hey guys it's Clancy and get ready

because one of my most requested videos

ever is here alas the story of how I

became a TV news reporter and I

hesitated filming this for a while just

because I feel like I'm always talking

about parts of this and parts of my

videos but I guess I've never sat my

butt down in his chair and real I told

you from the very beginning like not

just like oh I was applying for jobs

like the beginning like I'm talking

about before I even knew I wanted to be

reporter how I knew how I really got the

start you know and how I like actually

did it because you'll see in this video

for awhile I literally thought there was

just no way like it was it was a story

full of money doubts and my story is

still going I'm a TV news reporter for

the ABC and Fox affiliates in Dayton

Ohio and I've only been here for about a

year and a half so please I'm not a

veteran don't think I'm pretending

you're trying to be one trust me I know

I'm not but I still think this video is

worth watching if you're just interested

like how the heck did you like what or

be if you do want to become a reporter

he and mine everyone's path is gonna be

different because I used to be obsessed

with hearing like oh my god how she

disses her spot how does she do it like

what was her path what do I need to go

to like these three states and that like

know everyone's path is different

without further ado here is one of my

most requested videos so growing up I

always had a passion for being in front

of the camera I just was obsessed with

it I loved it there was just something

about it and that grew into me creating

an entire YouTube channel so this

YouTube channel that you're on right now

I've created a in high school and I just

loved it I never really cared yeah I

guess I don't say never in the beginning

I might have care people thought but

once I started doing it I didn't care

what anyone thought I just always loved

to be infront of the camera and I don't

know what it is like it's really hard

for me to put into words why I love it

so much of it I do so when I finished

high school and it came time for college

thinking you know what am I gonna major

in what do I want to do for the rest of

my life two things popped into my mind

and both of them kind of had to do go

under the category of journalism so I

love writing I've always loved writing I

literally actually sitting right here

this is just one of my 500 journals that

is just I don't want to open any pages

it gets me on screenshots it but a lot

of words homies pages I've always loved

writing so I knew journalism I print

that could be cool now so there was

broadcast journalism and that was so

exciting for me as well so I went into

college majoring in just journalism and

I can find out whether I want to do

print or broadcast when I was in there

and to me I always kind of was leaning


prynt in my mind because it just seems

like a more logical easy approach okay I

will write and I can do this and but not

trying to be weird like growing up like

teachers told me I was a good writer and

when I got to college teachers were

telling me I was a good writer so I kind

of thought cool I'm gonna be print

journalist and that's gonna be the

easier route I can get a job in New York

City I'm from New York and that's that

but something in the back of my mind was

always telling me like why would I

choose print one when I do broadcast

like it's literally not work it's fun

and like why was i pushing away from

this like it was almost like I was

scared to make my hobby a career and

eventually or not even eventually right


I joined my college television station

obviously I'm very outgoing but when it

comes to like advocating for myself and

that type of thing oh gosh I'm very to

myself and not what's called pushy or

assertive so for your college television

station what you do is each week you do

a broadcast and 30-minute newscast and

they ask for what position you want to

be for the week so you can choose the

anchor you can choose a producer

behind-the-scenes a camera operator a


all this stuff and I was always too

embarrassed to say I wanted to be the

anchor I wanted to thank her for the

week because I thought people would

think like oh she thinks she could do

the anchor job like she obviously can

she's not the part oh my gosh that's how

weird it was what people thought about

me my freshman year at college so I was

too shy or embarrassed but I volunteered

in college at a local school I'm just

volunteering with the kids it was

actually a such an amazing experience it

was their after school program okay this

is not this is something idea of it but

anyone was an amazing experience

volunteering it's funny how like I'm

just putting the pieces together now

like little things help you off in life

that you don't even think about so I was

just volunteering at this school and I

met a friend through volunteering who

was one of the main people on the TV

station because he drove the vans they

had people drive us in vans to wherever

we volunteered because we had enough

cars on campus if you're a freshman so

he would drive me each week and we

became friends that way but I never told

