Nectar Mattress Review - Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy (MUST WATCH)

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mattress we've done a lot of videos

about this guy but really in this one I

want to cover what we like what we don't

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all right so first up let's start with

policies you get free shipping with this

bed just like every other bed online the

only kind of wrinkle is that this one

shows up in a bag not a box but the

unbagging process is pretty much the

same that you're used to if you've seen

any of our other videos it takes five to

ten minutes but since it's a memory film

bed it may take up two to three days to

fully expand just because of the nature

of memory foam that's totally normal we

see that with like 90 percent of memory

foam beds that we've tried out I think

to date subscribers I don't know if you

can add them up for us but probably a

hundred beds hundred and ten beds

something like that it's pretty

incredible how many beds we've tested

out and the unbagging / the unboxing

process is one of my favorite things

because it's a lot of fun now once you

get the bed you get a full year trial

period I mean that's correct by the way

I didn't actually misspeak a full year

to try out to bed and so if you are kind

of one of those people where you're like

I don't know if I like it I don't know

if I won't like it I'm not actually sure

how I feel about it or maybe I just need

a bed for three months you shouldn't do

that by the way you shouldn't just

technically run it but you can try it

for a full year to see if you like it

and then if you don't like it get all

your money back inside the trial period

it comes with a forever warranty which

has all the things that it covers and

foundations and whatnot you should put

the bed on so just we'll put the website

down below in the description you can

check that out that's kind of policy

information let's cover pricing so this

is probably the most attractive thing

about the bed right most people are

getting nectar because of the price so

the MSRP is it's about $700 after

discount so I think before discounts

usually like eight twenty eight thirty

but they usually in almost all cases

that will cut that down to like seven

hundred and so really the price you're

probably gonna pay is seven hundred

bucks for a queen-size and then again

almost always they throw in two free

pillows so you can check in the

description to see if there's the

current offer a different offer etc so

just check that out in the text below

the video screen as far as the

construction of this bed goes you know

it's pretty simple I don't want to tell

you that it's the most unique mattress

ever because the fact that matter is it

is an affordable memory foam mattress so

it basically has a base layer of poly

foam and then it transitions up to

memory foam and even quilted gel memory

foam in the cover so it has like a

stinked memory film feel the actual

construction of the bed is really

nothing right home about because it's

all about value for the money and so you

gotta several layers of foam and yet you

have memory foam on the top so really

the construction is pretty simple it is

made in China so I think there's some

people that were confused and said that

it was made in the United States it's

actually made in China and shipped over

here and has all the certifications to

be able to be sold in the United States

like certipure-us for all the foams so

it should be safe to keep in your house

but if you only buy American products

you know you probably gonna get the

nectar mattress will you know link some

other beds in the description that you

can check out I think for most people

they're kind of pragmatic like me look

as long as the certifications who cares

where it's made that's kind of how I

feel but maybe people are different I

don't know so it's pretty simple

run-of-the-mill foam type construction

now that doesn't mean the feel of the

bed is run-of-the-mill because all of

these beds kind of feel different right

it feels different from Casper feels

different from Lisa feels different from

bear from Sava etc so the way this bed

will feel is like a deep viscous memory

foam feel and I know we've got some

shots of this but if you just press your

hand down on the bed you'll notice that

you do get a lot of sink in a lot of

that pressure relief and it sort of

wants to remember your shape and then

it'll slowly pop back into shape that's

typically how memory foam goes and so

this one comes in at about a medium to

medium firm now that will depend on your

weight right because if you're extra

petite it's gonna feel firmer if you are

a little bit heavier and you play d-line

and in college now you played for a UNR

their college football team and you were

just now so beast and your name is jack

then it's gonna feel a little bit softer

to you because it's all kind of relative

but typically in between a medium and a

medium firm for the bet I think it'll be

good for most sleeper types side back

stomach and combo the only thing is you

have to kind of factor in your weight

let's say you're petite and you weigh

130 pounds you're gonna contend that

