be if I didn't have that

item in my kitchen I mean right now

without this cooking item I cannot cook

in this kitchen I'll tell you it's not a

gas cooker is not in freezer I know that

those are valuable as well but they

don't make me feel this way if you know

what I mean

whenever I'm using those ones and that

special item is my pressure pot yes I'm

in love with this cooking item the

importance of a pressure cooker in the

Nigerian kitchen cannot be

overemphasized when you think about all

those hard meats shaky or more stockfish

hot chicken yeah before I have this

pressure pot I used to cook hot chicken

for one and a half hours with an

ordinary pot before I get it to the

perfect doneness that I have my family

love so you can imagine the amount of

time it's saving me now this thing cooks

hot chicken in as much time that it

takes in to pressurize and to me because

I do not see pressure rises as soon as I

hear that she is sound I turn it off and

leave it to actually we're going to cook

chicken now so that you see what I'm

saying so that we time it because I

don't even know the exact time it does

that I know that it does it in no time

maybe 15 minutes and yeah it's done if

you're cooking more you know there's

this moment in Nigeria know the promise

that they sell in the market for modest

cows came anyway for those who don't

know there's this mom or they sell in

the market almost Pomona they sell in

Lagos for example he's already kind of

precooked dice half done yeah if you

cook it in short while it's done because

this Momo

that we brought back from Nigeria this


this moment is so tough I think they

just removed the head on the skin and

took it straight to the market is so so

so raw on top that this pressure cooker

melts it in a short time yeah it doesn't

matter if he's four most likely hide

chicken anything that you can think of

beans oh my god if I solve the beans

overnight you know to reduce bloating

I'll cook it in 20 minutes

yeah from the time it pressurizes but if

I don't soak the beans half an hour or

there abouts bean since dawn yeah the

same with dry over fresh over any any of

those tops chickpeas any or all those

tough ingredients hard ingredients this

deals with it in no time

let me show you this is it

can you believe that this pot is more

than five years old and only use it to

cook meat I don't use it to click oily

stop so that I don't have all these

things in the pot I only use it to cook

beans and open those are the two things

that are only that I usually do because

I can't help it

you know with a pressure for you have to

add everything gradients into the pot

including palm oil while you're cooking

me so I can't help it with those two but

other times I don't use it to cook soup

because it doesn't even make sense to

use it to cook soup because you're not

going to pressurize it so I use it so

much that the brand is oh he's a

European brand I don't know if they

still make this particular one I just

bought this one because he's the one my

friend recommended business my friend

that was talking to me about pressure

for pressure points he just has three

parts the coach itself which has the the

handle the two handles the gaskets these

gaskets is what keeps the pressurized

air in so that it doesn't escape and

then they cover cover is special because

he has this controls if you can see my

house cleaned off you have to no



you want to let the pressure out to use

this team and then this is 1 and this is

2 thank you can see that this is 1 and

this is 2 so you have set someone I'm

setting 2 if you want to I like using

setting 1 for when I'm cooking beans

over so that it will cook a little bit

slowly yeah

but setting 2 is Marat if I knew certain

to to cook beans it means at the end to

the instructions and then wait for it to

do the shear sound that means that it

has pressurize and then let me just stop

kids as always stuck cubes are optional

when cooking add your favorite

seasonings but these are the only three

because I believe in allowing the

natural flavor of the chicken to shine

through some of these mixed spices when

you add them chicken has its own natural

it doesn't mean it's the best choice

then I cover it

I line the arrow with too close to the

highest T it doesn't really matter so

the time now is 11 a.m.