him I wanted to be on camera until one

day we were driving and I mentioned it

like oh yeah well maybe one day like

momma and older you know junior or

senior I all started through the anchor

one week so he knew I wanted to be on

camera and one day I got in the car and

he said Clancy the person who's gonna be

the weather the weather person called

out sick today

it was Tuesday I remember when we had


and broadcast that night and he said do

you want to do it and yes like I said

yes I was so scared but I said yes right

away oh my gosh what are the odds of

this it was like my big break right so I

remember getting ready that night in my

room was like I think at 9 p.m. this is

so late 9:30 actually p.m. and getting

ready doing my hair and doing my makeup

and I felt like I will I don't think for

as long as I live I will ever be that

nervous to do anything like I even if I

spoke in front of a crowd of a million

people I will never be that nervous that

I was that day so nervous guys that you

can't even believe and then Mike I went

up to the thing and the newscast was

going on and it was my time through the

weather hat right so I had all on the

teleprompter what I was gonna say it was

the script that was already written

because the guy wrote it when you called

I'll say gosh I will never really feel

like a little feeling I was gonna throw

a faint dye pass out all of them and it

get it goes to me I think so okay and

now plant Ebert with the weather and

then the teleprompter shuts down freezes

like and I'm literally just staring into

the camera not knowing what to do it was

like out of a movie look what are the

odds that for my first big break and it

just all shatters they thought I just

froze and was nervous but I was like I

didn't want to say obviously I couldn't

say like the teller arm is not working

so I literally was just like a deer in

headlights truly that's what it looks

like but then the teleprompter

eventually started running I started

talking very nervous but then before I

knew it like I wasn't good but I started

getting more comfortable and I loved it

like I fell in love with that and I

remember I called my mom right away that

night as I was walking back to my dorm

room and like even she could tell you

with the amount of like energy and just

like happiness and like hype that was in

my like voice in my just everything was

like crazy so I did a couple of weather

things that year and then the next year

I even signed up to be anchor which was

huge for me I'm just not a very

assertive person at all and it was a big

deal and I would do the anchor position

I would be so nervous that you can't

even believe it I sucked and the reason

I sucked is because I refused to watch

myself back because I was so horrified

by what I looked like and how I sounded

biggest mistake ever because I never

grew I literally never got better

because I never saw what I sounded like

so I thought College was just always

like I wanted to do this on-air thing I

wanted to be a reporter but I I just


didn't think I was good enough I thought

you had to be a model to be a TV news

reporter I thought you had to look

beautiful and all this stuff and so I'm

not a model trust me I'm the furthest

thing from a model so I literally was

like oh gosh I can't do that which is

ridiculous we all have our imperfections

and that's what makes it so great no one

wants to watch someone is perfect anyway

I thought oh my gosh I can't speak well

enough and I'm too nervous and all this

and then so I kind of put the whole

honor thing on the backburner and

thought I'm just gonna go behind the

scenes so I thought for a really long

time I was gonna be a producer and then

my junior year of college I got an

internship which is like my first in

into the business it was that Madison

Square Garden and I want to give you

guys a full disclosure because I will

always always always try to be as honest

as possible in this channel my mom works

at Madison Square Garden and that is

literally the reason I got the job

like no one ever said that was the

reason okay I'm not dumb

they knew my mom worked there I worked I

ended up interning like four doors down

from her office and the reason I find it

so important to put this in there is

because I don't like I want you guys

just to know like the full journey that

like yes a lot of times in life it is

about who you know so here's the thing

though did I get the job because of my

mom yeah like there's just no way I

didn't like I there were so many

candidates and yeah okay is there chance

but I could have gotten it without her

yes but in life it's just so many times

running you know but did I deserve to be

there I can sit here and say yes I

worked my butt off it was amazing and

internships are so important they show

you what it's really like and this was

my junior college spring semester this

is when I really started to kind of like

fall off the college bandwagon where I

was interning three days a week in the

city I was going to hours each way if I

would get home so lay the Sun would be

set hours ago and oh gosh it'll be like

7 or 8 o'clock most nights and then I'm

just instantly fall asleep and then the

next day I would have like an 8 a.m.

