Pop Riveting for Beginners

hi everybody I'm Leo CJ drill and today

well I'm going to demonstrate this tool

here now if you have never seen one of

these before it's called a rivet gun and

I'm going to show you how to use it and

some of the things you can use it on

let's get started

now I have two pieces of metal here that

I've used two rivets to attach and if

you come in closer you can see the

rivets and what they look like so this

is what the rivets look like up close

now I'm going to flip it over so you can

see the backside of this piece of metal

that I've brought together as you can

see it just looks like two little

buttons and that's what holds it in

place now I've got some different

material here that I found in a shop

that we're going to use the rivet gun on

I've got something that is tubular and

something that's square we're going to

rivet both these together because I want

to show you how versatile the tool is

you're not just limited to flat items

okay so before we get to riveting I'm

going to put these things aside I'm

going to show you how the gun is set up

and how it works so this is our tool

here and I got to tell you it's a

simplistic tool there's not much to it

now I'm going to go to the head of the

tool this is an interchangeable head

screws right out if you notice there are

three other heads here and they screw

out as well so you can change them now

why would you want to do that well some

of those rivets are larger and some are

smaller so depending upon the size of

the rivet you would swap the head out

now the nice thing about these tools is

they come with a wrench with this

particular tool it's attached to the

tool you just slide it out and there's

our wrench and these wrenches are used

to swap out the heads okay I'm going to

show you how easy it is to remove the

head in the event that you need to swap

it out you just slip that wrench over

and loosen and that's what the head

looks like okay what we're going to do

now is we're going to load the gun and

we're going to use it and I'm going to

demonstrate how easy it is now I always

like to keep an assortment of rivets

that way I'm never stuck I have exactly

what I need so what we have here I

pulled out three out of the box so you


idea what I'm talking about now the top

hat that's the rivet section of the

fastener and as you can see there that's

a really long rivet and this down here

is really short so we're going to load

it now we've got our rivet okay now I'm

going to turn the gun over so you can

see the opening there of the head that

little round circle and that's what the

stem or mandrel goes into so I'm going

to insert that and now we have the rivet

head sticking out that little top head

now what you want to do is you want to

grab the handle of the tool and depress

it because what that does is Believe It

or Not it holds the rivet in place in

the Godsey I can turn it over and it's

not going anywhere now we're going to go

over to the piece of metal that I'm

going to rivet now I'm going to insert

the rivet into the hole that I've

pre-drilled okay it's in there now what

I want to do is I want to press down on

the handle okay a couple times it's

going to take a couple times because

it's like a pumping action so push down

and I'm going to let up I'm going to

push down again there we go that's it

now this is the piece that's discarded

and there we go there's our rivet now

I'm going to flip it over on the other

side so you can see what it looks like

there we go just like a little button

there now what's neat about this is

you're not limited to just flat metal or

square metal you can use it you can put

it on a tube so that's it

pretty simple huh isn't it pretty cool I

got to tell you it's easy it's simple

and one of the best things is this tool

it just doesn't cost much 20 bucks and

that's about it this is Lea saying you

can do this see you next time