Welcome to the Pediatric Residency Program

welcome to children's national

i'm aisha barber i'm the director of the

pediatric residency program what brought

me to children's national was definitely

the community of patients that we serve

having such an engaged relationship with

the community in washington dc

and also impacting child health globally

my favorite thing about children's


is the dedication that we have to the

community that we serve

children's national is unique among the

major hospitals

serving children in our country and that

it not only is a quaternary care medical

center for the children of our nation in

the world

but also the primary community hospital

for washington dc

everyone that i work with in the office

is so committed to the patients and the


that we see in fact we take care of

more children on medicaid than any other

of the top

10 pediatric medical centers i think

children's is a unique

institution especially in this region

sort of plays both roles as a specialty

care center and as a primary care center

you get broad exposure to

things that you will never see again in

your career really rare conditions and

you'll be incredibly comfortable with


common conditions like asthma a lot of

other institutions break up

those types of care models i think here

you kind of get it all we have a lot of

patients here that

come globally or have traveled globally

and so the diversity of cases that we


provide a good opportunity for trainees

to experience

i was a resident here and i was drawn to


unparalleled opportunity to learn from

the world's experts in various


while also becoming really competent in

general pediatrics

children's is a phenomenal place to do

residency and i can say that from

personal experience since i was a

resident here

there is diversity of patients diversity

of fellow

members and an incredible devotion to


which means you learn all the time

this program values the people and


our residents reach their fullest

potential many places can offer a great

training program in terms of

clinical exposure which we certainly

have here but we really

look to develop each resident

individually and holistically

i think one of the ways that children's

is unique is that we've been

able to develop interests in a very

strong and broad way

from focusing on things like global

health or advocacy

to medical education we really look to

make leaders in the field

of pediatrics i am really passionate

about teaching our residents how to


effective and dedicated advocates and

learning alongside our residents and how

to incorporate social determinants of

health like

socioeconomic status and structural


into our everyday work with our patients

washington dc is a really unique

city in which to train to be a

pediatrician we have the national


the local dc government our location in

dc could not be

overlooked the hospital is literally a

metro ride or a bike ride away from

capitol hill we have the national

institutes of health the food and drug

administration we have the lobbying arm

for the american academy of pediatrics

located only

12 blocks from children's national

there are major inequities in dc and i


one of the things that has drawn me to

not just come back to children's but to

stay here

is that we can have a tangible impact in

dc as a resident here

you won't be sort of engulfed in this

big city but rather you'll feel like

you're actually making an impact

in this city on a number of levels dc is

a majority minority city

in fact over 50 percent of people here

in dc

self-identify as black or african

american and another 10

to 11 percent self-identify as latino

hispanic we want our residency program

to have individuals who look and

represent the patients that we treat

when i think of our residents i think of

people who are different from each other

with regard to personalities their

approaches their learning styles where

they're from and that diversity really

is our strength

my favorite thing about children's is

being able to work with the residents

just amazing individuals that come

together to really work

as a team and focus on improving each

other throughout their three years

here the residents the faculty the

leadership i feel like it's a family i

feel like people look out for each other

everybody's interested and invested in


and that just makes the environment such

a positive place to be

despite being a big program we have a

small program feel with regard to

professional development and support

one of the really unique things about

children's national is

the institutional commitment to

mentorship and that is

all different ages and stages of your


my favorite thing about working at

children's actually are the doctors

nurse practitioners nurses everybody

i've worked with here over the last 20

plus years it's an amazing camaraderie i

didn't see

you know before i came here well here

you will be surrounded by people who

really care about you

and want the best for you and you'll

graduate from here

feeling competent and confident in

whatever specialty or

general pediatrics or global health or

non-clinical care

that you decide to go into you're going

to walk out of this residency program

brilliantly well prepared to be a

general pediatrician in the community

or to enter a sub-specialty fellowship

program i hope that students will

consider training

at children's national because of the

people that we care for

and that we work with our diversity and

focus on health equity and inclusion

our educational innovations as well as


personal approach to professional

development that we provide

be yourself and bring yourself to the

table and really look

in programs for the things that are

important to you and where you would

like to see

yourself being a colleague with the

people that you're interviewing with