How to Install a Pop Rivet

in today's presentation we'll be showing

how to use a pop rivet and pop rivet gun

pop rivets have designed to fasten two

or more objects together where access to

the backside of the workpiece is not

possible pop rivets come in various

sizes the size of the pop rivet is

determined by the diameter and the

length once the size has been determined

select the proper rivet gun adapter this

is done by test-fitting the rivet in

each adapter in our example the one that

fits is the bottom adapter we'll have to

remove this adapter and place it in the

tip of the gun this is done by

unthreading the adapter currently in use

and setting it aside then remove the

selected adapter and install it in the

tip you'll be pushing against spring

tension so it will take a fair amount of

force be careful not to cross thread

then tighten the adapter and place the

removed adapter in the handle for safe

storage once the correct adapter is

installed measure the pop rivet to

determine drill size in our example the

drill size is 3/16 of an inch place a

3/16 drill bit in a hand drill secure

the two pieces of metal to be joined

tightly together and drill a hole

through both layers insert the pop rivet

in the tip all the way

insert the pop rivet and the drilled

holes and ensure the two pieces of metal

are drawn tightly together then squeeze

the handles together all the way and

then release be sure to pull the handles

as far apart as possible after each


continue this procedure until the pop

rivet breaks the remaining part of the

pop rivet can be discarded you may want

to install additional pop rivets

depending on application it's

interesting to note what happens on the

back side of the pop rivet that

concludes today's presentation join us

again soon for another low range

off-road tech tip video