Home Exercises for Pinched Nerve in Shoulder | Get Rid of Tingling and Numbness!

hi I'm dr. Bree today we're going to be

going over how to test and do some nerve

flossing for the median the radial and

the ulnar nerve to begin we're gonna do

the median nerve we're gonna do is start

with your hand in front of your face

you're gonna reach out to your side

and then you're gonna extend your hand

backwards now what you're going to do is

flex your head to the opposite side if

you do have nerve entrapment of the

median nerve this is a great test you'll

probably feel some pain coming down

through your shoulder and into your arm

to do the radial nerve what you're going

to do again start with your palm and

from you in front of your face you're

going to reach back like you're going to

reach into the back of your car and then

you're gonna flip your palm up kind of

like you're trying to cut something

again flex away and you might feel some

pain or some pinching along that nerve

tracts lastly my favorite the honor

nerve you're going to bring your hand

out you're gonna make a little circle

and then you're gonna bring your arm and

your fingers up to your eye making a

monocle this isn't a test the ulnar

nerve and if you have any pinched nerve

or something going on with the ulnar

nerve you should feel a little bit of

pain there's a really great self-test to

diagnose if you have nerve entrapment

it's also a great way to loosen up the

muscles that may be and trapping them so

go ahead and try those and try these

flossing techniques and see if you get

any relief with your opinion