class because I was interning three days

a week the other two I was in class it

was nuts and you know I'd watch my

friends go out in college party it up

and like I would come home a lot of

Friday nights and just fall asleep

I cried literally couldn't go out and a

lot of nights I didn't go out and I

regretted it when I was dead ok but it

was so worth it and I fell in love with

the production industry right but I

still wasn't positive what I wanted to

do I was mildly interested in news my

freshman year but not so much I would go

to the gym every single

a Monday through Friday five o'clock run

the treadmill and while most people were

watching the Keeping Up with the

Kardashians or other things I was

watching the news I really liked it but

one my passion develop for the news like

when I became obsessed was my senior

year of college during the 2016

presidential campaign I couldn't take my

eyes off the TV and then I got an

internship at WABC in the investigative

unit which like changed my life

it taught me everything I got to see the

way the news industry worked and I knew

I learned to be on camera

but once again didn't think I'd be good

enough like I thought there was no way I

was gonna get a job and then I was

contemplating to myself like I knew that

if I wanted to be on camera do a

reporting job I would have to move away

from everyone and everything I knew

because reporters you don't just start

out in New York New York is in our one

market so if you happen to be living in

you know market number 180 you're fine

you can really stay there like you're

fine but I am from the number one market

that's where my family's from that's

where they live I wasn't gonna get a job

in New York I knew I'd have to move and

the idea of just moving to a random city

by yourself not knowing anything I'm

gonna suddenly pay my own bills get this

on an apartment like it was crazy and I

kind of like the fact that the process

is like that because it weaves out if

you really want to do it or not there

was no half doing it for me there's no

like okay like no I am gonna be moving

to a new freakin city a new freakin

state it's gonna be crazy I have to love

this and I knew I wanted to do it my

second semester senior year of college I

said we're gonna do it very last minute

I created a reel in a matter of a couple

of weeks where I did a whole bunch of

fake news reports I pretend I just set

up my tripod it was just me and did a

bunch of fake news reporting that was

terrible it was on YouTube my mom told

me to private it because it was so

embarrassing after after I got hired and

stuff okay like she's not mean but she

was just like you have better stuff now

don't let that be out there and I was

like okay but yeah I mean and it took a

lot of courage to even because no one

wants to fail at anything like what if I

sent out that reel and no one no news

directors wanted me and then it was just

a big fail that would have sucked but I

remember I sent out the real one of the

last nights of March remember you're

like go to Starbucks I have a huge list

and I remember I was like I'm gonna make


my job to find a job but that was my job

and I start applying that day and I'll

never forget that night

all of a sudden receiving an email from

Panama City Florida from one of the

nicest news directors I've ever spoken

to I oh my god I'll never forget just

sitting in my dorm room and being like

someone is interested like what I had

heard that it will take months for

anyone to get back to you and then you

just take the first job you can get and

the fact that someone got back to me

that night I couldn't believe it I

called my mom up I was shaking I was

about to cry and I remember her first

thing was asking me are you sure it is a

legitimate station thank you mother but

you know she was just looking out for me

and I remember in Tinley everything went

crumbling down I was like oh my god

she's right it's a fake it's a fake

wanted spam but I looked it up and it

was real you know the next day another

station contacted me and then another

and then another and then stations that

I didn't apply for us are contacting me

because I put my real up on YouTube the

news directors tell me that way and it

was the biggest whirlwind of a couple of

weeks to the point where like I couldn't

sleep at night like I live never

experienced what in my life except for

that period where I would be exhausted

because I was interning in the city with

WABC but I couldn't sleep at night my

mind was just racing with oh my gosh is

a news director gonna email me I would

be obsessively checking my phone every

five seconds I didn't get anyone from

news director no one wants me we're done

we're done and it was just craziness

guys it was crazy and it is actually I

was not planning on sharing this Friday

I was looking at it the other day it's

in my diary where the job and working

out now is Dayton Ohio I didn't apply

for it and this was on April 6th dear


well the emails from news directors have

stopped I was worried because I wasn't

getting any more emails from news

directors and then listen to this

dot-dot-dot as I finished writing that

my phone buzzed email from I don't want

to say his name but my news director now

who I love of Dayton Ohio his email said

that he's not really looking for someone

right out of school but I see great

potential in you so I don't get it I

guess I don't have a chance or maybe in

the future he said your stand-up strata

rific personality and range so I don't

know either way this whole job search

has been driving

insane I literally do not sleep anymore

and it is terrible

I broke a blood vessel in my eye from

lack of sleep and had to eat to

