Pinched Nerve - Severe Neck, Shoulder and Arm Pain - Linda's Story

in September I was helping move file

jackets in our little area we were

moving the cabinets and it's just all of

a sudden the next day very stiff muscle

ache and I thought okay it's just

another flare-up from a car accident

that I was in back in 98 it never got

better and it kept getting worse and so

I finally decided to go to the doctor

and they prescribed ibuprofen and that

was it

so about October I couldn't take it


a month later and I thought okay I got

to do something so I went to a

chiropractor thinking okay they'll just

kind of help massage it out

he took a couple of weeks of just

massaging and wanted x-rays so he took a

pax race and said no I can't do anything

more for you so then I had to find an

alternative so in March my arms started

tingling and losing feeling it was

pinching a nerve

I couldn't brush my teeth because it

would pinch so that's when I checked in

to narrow spine and read some bio cards

and fell in love with doctor angeles's

face she's such a beautiful woman and

she has that care in her eyes when you

look at her and so made the appointment

went in to see her and they had x-rays

and when she looked at him she wanted an

MRI but she said for sure their surgery

needs to be done and so then she called

me back in for the MRI we did that she

looked at it and then she told me it was

going to be one possibly two disks that

and she showed me where it was pinched

in the nerve why the surgery how they do

it the surgery they go through the front

and they went between four and five and

five and six where they put the bone and

replace those discs that have either

disintegrated or whatever happens to

them in there who knows but it's a very

small incision and other than them

happen to move everything out of the way

it just went really well life after

surgery has been wonderful when the arm

was tingling

you didn't you couldn't realize how many

things you take for granted and when I

got home and could brush my teeth it was

three times a day because that was

wonderful just to be able to move and

and do things that like I say we take so

much for granted when we're working

everyday things but when you this this

is great

there isn't anything stopping me from

doing stuff I'm not going to go bungee

jumping yet but or skydiving ever

probably but I do have a life and I'm