Find The Sheet Music In Pleasant Park FORTNITE


I guess they fear honest video on a ship

a season six weeks six challenge to find

sheet music in pleasant parks this is a

four stage challenge so I'm gonna show

four different parts to it

as present parks that's the house where

weeds land out


make your way down you find the music

sheets in the downstairs living room do

X challenge that's the house and click

the music that's the first part done

next you need to play the sheet music on

a piano near pleasant parks not sure if

we can go straight there up you picked

up a sheet music what you can try if you

want I'm going in a new game

you find a piano on a hill west of class

of parks





nice this huge pianos you can stand on

alright I got a sheet music in front of

you we have to do is match your keys you

can jump to a more get off the keyboard

just walk on they go nice and simple the

next stage is to go to retail row and

pick up some more sheet music

Ezri tell ro you want to land on the

right-hand side

McCoy down

through the door what's on your left

this one's more complicated flex it goes

on the map on to the next for a final

stage you need to play the sheet music

and again it's next to a place where you

got it from ESRI Tarot and it's on top

of a small hill next to it

I don't know if you can go directly

there after you picked up machine music

I'm just going in the nude game again



there's a much bigger piano keyboard

other people might land us I'm gonna go

to his house to get weapons first


you'll notice the keys on the left of a

square box around it we have keys on the

right of a circle and that needs to

match for sheet music all right see do

the circles first hey a hey again with a

circle II must see is the next key is a

square block a when it's finished may be

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