When Breaking News Happens | Life of a TV Reporter

what's up everyone so right now first of

all I look like a hot mess I'm like half

ready but half not so we'll get to that

in second it is

238 in the morning on the Year's Day

aka everyone in the world let's just the

gunman camera so I can get my jacket

everyone in the world is out right now

and party and having the times of their

life the ball just wraps 2019 but I'm

going into work it's gonna be great

Nathan I decided I'm vlogging today haha

and I already bug this morning but can

you just show everyone I literally guys

it's literally 3:19 I haven't done

anything yet I never vlog at this time

but I'm just like Nathan what are you

doing that is the weirdest thing I've

ever seen avocado toast

yeah get-get again with the program guys

I never know so much work to do my

makeup isn't even done the hair is good

just we're just gonna get our work done

that will talk to you okay okay so right

now I'm going through the rundown and

writing down all of the times that will

appear in the box show and while I'll be

appearing 712 we're discussing songs

that turn 10 this year 733 I'm covering

the government shutdown 753 another

thing so I don't get to the 8 o'clock

hour right cuz I need to know what am I

on the main o'clock hour this one's

gonna be poppin I have a feeling but

none of it it's done this is all generic

stuff I have no idea when I'll be and

let's go speak to the person responsible

for this

Claudia I have a problem I'm trying to

figure out when I'm in the 8th and you

didn't even do it yet you're slacking

your way into the new year oh I'm

excited for this show it's gonna be

great me too

did you tell them all the fun stuff I

didn't yet but I'm gonna show it all

how do you feel about working on a


yes all system it's New Years Day most

people are sleeping off their hangovers

and here we are yeah I mean it kind of

sucks but when you like your job it's

like yeah where you holidays like yeah

it's like you don't need a hot like

we're gonna get a comped I know that's

the thing yes I guys oh yeah total our

plan what we always do Clancy with our


Oh will you tell them cuz they're sick

of talking to me I mean caring for me so

basically in holidays you get paid what

is it two and two and a half two and a

half so you don't know oh poor Matt Matt

has never been in my blog so much say hi

hi everybody everybody Matt tell

everyone who you are to them you're just

a stranger let's face it you know Matt

we're best friends what are you talking


hi everybody's best friend here yes yeah

okay yeah okay so what you two have to

fight it out between but Matt is new

tell them about your notice no I just

graduate from college a little baby

about six months ago I went to the

immersion dayton's I now work with

clients II yeah tell them what so much

easier do I so Matt was the one who one

time you have to cue us in our ears

right yeah I do and so until mattes

really good about cubing like he'll be

like okay Clancy you're live in no you

really are

you'll be like I didn't put in a blog

sometimes guys on the story you'll be

like you're alive in like a minute or 30

seconds standby one time though there

was just nothing and the whole time I'm

thinking like how could he not to me he

shoot the wrong reporter so maybe was

driving home and heard cue Sam by she's

like she thought she like missed her

head it happens a lot more than you


whoa for me and sometimes it happens

when there's like you're here and Amy's

not or Davey's here and you're not so

I'm just like on autopilot it happens

listen it's understandable and today

Matt is flying home we're both on the

that's why we're friends right

go from the North East yes

but he has a lot of happiness with his

travels and I don't sure happiness is a

way to put it well you you're literally

I looked at your weather forecast you're

flying into Baltimore yeah you're all

fine I am getting wind showers rain

storms basically guys are gonna be delay

it's gonna be upsetting but running it

through but oh so he's flying out of

Cincinnati too and I secretly wanted

sleight to get delayed so that we could

be airport pals but he's not going to

late oh yeah you want to get delay just

me or imagine us being airport pals

you can't even imagine it I'm sure it's

same when you're full-time like me and

plans are you getting two and a half on

holiday or which is what Clancy and I

usually do I think we're the only ones

good morning show that do this literally

I can do one half times the paint and

get it they off you get a comp date you

can pick it any day within 30 days and

the reason I always do that one time I

was like oh man I'm gonna do though the

two and a half I'm gonna be ballin it's

not that much of attack pulverize

friends you're about through our first

hit of the morning where we're covering

the government shutdown so yes we we do

a couple of things here or sometimes on

being silly other times I'm talking

about the government shutting down and

not only that workers are suing the

government so that's great our life is

not in shambles forehead per ton do you

want to UM do want to come to my blog

what you said about my outfit this

morning I am I am well I asked if you're

gonna give me some cheddar biscuits as a

waitress Dunlop and tell them the other

thing you said on my outfit I have not

