"Play the Sheet Music on the Pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge" WEEK 2 SEASON 7 FORTNITE!!

hey how's it going guys atomic fire

welcome to the season seven week to

battle path challenge location video now

if you're watching this early the

challenge isn't now yet it'll be it out

in 12 hours

but like usual the challenge is gal

leaked and one of the challenges for

week 2 of season 7 is can be play the

sheet music on the pianos near pleasant

park and lonely lodge so I'm gonna go

ahead and hop into a playground and go

to the pianos and show to you guys

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challenges like these every week then

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show them to you guys and it's actually

gonna be right on this little mountain

right below Longley lodge there you go

we can see it started seeing it right

now it's going to be owned J 5 right

there J 5 oh look at that and there's

already sheet of music I remember last

season we get to like find the sheet of

music but I guess this is I'm the sheet

music so right there so let me go ahead

and just play it

oh wait that's a G hey now wait to do

this a then G a there we go so you can

do it really slowly I shouldn't have

talked about it was play so you can just

do it really slowly and you can even hop

off if you want it's pretty simple

alright on to the next place which is

gonna be at a pleasant parks I'm just

gonna jump off over here no right here

we are arriving at the piano at pleasant

Park it's going to be right on be at 3

on the mini-map here b3 and here's

another sheet out wow this one's a lot

less repetitive than the other one so he

got e she see

do you engine Walker here boop-boop

there we go

oh that's lovely though I hear that


eg Cee

nice that was good that was fun

all right and that's good and that's

pretty much it all you gotta do is this

except probably not in playground

because unless they change that that

challenges don't really count him

playground mode so you have to do it

like solo squats and whatnot and then

finish the game all right let's get a

bit make sure you like and subscribe

I'll see you guys in the next video