How to Find Assisted Living for My Mom on a Limited Budget? CASE STUDY

hi everyone today I'm gonna go through a

case study uh with in regards to a

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I got a text message hey I have a friend

I'm with right now and they have some

questions is there can I call you of

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this is a complex you know situation

when you get into this and if and if

anyone could just be a little bit of

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long story short this gentleman called

ended up being a friend of his but it

was a son that was caring for their

mother they were looking for an assisted

living facility they had a monthly

budget right now her mom had social

security income of around six hundred a

month assets chillin at five thousand

dollars and she didn't own her home she

was you know basically living in a place

where like the son was renting or

whatever so long story short this is

kind of a quick overview having some of

that information they'll kind of helps

me understand where they're at and of

course the number one question they ask

is does medicare cover this cost does

insurance cover the cost of assisted

living and my probably least favorite

response is unfortunately it does not

you know assisted living is primarily a

private pay industry but either way I'm

gonna help them kind of walk through the

the navigate this path and and help them

understand maybe how they could go about

finding a solution for their for their

loved ones so of course I'm like you

know are you sure your mom doesn't have

stocks bonds other bank account she got

cashes she's stuck in the wall somewhere

I put on either bed they're just you

know something of that nature is there

and have you guys actually had this

conversation before is there any other

things that you know that you're just

not aware of you know once we have that

then we're gonna ask you know was was

was she or was her husband a veteran in

this case they were not but that might

be a way for someone to help receive

additional funding through the veteran

a Dan attendants program and I think

I've created some videos on that so if

you check for the VA benefits or veteran

Aiden attendants there's some some

videos on that topic so so it was like

no no you know now basically were two

strikes let's see if we can hit the

third one would be apply for statewide

Medicaid managed care so in this

situation what you could do is go

through either the state of Florida if

you go to statewide Medicaid managed

care in fact I think they even have

their own website right now which is

Medicaid managed care or Florida

Medicaid managed care if you were to go

to that and call them up they would help

you get in touch with someone to qualify

you financially they would help you get

in touch with your local office to

qualify from a care standpoint they

would probably send someone out to your

home or do a phone call to screen them

for an evaluation

basically what they're trying an idea of

okay are we good with finances if so

check are we good with you know is there

a need for care okay if so check the

only problem with this option though is

there's a waitlist so it really depends

on how much care does someone need if

they have a lot of care you know the the

more care they need the higher up they

move on the priority list on that

waitlist however it's still a waitlist

it's still a process so if there's an

immediate need then the next best option

is to go into a skilled nursing facility

and to get onto the Medicaid program in

a sniff setting so a sniff skilled

nursing facility nursing home typically

what you're going to find is as a

nursing home that has a skill that has

long-term care and rehabilitation kind

of all under the same roof so if you go

that route well you can do is you kind

of you kind of fast-track and you get on

to traditional Medicaid which is the you

know straight Medicaid so you get on to

that program and then the thing is once

you're on that program in a skilled

nursing facility then you you actually

would have the option to potentially

enroll that they could enroll you right

into statewide Medicaid managed care

because the reason for the Medicaid

managed care program was to get folks

that were living in long-term care

skilled nursing facilities and help them

move into a more of a residential

setting more of a home-like environment

in an assisted living and so they

created a program to pay for assisted


to help officer you know to help move

someone out of a skilled nursing

facility where they might be paying you

know where the state might be paying six

to eight thousand dollars every single

month for a semi-private room for that

person where the state could pay less

money and help someone move into a less

restrictive environment one that was

more home-like and less institutional

and save the state a little bit of money

and give that person that resident a

much better experience so that was the

intention behind it but if someone goes

here and is on that waitlist but they

can't wait any longer they need the care

today and there's an immediate concern

then that person could go into skilled

nursing and then qualify for the

Medicaid the skilled nursing facility

would help them get onto the Medicaid

program and then if they wanted to then

they would have the option and they

could work that out with their case

manager to move into a an assisted

living facility that accepts statewide

Medicaid managed care so the thing is is

that you let's take into consideration

that not every assisted living facility

will accept Medicaid managed care so you

kind of have to find the best or you

have to find the local facilities in

your area that do accept Medicaid

managed care so you might have to you

know get a senior's blue book or look

online and get a list or go to Florida

healthfinder.gov and you can get a list

of all of the facilities in that local

area call those facilities up and ask

them hey do you guys accept Medicaid

managed care if so then you can go ahead

and schedule a tour if not then you

could cross them off your list make that

a little bit easier so anyways in this

situation there was more of an immediate

need so that that you know or know that

actually this situation the lady they

were they were able to wait because you

know she didn't need immediate care but

it was one of those things that for the

son it was like kind of looming you know

he was feeling like you know at some

point in time I feel like this is gonna

come up and so what do I do and so long

story short you know he they're gonna

enroll on these statewide Medicaid

managed care program get on the waitlist

and at least go that route but then he's

also where that you can go this route to

if he needs to if there's more of an

immediate concern so this is just a

quick summary of like a situation like

that where you don't have there's not

enough means to pay for assisted living

outright so how do you find care you

know for your loved one this is one of

those alternatives so anyways I hope

you're having a

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