worn this outfit since well all the

other outfit and the one that looked

like you're a cop yeah you've been on

mine cert a picture he said I look like

a police officer you don't understand as

I see this dress I'm gonna wear it this

week I'm gonna wear it I haven't worn it

since because I'm fearful that people

will think that he literally always says

I'm wearing Kasich initially you don't

know what I'm wearing one dress like

this is not this one another one I'm

gonna show confidence confidence is

about doing things the despite but I

don't say all my shut up I really hate


life not only my working New Year's I'm

being bullied as you can I'm being bully

that is for a freaking sure no all you

can eat shrimp scampi maybe twenty two

planks per joins us live now to explain

what this means

Nathan the American Federation of

government employees which is one of the

largest unions representing federal

workers is suing the government the

White House has not yet released a

statement about the lawsuit and for now

workers will just have to wait it out

even officers are still in control on a

3-2 escapable Montgomery County so for

the Fox show Claudia needs us to give

her our two New Year's resolutions and a

favorite picture of 2018 and I was

struggling with the new year's

resolutions because I'm just not a

resolution person I don't know if I'm

gonna change thing I'm gonna do it in

the moment so I don't really do nears

resolution however I don't knock anyone

who does them because hey if January 1st

was around and that's when you do want

to make a difference who's to judge you

who's to say that you can't you don't

need me it's a little even googled like

New Year's resolutions ideas but then I

came up with two on my own but I was

showing you one learn how to cook too

and get active every day so learn how to

cook i frickin that also goes with you

know when they mission even added don't

eat the same thing every day of her life

I eat a same thing every day of my life

and it's so bad it's just like obviously

it's not a good thing I've been like

this for literally if you're like

forever I just need the same thing so I

want to switch up what I eat and learn

how to cook and try to be you know not

just pasta to an oven call today you

know freakin love potatoes anyway my

second one get active every day and that

doesn't even mean like oh my gosh killed

in the gym I loved one the gym but even

like just make sure you're moving the

body because there are days at Lazydays

and I think like okay I said do a quick

ab workout or go for a walk go for a run

but I don't because I'm like oh it's a

lazy day 20 minutes class won't kill you

on a lazy day like you can still have

time to be active even on lazy days

next thing is I need to pick the picture

and I was gonna go with a serious one

and this is a very random picture I

don't know the woman in this photo

so it sounds sketchy but that was New

Year's Eve 2018 last year and I had to

fly back to Dayton from visiting home

early to host a huge New Year's Eve

party that Dayton hats like I was the

emcee didn't want to do it at all that

just being honest it's not it didn't

nothing to do with the event but it's

just I knew no one there so I felt just

worried going don't worry know what the

word is anxiety I guess going into it

like think about showing up to a huge

party where everyone's with their best

friends having so much fun everyone's a

drunk and you're just there alone I was

so not looking forward to it ended up

being like the best night of my life and

thanks in part to that woman and her

group of friends who were all a lot

older than me but they just randomly

like came up to me and just were so kind

and I didn't never forget it and funny I

was dreading the night I was thinking

all my friends back home in New York

going home getting drunk all this stuff

and there being so much fun I ended up

seeing some people I knew who were there

we went to a bar after like it was the

best night ever just because everyone

literally that was just such a great

lesson and learning like I learned like

on the first day of a whole new year and

it was gosh 2018 was an amazing but I'm

gonna go do my segment and then I'll be

right back to show you the picture that

I think I'm gonna go and we'll see we'll

work it out together

one moment the funniest thing ever just

happened alright so I obviously went out

there to do the what's trending thing

with Kristen but Nathan's microphone was

open by accident which means I don't

know Janine Gervais on for the beginning

so I'm about to go we'll see what he

said I just watched you guys I'm coming

and putting it in oh my god

all right what I said we're dogs morning

first up this is very adorable anyone

watching at home like that's what always

gets me that's what makes me literally

cry anyone watching at home it's just so

confused they just don't there's just so

much you don't know our guys and I'm

gonna include a little bit of the what's

trending just for fun it was a classic

on with Kristen it always is so there's

what I just did

also I noticed when I have to say dogs

I'm from New York everyone and I hate

when I got dogs would even like the dogs

so also we had trouble pronouncing doc

Sancho gosh am

I'm being honest with you guys but this

next story could only come from

