How to Use a Pop Rivet Gun / Blind Rivet

hi everyone so in this video I'm going

to show you how to use a pop Riveter now

this is standard one you can get cheaper

ones and more expensive ones and I'm

going to show you how they basically

work now you'll see that there are a few

different nozzles and attachments here

and these can be changed using this tool

which is inside the handle of this one

so you just unscrew it and then you can

swap it between the different sizes so

you'll see this one is the biggest one

here and say you wanted this size just

unbolt them and then you can set that

one into the Riveter now make sure you

pull handle in when you're doing this

otherwise you'll find it incredibly hard

to get it in just tighten out with that

and you now see that we've got a new

nozzle in there coz I've got a range of

different rivets here a few different

sizes and I also have some wood and a

piece of plastic now for this video all

I'm going to do is drill a hole in the

plastic and the wood and rivet the

plastic onto the wood

so first we'll choose what size rivet

you're going to use I'm going to use

this bigger one here and then get a

drill attachment and the same size of

that and then just drill through the two

materials which you want to attach to

each other

so you see I've now drilled the hole in

the plastic and the wood see then get

your rivet making sure again you've got

the right nozzle in for the rivet and

you slide it in there so to get that

rivet into that hole all you do is you

put it into the two holes and make sure

they're both in there means keep

squeezing the Riveter and eventually

it'll pop like that and now see the two

materials are attached together you will

be left with this stem and you can

discard of that because that is not used

so that's the basics of using a pop

Riveter and hopefully this video has

helped please stay tuned for more videos

thanks for watching