breakfast yesterday two shots to stop

shaking I checked my phone every three

minutes does really hoping I'll have an

email from a news director

I'm disappointed when I don't I really

am just so petrified and feels so

doubtful and hopeless I really do want

this for myself I really do want to be a

reporter I love it and it's going to be

so unbelievably hard getting my foot in

the door but I know that I am capable

and then the very next day I wrote my

levels of stress are indescribable I'm

actually worried that my about my

physical health

last night was another sleepless one and

I'm sick to my stomach with worry and

fear what if no one wants me I'm

definitely not accepting Panama City

it just feels all wrong but what if I

get no other offers beggars cannot be

choosers but should I settle right now

guys and relationships could not be any

further from my mind all I care about is

my career that's my sole focus

going into it I knew the job search was

going to be difficult and I knew it was

going to be stressful I guess I just

didn't anticipate how much it was going

to affect me I feel so down about my

talent and abilities or rather the

talent and abilities that I don't have

it's so bad I literally cannot do

anything but look for job postings and

look at other reporter reels I just

don't even know if I can do this whole

thing anymore my voice sucks and I'm

just not cut out for this it seems but

all of this negative thinking is a

certainly not good for me and be not

gonna do me any good yeah so but I know

happening was my news director now

contacted me and then the only other one

that I was seriously interested in was

Little Rock Arkansas I flew out to

Dayton on a Monday flew home on a

Tuesday flow out to Little Rock Arkansas

just a few hours later like I went to

bed that night in my home and then I

flew back to my house in Long Island and

then I went to my internship the very

next of a day in New York City like it

was intense it was crazy but it was so

worth it so when I went to Dayton Ohio I

just got this feeling first of all my

news director had weird things and come

with me

he was married in the same church that I

was baptized in what are the odds of

that we didn't know each other for this

at all and so many little weird things

just seemed right like the people I met

just seemed like me like they snot and I

don't mean they seemed to like me I mean

they seemed it similar to me I was a

nervous wreck on the job interview

though I remember my mom and I had an

argument over she wanted me to wear a

blazer so I could look older and more

professional I was like I'm not doing it

I ended up wearing the Blazer and it

just felt right look I was so excited

about this I'll never forget it when I

did my on-camera I didn't on-camera test

for a day no I had no idea anyone new on

YouTube at the station which

plot-twists they all knew this the

person who pops out when you google me

I'm dumb it was just an on-camera test

where the anchor is just say literally

we're just having a conversation just

like a chemistry conversation just see

if I can talk to people literally was

nothing and what the first thing they go

they go I highly look up for 10 news

thing I were

we're here with Clancy burger can Clancy

tell us how long have you been doing

your YouTube channel I wish I had that

tape I had no idea anyone knew about my

youtube channel and literally my fat I

literally just pause for like 3 seconds

it was just like and then I was like

jump right into it and I had no idea my

news director knew about my YouTube

channel either I didn't know until we

obviously had phone conversations of

interviews and then I didn't even know

until I was sitting in his office and he

said how long have you been doing this

and I said what you know him in college

like I haven't been doing it like what

and then he's like your YouTube channel

and I was like what do you see my you

guys if you've been funded for a while

you know there's some weird stuff on

here so I was like this is awkward I'm

dumb obviously he knew about it like why

am i dumb but I literally tried to hide

it yeah the interview went amazing and

when we were driving back to the airport

me the news director I remember getting

this look weird feeling like because I

knew I was going to Arkansas the next

day almost like I was like cheating on

Dayton and he said like so like when can

be talked about the next step look I

knew he was interested and I immediately

came clean and I was like hey like I am

going I'm very interested in Damon but

I'm flying to Arkansas tomorrow to

interview in a job at a station and he

was just like an awkward goodbye kind of

like uh wow this is yeah I don't really

know what's about to happen but thank

you so much for everything and so I went

home that night slept for a couple of

hours and then flew right to Little Rock

Arkansas and wonderful station it was

actually a bigger market who knows

probably would've made more maybe if

it's a bigger market but it didn't feel

intimidating felt that nothing was wrong

with anyone like everyone was wonderful

I didn't get the same feeling about Dean

when I got back to New York I never had

to make a decision but it was common on

decision date you know how to spell

right which is crazy guys because I knew

nothing about Ohio the farthest west

I've ever gone is like Pennsylvania

I've never been to Ohio I do not know a

soul in Ohio so it still was in the back

of my mind like Ohio

Am I

really gonna do this but actually just

another diary entry from April 16th 2017

dear diary all I can think about is the

future I'm so freaking excited to be a

reporter also terrified but yes I can't

pretend I'm not so excited this morning