nectars I don't know if kind of like a

medium firm and you're gonna say I don't

know if I want to sleep on my side so

much on this bed it'll probably be more

of a back and stomach sleeper bed but if

you're you know the weight of Matt on

our team right

around almost 200 pounds then you're

like hey I feel like I can sleep in any

position so it's really pretty versatile

it just completely depends on your body

type now is nectar a good solution for

heavier individuals it may work simply

based on its price point right

typically heavier folks like 250 230 250

270 280 300 whatever we usually say

probably get a coil bed first and we'll

link our list of our favorite coil beds

in the description nectar is not going

to be the bed that you're gonna sleep on

forever if you're heavier individual

it's just not really meant to support

the weight of a heavier person if you're

under about 250 to 30 I think it could

be just fine on nectar it's mostly made

for a petite and medium-sized people now

as far as combination sleepers go this

one is a little bit of a tricky subject

because combination sleepers they tend

to rotate positions right and they don't

just tend to rotate once they tend to

move in the middle of the night to their

back stomach side all over the place you

know and so memory foam beds they will

tend to provide some resistance a little

bit of that sink and feel so it'll

require more effort when you go to roll

between positions now that is a

double-edged sword it could be bad in

the sense that it requires more effort

so it may leave you feeling a little bit

more restless because you're inputting

more energy to switch and I think you've

probably experienced that with a memory

foam bed on a flip side of that on the

good side for some people it will

provide almost like a little nest like a

cocoon for you to land that makes you

less inclined naturally to want to

switch and rotate around so there's a

chance that if you are a combo sleeper

it'll help you to not rotate as much now

I obviously can't tell you because I

don't know you personally but you know

there is some pros and cons to just

having that memory foam feel now for

couples there are two other things that

you should consider and I do think this

is a pretty good bet for couples it

might not be our favorite in the world

but it will probably work for most like

budget kind of couples the first thing

has to do with anybody that's sharing a

smaller bed twin XL which would suck or

a full and you got two bodies on that

thing so you're probably

want to be able to access the entire

surface all even including the perimeter

right and so because nectar in some

cases will fall by closer to a medium

medium firm it has pretty good edge

support for a foam bed pretty good not

the best in the world but pretty good

and then motion isolation for anybody

that kind of rotates a lot in their

sleep it does a great job of deadening

motion because it has all foam and a lot

of memory foam as for temperature

regulation now this is going to be

important for hot sleepers and we did a

pretty extensive survey subscribers

thank you for doing that by the way it

was like a thousand people maybe even

over a thousand by now I'll link it in

the description you can take it for

yourself but it seems like not only are

about 90% of people completely open to

or love memory foam but about 60s 566

percent of people are mostly side

sleepers and only about 19 to 20 percent

of people sleep quote/unquote hot at

night so that was actually less than I

previously thought so I used to like

make a big deal about temperature

regulation when it seems like about one

in five people actually care about it so

nectar is not gonna be a cool sleeping

bed so if you're an excessively hot

sleeper I'll put our list of the best

cooling beds in the description for

everybody else I think you'll probably

be just fine on it it's more neutral it

does have gel memory foam as opposed to

standard memory foam and then there are

a whole host of other things that play

into temperature regulation it's not

just the materials it's also the

firmness of the bed the type of sheets

you use room temperature obviously

whether or not you sleep alone your

sleeping position your pajamas and I

could literally go on and on and on and

on about all the stuff that affects it

it's mostly neutral but if you sleep

unbelievably hot there are gonna be

better beds for you out there and really

that's kind of the whole story with

nectar you know it's a pretty simple

foam memory foam mattress I mean it's

going after people that are price

conscious and just want like a

comfortable safe pick of a bed if you

think you like memory foam if you're

open to memory foam you want to save

some money and want to get a pretty good

bed that's really the market for a

nectar I mean obviously it's a huge

market and so it just comes down to what

you want in a bed and you can check

again the full review owl and other

related content in the dish

Crypton you know there's so much stuff

in the description that would supplement

this video so just check out all that

thank you for watching I hope it was

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