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this is your brain when you enjoy a

sweet night's sleep on a nectar mattress

this your brain when you sleep on a

regular mattress while nectar mattress

is unique technology provide you with a

good solid sleep which is much needed

for your brain to properly function not

getting enough sleep can actually hurt

your brain research proves that a lack

of sleep lowers brain function causing

symptoms like inability to concentrate

excessive eating

low sex drive and be the cooler so if

you're stressed losing focus gaining

later acting like a total schmuck you're

either a badly aging rock star or you

need to get into mattress don't believe

a man in pajamas believe science we took

out the brains of famous robe eaters a


classic case of sleep deprivation we

gave each of them a brand-new nectar

mattress and let them try it out for a

year did it have an effect on our

Supreme Leader's see for yourself


introducing nectar the best mattress you

are asleep on why the best because

nectar sleep surface was engineered to

that perfectly to your body's rest and

pressure points mismatches that is both

soft and firm at the same time and it's

made of a unique hand quilting technique

the other mattress companies are simply

too cheap to use you'll be sleeping like

a baby

brought the part of wake up every two

hours crying and cause your parents to

fight and eventually divorce with low

prices comes great responsibility

that's why nectar offers are forever

warranty what's wherever you ask it's

longer than your love life your looks

your hair mankind and this video my god

you're still here good for you don't you

try to change your life luckily for you

getting a nectar mattress is so easy you

can do it in your sleep

nectar mattress has cost a lot to

deliver but that's not your problem

because we're bringing it straight to

your doorstep at no extra charge you

don't even have to tip the guy so if you

have a brain and you like to sleep

there's nothing to think about

click here and order yourself a nectar


they get along just fine now oh yeah

world peace so hot

make America sleep again