Noun Phrases

today's topic is noun phrases arts big

cups little cups computer mice t-shirts

clocks pandas and well pretty much

anything first of all a noun is a person

a place or a thing but then what what is

a noun phrase it adds more description

to a noun

alright there's many pandas in the world

but how can we tell them apart well

before the noun you would add a

determiner or an adjective

determiners would show how many is it

one bear or many bears ownership my

hamburger specific the Panda or just a

panda now adjectives can just show size


well age color the five senses and many

many more different kinds of things

adjectives follow a specific order

called OSes Kampf which is opinion size

age shape color origin materials and

purpose let's try it during this time

try to describe the which throw to throw

out some adjectives

okay so flying old happy ugly scary

could all be adjectives to describe this

picture after the noun we could have

prepositional phrases relative clauses

participial phrases all of these are

going to add a lot more depth in our

description a prepositional phrase is a

preposition in a noun phrase mainly time

in place things like in the playground

at the store in the morning at night

relative clauses allow you to add almost

a whole nother sentence to describe

something who what where when why which

that how are all different types of

relative clauses participial phrases has

a participle which is basically a base

form of a verb plus ing or the past

participle and then an object a noun

phrase looks like this determiner

adjective noun phrases or clauses put

those together and you have a happy


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