Upper back pinched nerve stretch for anyone who has pain in the shoulder blade w/ Dr Leo Kormanik II

so this is a really simple exercise for

anybody that has any pain between the

spine and the shorter blade right in

that Ridge between the two there are two

nerves basically they pass from the neck

and go down and into the shoulder girdle

back through here and anybody that's

like working on a you know on a computer

with a mouse or sitting for long periods

of time this is really going to be an

issue so like you're here anytime the

elbow is away from the side these

muscles will activate and cramp on that

nerve so a lot of people like oh man my

back's really tight there it's really

sore and it could come on when you're

running when you're biking but really

ultimately it's not from those

activities it's really from sitting and

working at the computer but basically

this is a super easy stretch to do to

really help stretch that nerve out

between the muscle and also get the most

sort of release so basically see the

right side is the one basically what

you're gonna do is you're going to start

with your hands like this and unlocked

and you're gonna telescope your arm out

like this way like you're literally the

stretch in your arm up and then once you

really feel a good stretch then you're

gonna let your head fall down and pull

it away from the side that's of pain so

this would be the right side so I'd be

head down pulling it to the left to take

that nerve and drag it this way while

I'm stretching the muscle this way so it

creates a great separation of the two

okay hold up for like you know a minute

or so just to really get that stretch

now the stretch will come with the

shoulder girdle

really pulling the shoulder blade up and

over and you should really get to a

point where you're like oh that's the

spot and you'll get there and hold the

pressure right there the other way to do

it is interlock your hands again but

flip so you're doing the same thing but

you're flipping your hands surprisingly

you're working two different fascial

chains so when you flip now so you're

working a different fashion chain and

you do the same thing telescope your

shoulder blade out to stretch that

region pull it

and then really elongate the arm and get

the head to fall forward

okay so again super easy you know what

if for like a minute or so multiple

times throughout the day really helps to

release that nerve within the muscle so

anybody that has pain right there