How To Pop Rivet Like A Pro.

good evening folks

as promised on the light show last night

somebody asked me if I would do a video

on how to use pop ribbons I think for a

lot of people this is probably something

that is not too commie more since we

have mig welders take welders not it's

self tapping screws and not a lot of

people are using popper of its anymore

to do bodywork and stuff they they

haven't went a different route myself

included I bear these proper of it's

except for on this snowmobiles build I

am doing now I proper did in that front

belly pan and I had to repair a spot on

the back of the machine here and before

I could continue with the build I had to

actually use a pop rivet gun actually

had to borrow one from my brother this

mine was it is an error an error Riveter

so it's none of this hard squeezing you

didn't typically pick these up I think

for under $40 a new rivet gun but I

think that's way less than $40 but they

are very very handy to have now I can

use my air one for two reasons it's up

put away at the old house and the other

reason is I'd have to run my compressor

and my compressor you know I didn't want

to run it here I could have welded the

belly pan under this too but I didn't

want to run my aluminum welder in here

my spool gun because of all the fumes

and stuff using the our gone and melting

the aluminum it would go up through the

hose so I am working in my basement most

you folks know and this basement

actually is new to us we built in the

summer my wife and I we poured this all

by hand this concrete so anyways how do

you use a pop rivet gun well first thing

you do is you select the size rivets you

want for the job

now I have an assortment of rivets I

have some larger ones like this with

fluff on it I have some larger ones like

this right down to really small rivets

like that these are small they're

they're narrow but they're really long

not sure what they would have been used

for those are aluminum now these are

aluminum too but they are pretty darn

stiff so basically what you want to do

now you can either drill a hole with the

right size drill bit now you're gonna

have to drill a hole obviously to put

the rivet through but I will show you

how we do this so I'm gonna straighten

this out here I'm gonna straighten this

out this is just a piece of aluminum

I've had laying around so now saying I

wanted to join let me see here you know

what say I wanted to join these two

together say I just wanted to wrap this

around and risen it together let's see

how that's gonna go

perhaps I won't go so easy this is

fairly thick aluminum it was off an old

floating dock I brought home I salvaged

it don't ask me why you would do this

but some people still use it in sheet

metal you can build all kinds of neat

little toolbox and stuff by doing this

kind of kind of projects I really enjoy

it and don't do it as much as I used to

any more you're gonna bend this down

here now to make this so there that's

gonna you see that it's not gonna fit

the greatest but you know I mean I

really gotta bend this in a lot more

here to get it to stay okay so there we

are so now basically what I would do I

know I had a marker here a few minutes


there is right funny basically you would

lying these up a little better than what

I'm gonna do but I'm basically just

gonna draw a line here and a line here

you can clamp these you know clamping

them is probably better if you want to

drill right through I'm not going to

because this is just for demonstration

purposes only I am going to take a pair

of pliers though and I'm going to

straighten this corner out here you you

would not probably grab it a little

piece of material like this and scab it

together you know I'm sure you would use

you would have all this laid out but

this is just for demonstration purposes

now like I say you can use a drill if

you want to you can drill a hole right

through here but I guess I'll show you

just like this if you wish tighten it up

that's one hole now here's another way

to if it doesn't have to go back so far

I mean this will go back all the way to

here this is a place that I have so this

punch set you see it's got a jaw in here

I don't know if you can see that okay

can you see that okay that's how that


and it can change dyes there are

replacement dyes in here for different

sizes for the punch so basically what

I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take this

I'm gonna slide it on here I'm gonna

line up this hole right here like this

sorry if that's hard to see folks you

see that now I'm just gonna poke a hole

right in there like that just like

slowly it's got a hole poked in there

and a hole poked in there so what I will

do then is I'll align these two holes up

like this now normally I would I would

get clamp those together but I'm not

going to so now when you buy one of

these rivet guns they come with

different size holes you just replace

them they just unthread generally the

tool is right in here you remove this

unthread this I already have the right

one in here because I was worried

on the snowmobile tunnel with the size

