Pleasant Park & Lonely Lodge Piano Locations Guide - Fortnite Battle Royale (Season 7 Challenge)

hey what's going on youtube so it's

Nathan back here with another one

bringing to you the week two challenges

for fortnight they just released I got

the piano locations for you at Pleasant

Park and lonely Lodge I'm going to

complete those and I'm going to show you

how to get those done as quick as

possible alright so we're gonna go ahead

and land at Pleasant Park first and on

the left hand side you'll see the

mountain that's where we're gonna land

on my blue marker that's where the piano

is it's not quite in pleasant park but

it's directly to the left of it so let's

go and land there and go and get the

first piano done alright so this first

one is definitely pretty easy we were

able to knock this one out with on the

first try but from what I hear I hear

the second one's pretty hard so we got

that one done let's go and head over to

lonely Lodge

so let's make our way over to the second

location lonely Lodge it's on the very

end on the back of lonely Lodge directly

to the left of the mansion I went ahead

and marked it with my blue marker so

let's go and make our way

all right so there was actually a ton of

people landing at the piano right away

so I went ahead and made a detour to

this tower here so we're gonna stop here

and then we're gonna get some guns

collect some guns and then we'll go and

head over and get this piano done we can

actually see someone running in the

distance over there so glad I got some

guns i'ma head over in just in case if

he tries to shoot me I'll go and take

care all right so he's pretty peaceful

so far I'm gonna go and see if he'll let

me knock this out and we'll go and get

this ball row


really this guy's really trying to shoot

me at the last minute luckily this guy's

terrible angry and I'm done

oh if I had a second I would have shot

him but it's all good we got those

challenges knocked out I appreciate you

watching give it a like comment

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