I woke up super early and watch the 6:00

a.m. news to get a feel for what the

early morning reporting is like because

I knew that was my job offer in Dayton

which my job offer in Arkansas was not

this weird shift so it's weird like a

lot of things on paper might not have

lined up like in Arkansas I might have

made more money in Arkansas my schedule

might have been normal but like it just

didn't feel right seeing such talented

beautiful people makes me feel very

insecure and doubtful of my own

capabilities but also very motivated

I still take her back from Dayton and

honestly I'm so scared I'll be so

heartbroken if I don't get the job I am

so inexperienced and in many ways feel

unworthy of it but it doesn't stop me

from wanting it ok I'll be so sad and

disappointed me I have the trust that

everything happens for a reason when one

door closes another opens I will find a

path for myself I am determined as heck

and this next iron she goes along with

the whole like having a say no to one

news director dear diary it is very

weird how much my life is about to


and very weird how ok with it I am boys

have been the farthest thing from my

mind lately and I realized that I

definitely will not mean a guy wherever

random place I move I honestly won't

even have time and I feel like having a

boyfriend would just hold me back and

distract me that's not true that's not

true I'm so terrified of letting down

whichever news director hires me I want

to make them happy with their decision

you know Oh Lord I am so scared and

confused about this whole moving across

the country to a completely random State

thing it feels weird it's something that

absolutely no one else around me is

doing it's scary I've never experienced

anything like it but that's kind of why

I'm doing it I feel like I've never done

anything just because I wanted to do it

it's gonna be absolutely terrifying but

worth it it's gonna be ok it's all gonna

be okay I just know it and I know this

is what I'm supposed to do and so I

ended up going with the Dayton Ohio job

obviously and then from the diary entry

that I got hired dear diary well your

girl got hired in less than two weeks I

pack up my entire life and move across

the country well to the middle of it I'm

saying goodbye legs I know it I'm

terrified but excited I already know how

lonely and homesick I'm gonna be I love

my mom and dad so much I love my

neighborhood and friends in life and I'm

throwing it all away to move to a random

city in which I don't know his soul am I

crazy I'm making a huge mistake

I have no idea on top of all that I have

a brand new job that I know I'm

overwhelmingly under-qualified for to

worry about I genuinely don't even know

what to do I have no idea what this news

director or any news director sees in me

I know but I definitely need to be

confident even if I don't feel it I'm

actually pretty good at faking it

thankfully everyone who finds out about

my little career move looks to me like I

have eight heads a huge part of me

wishes I was moving back to mom and

dad's house where I'll have another nice

hour before another year of school but

life begins outside your comfort zone

and I know in my heart that this is what

I need to do and then the next hour

entering - yawns wondering was dear

diary I think I have mersa and I'm so

scared that was a fun little time at my

college house when one of my housemates

had Marcelin everyone thought they had

it I didn't have it I literally cried

okay and I moved to Dayton Ohio just a

couple of days after graduation which

I'll never forget sitting at graduation

and hearing girls next to me and to the

right at me talk well my god what are

you doing oh one girl was going on a

one-month European vacation most people

were just moving home with her parents

and they'll never get the girl next to

me saying what are you doing I didn't

really know where we were singing out

but achill order the swaps with people I

didn't know and I was just like oh I'm

moving to Ohio and everyone literally

looked at me like I was I had five heads

and a lot of things were not ideal I

have to find an apartment without ever

even looking at it cuz there just was no

time to look at it I did get hired right

away I literally did a FaceTime tour and

then said cool sign me up like it was


my parents both visited me the first

look week or two helped me move in and

everything I could not have done without

them and gosh I remember the first bit

of work was crazy like when I first

started work like I was so under

qualified and I'm not really get into

you my beginning of my news cap my news

career because I ended up in a second

video because this video is so freakin

long let me know if you want that

because that was an interesting journey

and it was not without a lot of bumps

along the way but yeah that was my

journey to get to where I am like it was

not a straight journey it was not easy I

have so many doubts you saw the diary

entries or you heard them but whatever

you want to do what you can do it I hope

you guys enjoyed this video I got a

little insider information just to even

just this industry in just my life in

general it's crazy to look back on and

that's why I think keeping journals is

so important like because I would forget

that I even felt any of these things I

would forget that I had these doubts

I really would if not for these entries

so I'm great

and if you guys want you guys can follow

my social media for a little behind the

scenes look into my life Instagram

Twitter and Facebook they'll all be

linked down below I'm gonna go I'm gonna

like rest my vocal cords because I am

tired but hope you guys enjoyed this

video bye