let's see how long it takes it to

pressurize while that is cooking let me

be cheating you about my story with

pressure pot oh my god before I bought

this pressure pot I used to cook all

these tough mix hot chicken hot chicken

especially because we eat chicken in

this house is it for a chicken grilled

chicken my husband likes grilled chicken

he calls it

anoche you know this hot chicken when

you boil it and then grill it in the

oven oh my girl you just be you need

swallow yeah I like Angie you know you

be really like taking it a little bit

little bit by little bit like I don't

like bush meat he likes to eat that

so I cook hot chicken so often in this

house yeah before I had a pressure

cooker I'll be cooking this hot chicken

for one half hour sometimes two hours

before he gets done hi and one of my

friends here would always whenever she

visited me she will pity me she had a

pressure point then and that this exact

pressure point that's why I bought this

brand so should be pitching it should be

looking at me like this as you see

Rajesh Solanki Gaza refresh support God

God susana by Correa Chicano attached on

you lose on I'll now translate for you

it means woman I told you

to come by a pressure point you refused

since I came here since we've been

talking here we would have finished

cooking this meal and finished eating it

up for button that we admit why you are

still cooking she said again she talked

well because knowledge the unrighteous

teach or something like that she has

this lovely amor accent it was a mo

dialect I love it mostly most a dialect

he would I like that people from emos

need I think where people speak I love

it so much so that's how I should meet

anyone I would be like ha what can you

cook how fast can you cook meat he said

I don't need to tell you how fat just go

and buy the podcast so Rudy the huge

right I guess right I see so much you

can tell me tell me how how fast he cook

this thing I wanted to come by I mean

I'm not in gadget freak right in

everything about me even in clothes

kitchen equipment anything because what

I first of all think about especially

with kitchen utensils is that is that a

lot of these kitchen appliances will

tell you that he saves you time to do

this is alive but then nobody talks

about the amount of time it takes you to

keep it clean to wash it I was asking

her where will it be who would be

cleaning it because I don't like things

lying on my kitchen cupboard no I don't

like things lying around I want to put

everything into a cupboard and anything

that cannot fit into my cupboard I'm not

buying and anything that I have to bring

out every time wash it

use it then watch it again all those

nooks and crannies that some of these

kitchen equipment have I said I'm not

ready to do okay

everyday she keeps my house I she's got

big Commission's to this ad something

that has a refresh of port wine yeah but

I didn't listen because before I buy

something I go online and read the

reviews research research up and down

and since I've not had time to do all

those I didn't buy it but then one

Christmas I think this was Christmas of

2012 yeah because that's what really

pushed me to go and buy this pot

Christmas of 2012 usually here

and the end of every year the EBU

association here all the evil people

here we come together and do an end of a

party on Christmas Eve soon we're not a

lot the adults that are evils here are

not up to 20 so now people have had

children and we are a lot more because

of the kids but 20 so usually the women

gather in one person's house to prepare

the meals who eat on that day and yeah

so we came and this ladies are talking

about that has obviously marketing

pressure part to me came with her

pressure pot because we prepared good

meat meeting we often killing good and

prepared also like goodness a soup you

see who and all that so she brought her

pressure pot so the reason could be the

and we the good meat and while we were

cooking as soon as the pressure sound

went she was like it's okay it's done I

wish you bring it now everybody was like

man calm down

it's good meat that we are cooking he

said she said hey I wanna muna Qalamoun

does I told you people I've told you

people this meat is done if you leave it

any longer than this it will melt in the

pot I was like Subhan are you talking

about we're cooking on well that takes

two hours to understand room with the

skin oil because here we usually hear

they sell it without the skin but

there's these people that we tell to

kill the goose and bring to us from

Niger and guys that live in another city

and we tell them to specifically leave

the skin on so this is got meat with

skin and she's talking about this being

dawning on the in about 15 minutes

when I quit maybe have to fight me she

was like this thing is so killing I'm

saying it now this is okay you guys

should bring it up and when you bring it

down you should depressurize it on that

the top because if you leave it to

depressurize or needs only of course

no question was talking about I knew

that I remember now that I'm using the

pod this is what she was saying

and she said if you bring it out you

should depressurize it or not the Kotaku

if not this batch of good me that we're

cooking will be a mess I was like right

a lot so let's pay attention I then

brought it down and depressurized it on

the Dakota and lo and behold they got

meat you know how you say that meat is

falling off the bones yeah this is the

kind of meat that is so overcooked that

if you attempt to use it to cook soup or

anything it will just turn to thick now

in this soup to disappear I will see you

drinking it like for real

and finally oh my people you know what

they say seeing is believing this is

what convinced me to run with speed by a

fire by a force so go and buy a pressure

cross yeah unfortunately

unfortunately in the sense that I was

like beating myself up so much what what

made me like why didn't I buy this

pressure put a long time ago like I

didn't understand how useful it would be

in my kitchen and I tell you we

approaching the end of da everybody's

going Christmas shopping and all that

kind of end of year shopping whatever

shopping you call it hi tiny if there's

a gift you give to your kitchen let me

know say it's not your own gift because

this this gift is it gives you give to

everybody your home because you anybody

that is responsible for cooking in your

home will be so happy even everybody

even the people eating them you'll be so