Australia I believe this Hey look at

this a doesn't oh it's writing on the

back of a Python or if it hears jeers no

beard Park Kristen and Viviane expert

said the male toads were actually trying

to mate with the Python and create

Python toads that could not be natural

but obviously why are you doing that

doo-doo-doo the Python is I think I

think a snake is the scariest anima yeah

it's which is one of them sure I'd

rather be eaten and suffocated to death

you know those toads know what they are

doing I guess they want it I'm not gonna

go there I'll go anywhere but back to my

picture to describe 2018 or my best

picture of 2018 I was thinking about

doing that sentimental thing but I think

I'm just gonna be Clancy who I am and do

this picture so now my best parts of

2018 was going to London and Ireland

with my parents I have so many wonderful

photos to choose from I mean there were

just so many artsy wonderful pics taken

but nothing describes me in my life more

than this me mom take a an artsy photo

of me and dad on the tour bus and this

is what it looks like I'm like talking

my dad's yawning it's just it's just so

me and so I think this is the one we

must go away

Santa Claudia Claudia sent oh thank you

oh boy was this a warning or what

basically everything I told you about

this morning that was going to happen

didn't happen it isn't an insane morning

of breaking news which I am not mad

about because I do like breaking news a

lot which I don't mean that in a bad way

because I don't like saying that because

breaking news usually mean something bad

happen but just as a reporter it is more

exhilarating to cover but gosh I'm at my

third scene of the morning where I can

kind of show you I mean this is like

it's pretty much all cleared by now just

a couple of Deputies still here but this

morning a person hit two sheriff's

deputies Chris and I can confirm there

were three separate crashes at around

6:30 this morning all involving the same

exact person in sheriff's deputies so

where I'm sitting right now this is

Heavin Hill Drive in Miami Township and

this is where the very first accident

happened this is where it all began

where I'm told a person hit into a

sheriff's deputy this was a female

deputy and from

err she said she was okay but she called

for backup she called other people to

start chasing this car and then they

ended up I want to show you a map on the

second accident scene on Mad River Road

right across from the Dayton mall that

is where a second sheriff's deputy

cruiser was hit I was just there around

10 minutes ago and that car was you know

did have some damages but then from

there that person just kept on going and

right now I want to show you video of

675 and 725 which is blocked off right

now there are still several officers

even state troopers on scene and that's

where that person who was driving all

around hitting these sheriff's deputies

that is where that car ended up and that

is where they crashed so right now we

were probably wondering obviously it's

New Year's Eve was any alcohol involved

that I cannot confirm at this time I

cannot even confirm the person's

identity or their age their gender but

that is what I'm gonna be working on

getting so if you stick around right

here on Fox 45 I'm gonna work on getting

that information and I'm actually going

to be heading out to the third scene

right now so you can check in in about

20 minutes but for now back to you guys

in the studio it has been crazy I went

to all three scenes just because I got

to the first scene and then I did my hit

there and then I was like you know what

but I want to know the second scene

looks like because all these crashes

what's the second scene which took

forever to get to because you have to go

through that's one of the hard things as

a reporter like oftentimes you're gonna

be scenes where roads are closed off and

it's hard to get to places but it got to

the second scene but then Kyle you guys

know Kyle my photographer us with the

other one last we have a photographer he

was at the main scene like the scene

that the most action and I felt this

like I was like hmm I see at that scene

so ends up at Kyle's scene for my last

two hits and yeah so this has been a

crazy morning I literally don't even

want to know what I look like in any of

these segments because that's like

probably the worst part of my job like

you're running around you're looking

like a mess like I literally feel

disgusting right now and I'm just like I

just know I looked not great but it's

okay because it's New Year's so that

means no one was watching every was out

partying last night and I hope people

are sleeping to like 12:00 noon um but

yeah so I am going to head back to I'm

actually getting hot this heat is

blasting I'm gonna head back to the

station it is freezing though and that

really does suck on breaking news cuz

you're just outside trying to get

information interviewing the sheriff

luckily though these gloves I put hand

warmers in them and it made all the

difference I have to

remember to put more hand warmers in my

back this is TV news though I mean I had

this whole freakin video planned out so

differently I was gonna film in the

studio for all of the Fox show for us

doing our fun New Year's stuff that I

was telling you about none of that

happened I did my New Year's resolution

