A Place for Mom and other Tour companies (Free help). Nashville Assisted Living Help by Steve Chapek

Good afternoon everyone wanted to bring another tip to you on this Tuesday this

is going to be a really important one I it's a tough one to explain but I want

to make sure you know that there are two types of groups that will assist you or

a loved one in regards to finding and touring a community and it's really

important that you know the difference between the two groups so I

want to start with the first one and hang in there because I'm going to

explain which type of group is which at the end of the video the first group is

a referral contract company now I want to talk about the pros first off the pro

to this is that those types of companies are pretty easily found or accessible

the reason I say that is because typically they are either doing large

ads on Google so you can find them on the internet pretty easily and some of

them even do TV ads national ads so they're a little bit more easily

accessible or easily found if you're looking for someone to help with giving

you or a loved one a tour to look into assisted living communities or such so

the second thing I want you to know about this referral company and it being

a positive for them is that most of these companies will show up to the

community and tour with you there are some that only tell you over the phone

or through email about the community and kind of set up a tour for you but they

don't actually meet you there they just give you a couple names and set it up

for you so that's another Pro is that most of them will show up and give you a

personal tour the last one and most people really like this is that it's

free to the client it's free to the potential person looking into finding a

community so how you gonna beat that but let's talk through this so hang tight

make sure you stay all the way through now some of the cons regarding this

referral type of company is that you know quite often when you

put your information in to either an email or make a phone call online if

it's a 800 number or something of that nature what typically happens is that

all of a sudden the person will get multiple phone calls or multiple emails

from local communities that are wanting to get to you first to try to have you

come and see their community first some people just don't like that it feels

overwhelming and they feel like the calls are coming in too much and too

fast and it just doesn't feel very personal to them so they might not

really care for that the last thing and this is very very important to know

there's not too many things in life that are actually free so how in the world

can this service be free to a potential resident well the reason it's free is

because this company has set up contracts referral contracts with

communities locally in the area that community will actually cut a check or

you know pay the person for the referral to pay the company for the referral now

that might sound great for both sides but it's important to know not every

community will do these referral contracts there are some communities

that feel like they're doing well enough they have a good enough reputation their

building is full enough and is continuing to stay full there's a

waiting list and such that they will not do contracts with contract companies

like this referral contract companies so in other words a client or a potential

resident does not get to see all the local communities so that is one of the

cons now there is another group the other group is more of a fee-for-service

group so let me talk about the pros so the pro is that this company is working

truly only for the client because they don't have a referral contract in place

with really any community so when a potential resident is looking for a

community that will suit them best they can know with this group that it's

really they're only looking out for the best interests of their client

there's not another company that they're kind of hoping they'll pick because they

have a contract with them that they're gonna get paid for the second portion is

that you're going to quite often have a person with a lot of experience that's

giving you tours; tours in to these communities they may have been

administrators of assisted livings in the past or currently even still having

a license as an administrator they really may have been very involved in

the senior industry and and for for most people they really want that they don't

just want a really nice person that is going to meet them and be kind to them

they want to make sure that there's deeper questions that this person can

ask of the communities to make sure it's the right fit for them in their loved

one the other thing is that and this is when the last things on the pros for

this is that they're going to see if that community will give their clients a

discounted fee or waive a fee altogether possibly a move-in or a deposit fee or

they might call it a community fee or maybe even after a certain amount of

time they'll cut a month's rent in half or maybe even a full month off for

moving into a community and staying there so that benefit comes back to the

actual resident not the company that's showing them around on that now of

course there's two cons the first con is that this group just like it sounds is

going to be paid for by the potential client by the person that's looking into

a community so it's not considered free to that that person that person that's

looking for an assisted living or community

so that's a big one some people are like hey listen than I'm out then I need

to go with the referral contract company and that can be the best thing for you

but the other thing that's important to know is that this fee for service type

of company they're usually smaller they're more local they're usually not

going to have the dollars to buy large Google ads and be at the top of every

search in Google they're also probably not going to have TV commercials so

those are two big differences and of course referral contract companies as I

said for some people out there this would be the best option for you that

would be like a place for mom or some of these home health care companies that

also assist people with finding a community when the time is right and

they'll say to you again that it is free to the client so the fee for service

group is someone more like myself I have been in the industry a long time I still

have my administrator's license in the industry as an assisted-living

administrator in the state of Tennessee so when I go out I can go into much

deeper detail and make sure that really everything is the way it should be for

you or your loved one if they were to move in there the thing that I hate the

most for someone that's looking into a community is maybe when they are just

sold on a community they're told good things and they don't get all the ins

and outs of how it would work or not work for them and they move in and after

a short amount of time maybe the fit isn't right and they don't

feel like this is the right place for them and they're just not satisfied it's

a shame because that maybe could have been avoided through making sure that

the community is truly the right fit for the client and not just one of the

options that are available because of contracts so both groups are available I

hope this has been helpful to you I know that subjects like this are not easy

because I respect all these other groups I know that they do good services they

mean well just like I mean well so I just wanted to make sure you knew the

differences because obviously when someone hears something is free that

piques their interest most and has their ears kind of jump open even more so that

it's important to know what the differences are and please make comments

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