Shattering the Walls of Nosocomial Infections | Ankita Modi | TEDxManipal

over every mountain there is a but oh it

might always not be visible from the

valley but that doesn't mean that the

part doesn't exist it does exist all we

need to do is to trace it out

similarly behind every small phenomena

happening around us there exists a

scientific explanation some mysteries

successful result and many yet to be

addressed fine let me ask you a question

have you ever wondered why do we have

almond shaped ice well I would love to

have rounded eyes like that of Doraemon

if such questions come to your mind as

well it's time for you to now at your

back because you have a hidden scientist

in you since childhood I had a lot of

inclination towards the healthcare

sector I got fascinated observing

various doctors the diagnostic tools and

therapeutic devices my mom never wanted

to take me to a hospital

she felt if I moved to a hospital even I

would fall do I never understood that

logic just a few months back

my aunt met with an accident

she was under treatment for several days

after which she recovered and was full

but I was discharged but unfortunately

she again got she got readmitted to

hospital did a prosthetic failure just

was something quite strange

as I haven't observing this atom among a

lot of my relatives I immediately went

to a doctor to inquire about it and

there I came to know about nosocomial

infections are popularly known as

hospital-acquired infections in simple


these are the infections that a patient

doesn't have before coming to a hospital

but requires them on being treated with

various medical devices and implants let

me give you an example that is commonly

been encountered recently a patient got

hospitalized an account of road accident

did you see your damage and a string you

portion this patient was supported with

the endotracheal tube that assisted him

in breathing it was observed within 24

hours of the insertion of the steel

thick dense layer a bacterial biofilm

was fought both at the outer as well as

and the inner surface of the tooth

this patient has no cuff reflex has the

tumors inside and so the secretions tend

to get accumulated inside illness when a

long catheter is inserted through the to

transferring the secretions repeatedly

the spiral gets dislodged and goes deep

and sidelocks

it was a root accident then brought this

patient to a hospital and now he's there

with pneumonia there were no symptoms or

any bacterial infection associated with

the patient before coming to a hospital

but he got hospital-acquired pneumonia

are being treated for wrote acts

according to Centers for Disease Control

nosocomial infections account for an

estimated 1.7 million infections and

ninety nine thousand associated deaths

each year in American hospitals surgical

infections are believed to account for

its fur estimated 10 billion dollars

annually in healthcare expenditure an

indian hospital's

there is no uniform and proper method of

collection and maintenance of data is

related to nosocomial infections as a

result a large fraction of the Indian

population is usually unaware of this

alarming situation that could even risk

their lives

it is believed that the statistics

related to nosocomial infection but go

higher and Indian hospitals which I

usually not revealed as it could create

panic among patients that could

adversely affect the smooth functioning

of a hospital if you steal something

from an auto it becomes plagiarism but

if you steal from many authors it

becomes a paper the first question that

strike my mind as I heard of nosocomial

infection was why are the patients we

treated with such high doses of

antibiotics despite getting infections

from bed books rather preventing them

from getting the infection well all

these high doses of antibiotics have

already been tried but the bacterias

have now gained resistance against all

of them presently research focuses on

creating vertically oriented gruffy

Spike's that could splice the bacterial

cells without affecting mammalian cells

due to their size differences under the

developments in nanotechnology

nanoparticles due to their small size

and high surface area to volume ratio

have paved new paths for research to

cure hospital-acquired infections my

mentor always pushed me to ask these

questions to myself what does a research

question why is this question important

how can we go about answering these

questions what would be the implications

of these results what an add-on to

present knowledge and uplift healthcare

initially I don't have answer to so many

questions I have been constantly told to

read a lot of journals to observe and

analyze every small phenomenon happening

around me all these completely changed

my level of thinking I discovered in

myself a sense of curiosity a desire to

love learn and explore anything related

to health care as I was guided through

the process of examining literature and

designing a project I started building

new ideas and eventually sought every

riddle that came my faith with each day

I started identifying a better version

of myself that could give scientific

explanation in the better way life

always doesn't take you the way

you decide sometimes destiny decides not

to be very honest I'm not healthcare


a lot but I got scared seeing cadavers

doctors and patients running all over

Isis and emotions associated with them I

wanted to explore new things but I was

scared what if I fail

fortunately I am a part of Manipal

Academy of higher education that had

provided me with all opportunities

assistance and guidance to continue with

my research project eventually I started

working on all high-tech machines and

research equipments that I have been

reading in my textbooks initially I

visualized and learned the basic

principle and working of machines like

multi D Vitek SEM AFM XRD UV

spectroscopy and today I'm even able to

interpret the results and implement them

in my research

allow the course of my research I also

learnt to justify each and every

experiment that I conducted many times

my experiments failed and I didn't get

an expected outcome I learned not to

lose hope to believe in myself and

continue my work with some other logic

all this completely changed my vision to

approach a scientific question presently

I'm looking forward to a multiscale

surface topography to minimize addition

of nosocomial drug-resistant bacteria

the problem with the world is that

research begets more doubts among people

who are trying to find up

solution to a problem through research

while doing my research one thing that I

prominently learnt in life the more we

know something the lowman know something

the move will realize how much we don't

know the less we know the more we think

we'll know everything

curiosity should never end in someone's

life in order to attend cognizance and

so I believe the secret of cognizance is

to focus all our energy not on fighting

the old but on building a new or to

improve the existing one realizes foggy

path is unclear and mind remains dull

but this book has to eventually fade I

believe in sunshine that has the power

to overcome all dark clouds and to

resolve all unsought equations of life

what could be the use of a scientist

time energy and grant hunting should

researchers investigate the fundamental

nature of the universe or cure cancer or

rather condemning a way to ensure that

we do both although financial support is

hard to get in an age where science has

invoked to solve problems of global

significance fundamental research a

fundamental scientific research forms

the base over which the pillars of

technology can be built but it is

unfortunate that fundamental research

purposes are less defined and hence a

lot of research is being done

just for the sake of doing it hence it

has become a prime concern for us to

first identify the actual problems that

needs to be addressed millions will

continue to go to the graveyards silent

saddened and embittered hence there has

to be a proper balance between public

needs and the researchers that are being

focused on research has to be given a

very high priority in developing

countries like India most of the

research being done in academic

institution is with the focus to add on

to the number of published papers rather

than on improving the quality so the

result of this research represent just

information in papers and not investing

the research results to benefits to a

community and hence scholars usually

tend to move to other countries to

pursue higher and higher goals and

research and this happens the brain tree

apart from focusing on constructive

research implementation of the research

results has to be prioritized as well

research and development is the bedrock

of innovation we have to make research

much more attractive so as to get more

talented people interested in this field

this is how we can improve the quality

of life and add on to the economic

standards of a country research is like

a jigsaw puzzle

everything seems complicated initially

but as we start solving them bringing

all the pieces together

image gets clearer and clearer and in

best the fruit that has never been