rivets basically I just line this up

like this so I'm going to push this

through here like this I'm gonna push

this through here you see you just push

it all the way in the best you can see

that inside mm-hmm

now basically I put it against my

stomach now you have to hold it firmly

on this and then you watch what happens

here can you see that watch the back of

that rivet it is going to get mushroomed

you see it drawing that pin out so

that's the stage I'm at right now that's

drawing that pin in and it is

mushrooming that over so now I'm going

to pull it a little bit more again

you're going to want to make sure it's

lined up where you want it roughly and I

think that's okay so now this next pull

I pull it back a little bit on the

second one just so I don't have to

squeeze the handle so far because it is

gonna bust that off very shortly ready

let me sit again I'm gonna push it in

just like that if you get it too far if

you slide it on too far this handles

gonna spread way open and it's gonna be

hard to squeeze this is gonna make a

noise and that little rivets gonna come

just stumble that RIM it's gonna fly up

here gone so that is one rivet done

right there that's how that's riveted on

there can you see that okay yep now what

I would do I would have riveted these

all the way across if I wanted to keep

using my punch set but since I don't

have the punch set now I am just going

to drill a hole right through here like

this you would mark these out late

emotes have over nice and neat

my bit

I never tighten these little bits very

large because I'm always worried about

them busting so if I keep them loose

it's gonna slip inside your Chuck before

it'll Buster before it'll bust a bit

there see that would have busted that

drill bit if I had have had that tight

so now again this slides in here just

like that

push this down see that space in there

if you don't push that tight together

that rivet is not going to pull it in so

basically what I will do is I will just

take my pliers here pair of vice grips

works great too but you want these

smooth two pieces of metal tight like

that you see that you're on them tight

and then the first little can you see in

there your hands my hand away

what now can you see that down there yep

watch how that mushrooms again starting

to mushroom you see that it's hard to

tell at the camera it's already mushroom

it I can see I let go it's not gonna

come off I open this just a little wee

bit push it in see if I open it all the

way up and then push all go and see how

I got handle is before it grabs that's

gonna be hard to squeeze so what I do is

I slide it about here somewhere and I

take little nibbles out of it I pry it a

little bit at a time

boom there's a little one slide it on a

little more here there you see now it's

not so hard to squeeze now again this

way if it's gonna fly over to here a

little bit more some rivet guns are

really easy to use some have some

they're easy to squeeze the handle this

one is not so easy they're dumb that's

what comes off of it when you bust it

you see that yeah

just looks like a nail with no head

because the head of the nail

God broke off right in here when it

squeezed so much it just ripped her off

so now that is riveted together aside

from this part right here where it's

open but if I want to squeeze that part

in I would get my hammer here see that

opening there you see nut yep you would

take your time and mate your surface is

a little better when you're doing it I

would hope and if you want to seem

sealer in there that would be a good

time to put a seam sealer and this is a

really good way to repair aluminum boats

as well if you don't have an aluminum

welder you just put your little gasket

in there you can get gaskets to put in

there and you rip it up pull it back

together just like that drilled all the

way through now you see that space fit

there this rivet is going to pull that

space together now I will just drop that

in there like that you can see how that

goes directly in here like this this

again if you don't push this all the way

on its gonna be easier to squeeze so

here I only pushed that a little wee bit

yeah I'll squeeze that a little bit I'll

push it down a little more here watch

this watch that seam it will start to

squeeze up on it

is it starting to close up a little bit

it will soon it's hard to see yet is it

still loose in there and you got a hold

hold the rivet in to see that starting

to close all right now ready it's gonna

really pull her in now I pulled it in


yes we'll do it now it'll pull it tight

where the rivet is and see it's tight

where the rabbit are see is tight where

the rivets are yep so I'm just gonna

hammer this like I say you would flatten

that out first and then rivet it

together and with that little that

little strip you get for your boats

I believe they put a strip in there and

your rivet it together that will seal a

boat really good as long as you get the

proper rivets I don't know if these

rivets will hold water I'm not a hundred

percent sure I'm not a boy but I have

fixed boats before and they haven't

leaked so that folks is how you rivet