Rivet Gun - What is a Blind Rivet?


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channel and what I'm going to show you

today in this short video is just what

is a blind rivet a lot of people have

been wondering I was wondering myself

but doing a bit of research I realized

that all it is a blind rivet is just the

same as a pop rivet here okay

actually invented in 1916 quite a long

time ago and by Hamilton Wylie it's a

really good invention because the blind

rivet bit refers to being able to rivet

something for which you can't see the

other side and now this is a classic

example I've got some stepladders here

all right they need repairing you see

this box section here normally with a

normal sort of rivet in the old days

you'd have to get behind it as you see

with the shipbuilding many many years

ago the beeps one person behind the

piece of metal and somebody on the other

side with the racket a hammer and they

punch it together with this it's

different it's a fantastic invention so

what you do you get you your rivet gun

slap it in okay like that put it into

the hole there has to be the right size

it's a bit of juggling about but you can

get a whole pack of rivets push that in

there you see how that's gone in there

the way this works is that the rivet gun

actually perhaps hold of that shank of

showing you earlier on and it squeezes

that wood on the softer metal from the

actual rivet compresses on the inside I

have to do it a couple of times so let's

get up like that what will happen if the

shank breaks off leaving a dome there

makes a really secure fixing it's

absolutely fantastic and there's the

shank in there sometimes a little bit

difficult to get out with the cheaper

rivet guns which this is but you can get

them out with pliers or sometimes

they'll work backwards and actually

supposed to fall out the back here this

one a bit temperamental so what you do

those who get

it's like that for different jobs and

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