How do you find a good pediatrician?

so the best way to find a good

pediatrician is to schedule a prenatal

consult during your seventh month of

pregnancy it's a great opportunity for

you to sit down with the doctor and talk

to him or her about his or her

philosophy about medicine about

parenting and make sure that you feel

comfortable with that position and

talking to them you should work with a

physician who is board certified in his

or her field which means that they've

completed a residency training and

passed an examination it's also a good

idea to work with a doctor who is

affiliated with a major academic medical

center because that major Center will

make sure that the physician is up to

date and the practice and practices

appropriate standards of care however if

over time you don't feel comfortable

with that position for whatever reason

it is okay to switch at any time in the

future dr. Stephen Turner I'm one of the

attending pediatricians at Mount Sinai

doctors and you can schedule an

appointment with me anytime