How To Use A Riveter or Rivet Gun - Ace Hardware

hi everyone its Liu Bei inferred eenie

aces home expert do you have any idea

what that is well some people call it a

rivet gun that's what I call it some

people call it a Riveter but rivets you

probably are see them all over the place

but you're not quite sure what they do

or what they are remember Rosie the

Riveter you know that was a whole thing

when you saw these huge steel structures

that they would use these hot metal

rivets that they pound with a hammer and

a and a bushing to make it hold these

buildings together well this is sort of

a handheld smaller version of that now a

rivet gun like this one here you'll see

that there's different tips that's based

on the size of the rivets this

particular one has eighth inch 5/32 and

3/16 different sizes and it actually

comes with a little wrench right here so

these tips you actually unscrew to

change depending on which size rivet you

want so you would just take this all the

way off and there's a little spring in

there so you want to be careful when you

would take one of these depending on the

size of the rivet you were gonna use and

then you would just screw this back on

carefully which is easy for me to say

this is really good camera work right

here as I'm trying to tighten this for

you and you put this this fitting right

back on you want to make sure that it's

nice and tight now when you're using any

kind of rivets depending on the size you

typically are drilling a hole to allow

the rivet to go through now this is the

rivet right here

and so this shorter piece is what's

actually going to go through the hole

that you're trying to finish up this is

what's gonna go inside the gun well this

is just a piece of metal it's a piece of

corner bead that would be used in

drywall I just want to illustrate how

you would use this so you take the

appropriate rivet you would stick it

inside the the hole right here inside

the gun all the way in and it's gonna

hold it in place for you then I'm gonna

find that hole that fits inside the

rivet and I'm gonna push that through

just like that see that now when you're

holding this you start cranking this

with pressure on the rivet you see how

that's starting to squish

right here and it's pulling it right in

here right by my finger here where the

rivet is and I'm pulling it back again

and it's compacting when it gets to the

point where it's gonna hold

you can't pull in the handle until it

breaks that pin then you release the pin

that's what I brought off there's the

rivet see the finish right there the

rivet that finished side nice and smooth

that's the side that you would see so

this would always be the finished side

that you're looking for and then back

here is the squished in part that's

holding the rivet in place now there's a

bunch of different ones you can find

this is an ace branded one right here

very similar to this

Stanly unit that I just did and you can

find assortments like this different

kinds of rivets with all different sizes

if you're gonna use stuff outside you

want to make sure that they're stainless

steel in this particular one they're

both steel and aluminum so if you're

doing anything like trying to fix some

fascia on your aluminum fascia on your

home or some soffits maybe use some

siding where you wanted to bring it

together an aluminum rivet would be a

great way to kind of anchor those things

together have a nice flush finish and

then not have to worry about catching on

anything and you probably wouldn't even

see that you made the repair a rivet gun

is a specialty tool but for the projects

you need it for it's absolutely awesome

if you have other tools that you'd like

us to talk about just leave us a comment

below and remember ace is the helpful