happy because all these cooking cooking

means forever and ever you use three

hours to cook a pot of soup or you stay

hours to cook jollof rice it will come

to an end I'm telling you the truth

like this is the best thing you can do

for your kitchen a pressure pot is the

bet it saves you time so much time I'm

telling you saves you money of course

time is money and then it saves you

money more money

because what are you using a gas cooker

or you're using an electric cooker it

saves you gas he saves you electricity

I'm telling you I'm telling you okay

it's coming the pressure is coming 10

minutes now so I am I am begging you

it doesn't cost a lot I think in back in

2013 I I bought this one for fifty

something euros I can't remember but

it's not more than 16 euros I'm pretty

sure that it's either 57 euros or

something like that and this pot has

given me that money back a thousandfold

every time I'm using it to cook my

lifespan is increased I'm telling you

the honest truth it makes me feel so

happy and so thankful to have these

thoughts I'm loving it I'm loving it

that is my tip of tips of the year go

and buy yourself a pressure pot I'm

begging you I'm begging you I am begging

you it's so important there's a family I

know that they eat a lot of beans

the kids like beans so cooking beans in

their home is nothing to them because

half an hour beans is done like melted

anyhow you want if you want it like that

kind of and one going beans that is

melting use this pot for it you have to

learn how to use it though he comes with

a manual of course well you know these

products are made in Western countries

so the things you see in the manuals

like the foods and the cooking times you

see in the macarons and the guidance you

see in the mothers are usually we both

food but for our own food just go buy

whatever you are cooking like I'm

telling you I don't know about other

pressure pots but this particular

pressure pods

won't it pressurizes 4's time this

chicken now if it pressurizes

I'll just take it off the burner because

output of the

they cook of course and then remove you

from that because that is a feature

ceramic cooker which has very dry heat

so make sure I take it away to a coal

burner and leave it to depressurize on

its own then I'll have the perfect

doneness for the chicken just the way we

like it

I don't know how you like it unlike

chicken cooked so this is perfect for us

it will depressurize when it's gone cool

down the pressure will come down on its

own I don't I don't do anything to

dissection I just leave it on that same

number to setting and then when it

depressurizes on its own again it's

coming off this pressure is doing really

not slowly so when you depressurizes the

chicken is perfect then i grill it in

the oven just for it to be to look

golden not for any other reason because

it's already done you can eat it like


it's already done but if I am stay in a

hurry I don't want to leave it to

depressurize on its own because he be

you leave it to depressurize on its own

it takes time to depressurize I don't

know that one out time it today as well

so what I'll do is I leave it when it's

pressurized you hear that sound

to sound I'll leave it to cook there for

five more minutes at most

I'm telling you sometimes when I want to

leave it for that those five minutes

I'll be like anxious because I'd be like

writing it off not because this thing

one minute makes a lot of difference

that's what I found in one minute extra

left on pressure makes a lot of

difference so five minutes maximum with

this hot chicken handle I take it off

the stove and I have to cool it like

depressurize it on the code type so that

it will depressurize quickly because if

you leave it as if you leave it cooking

five minutes after it has pressurized

and you remove it from the cooker and

leave it to depressurize on its own the

chicken will melt for me to melt but

then there'll be some people don't like

that kind of chicken but I don't like

that kind of I don't like chewing

but when I want to eat any meat chicken

beef I want to feel the meat

I want to bite into it not I don't want

to drink it like a cow this is a gift

that keeps giving yeah I recommend I

highly highly highly recommend that you

buy a pressure court for your kitchen

this Christmas if you haven't done so if

you don't have a pressure point before

then Oh what honey

Oh what and dry your eyes what we have

here of course and when I want to cook

up I just sewed over the evening before

the next thing I wash it very well

because the driver usually contains a

lot of sand and I'll put it in this

pressure point for half an hour

because I like my oak was very soft and

moist half an hour at most I'm telling

you I just put the Aqua pour water to

cover it like two inches of water to

cover the over and that is the perfect

amount of water that is then I had all

the other ingredients I need like the

one I posted in my youtube story

recently normally we use fresh bit

ellipse like not washed but I need fresh

data leaf the whole leaf you put a few

of that in to over it gives it a nice

little that's bitter taste of betel

leaves and the nice kind of sweet taste

of woman who come together like to be

the perfect teeth right here I don't

have fresh pita leaves so what I use

this spinach spinach works so for that

one I don't put the spinach at the

beginning I put it when the Aqua is done

when your body's done I depressurizing

and then put the put a few leaves a few

spinach needs and then leave it to boil

again and that's it's perfect

that's what I used to cook in a pressure

cooker is lifesaver

buy one today I'm telling you don't be

like me but we said I don't know how

before buying this boat I'm telling you

so do you have any special kitchen item

to recommend to me that I want I don't

want kitchen items that do only one

thing of course this one you may say

that it does only one thing you know

cook hot stop it there are so many hard

ingredients in a Nigerian kitchen so

it's like it does a lot of things for

instance I always feel that the rice

cooker is something that I'll never buy

because I feel that it does

I hear that coming on that's the

beginning it sounding increase over time

that's the pressure specialized now so

that's 20 minutes of being pressurized

you know turn it off take it off a whiff

of that bonus

put it on a coat for me

that's it you can still hear the sound

yeah because it's still cooking and then

I'll leave it I didn't change the

