dr. Paul here we've got a young lady who

I think has a dislocated elbow let's go

take a look is that here you d'accord I

heard you were at school when you got

your alley yeah mommy's gonna hold your

cup okay

can you you want to hold in this unicorn

with your other hand this head that hand

up see keeps looking for people here's

the key I hold this hand it's hard you

okay I'm gonna sit right there so I have

a tongue blade for this hand and a

tongue blade for that hand you grab it

okay it's yours does it hurt to move

again okay don't worry we're gonna fix

your help okay okay so when we fix the

elbow it's like I'll show you with this

hand would pretend like we're shaking

hands like hi how do you do and then we

wouldn't turn here and hand up like that

then we would straighten it like that

sometimes just doing that little puppet

that doesn't work I pull a little bit on

your hand and while I'm pulling I've put

your palm up to your shoulder Boop and

it's fixed okay now when we fix these

there'll be a momentary yo all right so

we're gonna be gonna be careful with

your arm the first thing to do is to

just feel your arm make sure it doesn't

hurt so folks this is something you

would be very careful at home you

wouldn't do this maneuver if somebody

might have broken their arm it's very

important that they have the actual pull

injury the dislocates the elbow and so

to make sure there's not a broken bone

we're gonna push on all the fingers push

on the Hey

and you're watching facial expression

while you do this this is a common place

for a fracture for a child they fall on

an outstretched in and they break their

bone right there so you squeeze pretty

harder than the see it doesn't bother

her a bit

so we're squeezing all up and down not a

problem we can wiggle the wrist

no problem move the arm like that no

problem remember we're gonna shake hands

you support the elbow so you can feel it

pop back into place and then you turn it

and I've just popped I just felt it when

I turned it I just felt it's all fixed

you won't be able to believe it but you

can hold this now works I try it look it

works it works you can use your hand

down see ya a little bit she's moving in

so actually felt it with my left hand

right in the twist a little pop it's all

fixed but you did such a good job give

me high five high five thank you you did

such a good job you were the best

patient you guys huge thumbs up for an

amazingly brave young lady yes you did

it you got your arm fixed good job and

then of course viewers if you've had a

child who's had their elbow out you want

to avoid pulling on them in the future

right for a couple more years

once we're older and everything tightens

up but let's say you're walking across

the street with your kid and they throw

a tantrum you're gonna go down with them

instead of yanking them back up and or

you pick them up like this under there

instead of like swinging kids around

like that so what do you think good job

all right

that's big sister right what a cute

family all right we're done I'm doctor

Paul thanks for watching thanks guys