of my nearest picture for no reason and

that's the worst part about this

business because you plan you plan you

plan and then it all goes to waste and

then you don't plan it all and then you

are looking like an idiot standing there

thinking I don't have anything because

nothing even popped up and oh my gosh

you know it was a busy morning when I

didn't even get to I did not even get to

drink half of my tea green tea people

green tape which by the way I feel like

green tea does not have enough caffeine

in it and yet another unexpected change

of results I just turned off my camera

put my GPS in to get back to the station

Olsson and saw a text from my producer

saying I have another hit at the very

end of the show so I will be here for

about another 25 minutes it's funny this

is just a quick 45 second hit these

little ones are hard for me because I

like there's just so much information

and I could talk for days I really could

if someone were like Clancy you need to

fill 30 minutes of the Fox show just go

I really think I could like I don't even

know what but I just could I don't even

know that site but I'm a blabber and I

need to condense and I'm sorry to

everyone who listens to my right so

breaking news does this to Claudia she

is dead because just hold on why it

sucks for you it sucks because you have

to get the information out there as fast

as you can and sometimes you have to do

it and adding that putting graphics

together and making sure the anchors

knows what's going on making sure the

reporter and the photogra know what's

going on

Trott trying to talk to my EP the

director has to code everything and

getting script in and it was just it was

like every

breaking news every block oh man yeah

it's the roughest on the process

crumbling how is your life going not

very well

why my college football ball season has

not been well yeah bye I really thought

you're about to drop some tea and you're

talking about know what here we go

the Keene of breaking news is yet to

stay as calm as possible and not get


Wow thank you I felt I was calm stay the

less mistakes you make and yeah I agree

well no well I agree because I used to

if there's breaking news

oh my god my first got here I was like

was when I would cover tornadoes in

Oklahoma and they'd be bounced me around

to five different tornadoes in one day

and they realized oh crap I have some

more stuff to do so you guys stay calm

I like that cookie I use the word you're

not calm the people at home be calm

that's true what's happening the world

is ending this job staying calm again

being very important good job Thank You

Nate man wonderful Anna actually said I

was in the wrong town and it was bad but

it's okay

had Township smell [ __ ] literally I go

Donna what town of mine she's like Miami

Township five seconds later okay five

seconds later I'm in Miami Township

everyone I don't know what happened with

my on the street so that's but Donna do

you know what that messed me up because

you were like you're in this town Kyle's

here and then blah blah blah and so I'm

like I don't even know where I am right

now oh gosh she should know yes like

that doesn't surprise me

she's a millennial thank God I have

these pants - I'm so prepared guys I had

pants here

all right now everyone's making fun of

me so I need to go because I don't want

this in the blog I have problems

mm-hmm I don't know Nathan's just

excited that he gets to leave early ah


guess why what holiday hey well I get

that holiday pay you'll see what I did


I don't think he's a salaried worker so

it doesn't make a difference

can I ask you so have you ever seen the

movie signs no okay the movie signs at

alien movie by M night Shyamalan and one

of the little kids in the movie just has

a bunch of cups of water sitting around

the inside you can look the scene up you

look like that kid from some great movie

Mel Gibson Jeanette do you know who he

is or is that why you're dying I know

who Mel is are you sure

oh yes Miller's a hottie okay I'm so

what other humans lock their work this

is just we're all right so work is over

and I just pulled into the gym parking

lot guys I'm sad it is so crowded right

now normally like at this time oh it's

not credit at all but it's New Year's

Day so it runs off from work people want

a good start to 2019 and so do I've just

why I'm here

but I don't want to be here at all I

actually in the way here was hoping the

oh maybe the gym is just closed on New

Year's Day which is terrible that I was

thinking that but I don't want to work

out however that is nothing to do with

working out or not doesn't matter if you

want to or not if I only worked out when

I was in the mood I would only work out

a couple of times a month you gotta push

through it and normally when I'm in the

workout I'm happy but right now guys and

I haven't worked out in a couple of

weeks because not a couple of weeks but

I went to New York and I don't work out

at all in New York

so anyway I'm gonna stop rambling this

was a random day in my life of a holiday

New Year's Day not like most people's

mayor's day definitely not but um oh my


well I forgot my makeup wipes I'm about

to look like a freak at the gym you know

me just getting ready to go the gym

trying to look great for all the people

of the gym what the heck all right

whatever bye guys