section he's still on second soon so

I'll leave it to depressurize on its own

and I'll show you what it looks like I

don't know people still be talking by

them that I'll show you in here so as I

was saying a rice cooker is something

that I think shouldn't come into my

kitchen because it does only one thing

and III don't think it saves any time

because some people say oh you guys said

the time there are some that I spent the

time to start cooking from a certain

time so that even if you're out of the

house the rice will be ready by the time

you come back in or another so please if

you have a cooking appliance that you

think I can benefit from just recommend

it to me and I'll look into it and see

if I need to buy it I don't have a lot

of cooking appliances here no all those

electrical appliances people use in the

kitchen you know that makes your kitchen

technology can be up to date

I don't usually buy that because I'll be

thinking where will I keep them who wash

them for example anything that is used

for chopping I usually feel like I

finished I go and find this thing in a

cupboard where I put it

break it out couple it it is the one

that needs Co clean wash it couple it

and then use it and then wash it again

and then uncouple it and then leave it

to dry and then go out put it back I

would have used a knife and a chopping

board you know that's the way I process

it in my brain before I buy any gadget

yeah he is pressure for how many times

and I see that in this video go on buy

one any any brand you want you can ask

your friends I think with this kind of

taste is better to hear from someone

that has used it before if possible if

you can go to the person's house CVB use


like it because I someone the only spot

was telling me about it for months but I

only gave in I only listened when I saw

it in you so if you have anybody that

has that hand of thin good to the

person's house see if he used real

reviews online I believe all pressure

pots from a good brand should be fine

yeah in fact this Bible I don't see it

in the shops anymore oh yes now because

the pots I bought for the village in

Nigeria when I wanted to buy that for

that was that was three years ago I

didn't see this from God because I

wanted to buy it I didn't see it in the

market and then when I wanted to buy a

pressure pot for my kitchen in Lagos as

well this one this one was this year and

I didn't see it in the in the shops I

bought another and I'll show you the

output the video of that other

Vanguard's as the one that is everywhere

in the markets in the in the

supermarkets now so I don't think

anything this one is another method and

if I forget for the five years I've had

it I've never had any problems with it

the only thing that you need to change

in this pot is the gaskets you know that

robot English lady this one I've changed

it yes since I bought it if something

doesn't cut it like a knife doesn't cut

it accidentally it will weaken after

some time and in fact did and just don't

wait to know that it's we till you start

using the point the fact they didn't

showed me that it's week we're on we

were cooking that kind of Christmas

cooking that I was telling you about and

I think it was last seen Christmas we

were cooking her with this point when it

it was pressurized the robot opened at

the top the robot pop top and this

splashed everywhere this silly we've all

run all the ladies that way this

happened in this kitchen all the ladies

that were cooking in this issue we are

that wasn't awkward yeah it was so scary

that did okay I went and changed it no

problems so I assume whether the pot the

pot cover fell and the handle broke if

that handle breaks the pot cover is

useless because it's not handle that you

used to latch on to the lower one to be

able to pressurize it so that's another

thing that can happen so if you have an

accident a kitchen accident and the

handle of the pot breaks that's it or

the handle of the pot or the handle of

the cover yeah any of them even it can

happen to them then the pot is gone yeah

so it's depressurizing depressurizing

we need to pressurize this there's a

yellow button that won't drop him so I

hope you found this video helpful a huge

time-saver in today's world where we

don't we don't have enough time in the

day you need anything though save you

time yeah there's another gadget that

had been iron you know that one that

they call kitchen robots the one that

they say that you just need to put all

the ingredients and they need to chop it

and cook it

I still can't get my head around how it

works but yeah that's it over here

depressurized you see that yellow button

that I was talking about

normally the yellow button or pin you

can call it akin is you see it outside

this way I'll see if I can use my hand

to show you later

but we need to pressurize it that drops

of course it was like this and then you

can drink this one out when it's up you

cannot bring this thing out cannot bring

this one out and then he took about 20

minutes to depressurize I checked the

time then then you bring out this one

that's how we want

that's how we like it it goes into the

open comes out to be like I mean and of

course that's why you see all that water

a pressure port has a minimum amount of

water you can add that's one common of

it so that means by the time you finish

cooking like this you have a lot of

water so assuming I'm going to use this

to make stew this water would be too

much okay

once you have stood at this me two

before so that's why some of my videos

you see me removing the meat and then

boiling down this chicken stock so the

quantity that is perfect for the student

making but if you're cooking the no

fries this water is fine yeah what is

fine because three cups of the rough

rice or whatever that you're cooking

will be able to dry this water hope you

don't have any new water you use only

this water for cooking the chicken okay

so that's it that's it for today's

jollof - do you have a pressure pot

what's your brand is anything special

that yours can do that all the pressure

ports can not do if you're in Nigeria

where can one buy a stainless steel

pressure ports I saw a pressure pot in

Hyderabad it's a mini on the body is a

mini one where it works as normal as the

pressure for bed I want to know idiocy

please or shop Instagram vendors that

sell stainless steel original standards

to pressure pots let me know in the

comments alright bye bye see you

tomorrow at the usual time