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I'm Bob and today we're going to teach you: Different types of rivets available

and the materials they come in.

So let's get started.

So let's review the different materials available and types of rivets.

So this is a structural rivet.

This particular rivet is steel and steel.

The mandrel is steel and the hat is steel.

This is what they call a blind rivet.

These three are aluminum rivets.

These are just typical pop or blind rivets,

in aluminum. We also have what we call a

white hat

rivet with an aluminum mandrel,

so here's the mandrel

and that's the white hat so when you

put the rivet in and complete it all you're gonna see is a white finish like

for a white soffit

or a brown soffit.

So they come in different colors depending upon the finish

that you're installing them in.

There is also, these are zinc

plated rivets.

These are large flange. You can see here, the large dome flange on this hat.

So it covers more surface when you're installing.

These are

*copper/brass rivets. The mandrel is brass and the hat is copper.

These are 100-percent copper rivets.

A lot of roofers use these rivets for

flashing and many other applications, soffits,

downspouts. So many different applications for the brass.

These are stainless blind pop rivets.

I have several different types

and this is what we call a closed end pop rivet.

You can see here the back is square and solid.

These are waterproof,

so if you install these in a water application,

these will not leak or build water up inside the tubular part of the rivet.

These are also stainless

countersunk pop rivets.

So you'll see that there's a, I believe it's a 33 degree hat, on here.

So when you install this rivet

it will be flush with the material.


these are installed in a lot of things like

tracks, that you're, putting a rail in or something along that that you just don't want

any type of head sticking up.

Then we have what we call multi-grip rivets.

So with multi-grip they're based upon

increments of 2. So a multi-grip will go from: 4-2, 4-4 and 4-6.

So it will cover three different lengths. That's why they call them multi-grip rivets.

And that's basically the materials that rivets come in,

blind pop rivets come in

and the different types of rivets.

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