Nectar Mattress Review - Who Is It Best For? (2020 Guide)

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and who probably won't like it will do a

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all right so for starters I typically

talk about the policies like if you buy

the nectar mattress what do you get so

they're here on the screen

free shipping totally free returns a 365

night trial period so you can try for

the full year if you don't like it you

return it and get all your money back as

far as a warranty goes it has a forever

warranty you can read more about that

down below in the description as far as

pricing goes for the queen it's around

$800 they do offer discounts all the


you can check down below in the

description for that we're really good

at saving people money on stuff they

like and mattresses in particular so we

have an entire section of our website

dedicated to that and I'm pretty sure

we'll be able to bring that price point

I don't know maybe somewhere between

seven and eight hundred bucks but it's

an affordable memory foam mattress so

let's talk about who will like the bed

so number one people that are on a

budget so if you're out there shopping

for a mattress and you're like hey I

don't want to get anywhere near $1,000

for a queen luckily nectar is not

anywhere close to that again it's around

a hundred bucks for the queen so it's a

really affordable mattress it's not dirt

cheap but you know for dirt cheap you're

getting probably a mattress that you

won't love for the next seven to ten

years so it's affordable but it's not

the cheapest bed out there the second

thing is and this might be the most

important thing with nectar that's the

feel of the bed it is a memory foam

mattress so it uses gel memory foam

it even has gel memory foam quilted into

the cover so hopefully you really like

memory foam now we did a survey I want

to say 2300 people responded almost 90%

think it's 88% of people reported that

they either love memory foam or are just

fine with memory foam so you know I

think there's a significant majority of

people that are open to a memory foam

feel that doesn't mean that you'll

absolutely love the feel of nectar but

it means that you know you might find it

comfortable so it has that dense sink in

style feel so you press on it and it

slowly kind of has the pressure sink in

now memory foam will change its firmness

and a little bit of its feel depending

on room temperature so if it's warmer in

the room that you have it in its gonna

feel a little softer if it's colder it's

gonna feel just a little firmer but

just in general it has that more

prototypical memory-foam feel almost

like what you've come to expect from

like a tempur-pedic mattress now the

next grouping of people that I could see

a liking nectar our combination sleepers

now this is like a little bit of a

double-edged sword so I think anybody

that sleeps in a variety positions and

you want a bed that's more in the middle

in terms of firmness right around I

think we're calling it somewhere around

maybe of five to a seven somewhere

around there in terms of firmness it's

not too firm it's not too soft so it

should work for all sleeping positions

side back stomach combination and so if

you are more of a let's call it a side

and back sleeper well I think this bed

will be accommodating for you because

it's not too firm or too soft likewise

if you're more of a stomach and side

sleeper I think you can sleep in either

position and it'd be just fine so it's a

pretty accommodating bed overall also if

you sleep with someone else and and one

of you is a light sleeper it's actually

a pretty good pickup so I'm married and

I I definitely know about the importance

of a bed that isolates motion well my

wife kicks like a mule in her sleep like

she is all over the place so you want a

bed that's really good at isolating

motion and actually nectar because it's

made entirely a foam it does a really

good job of deadening this Kraus

mattress motion so you press on one side

it's not traveling through to the other

side of the bed so I do think it'll be a

nice mattress for couples based on

motion isolation alone edge supports

pretty good it's not the best in the

world but it's on par if not better than

what you'll see with a lot of other foam

beds so now you're probably thinking hey

who will not like nectar it sounds like

everybody's gonna like it

not everybody so this is a foam mattress

it's around 11 inches thick so if you

are heavier we say around 230 pounds

maybe 250 pounds you want a coil bed

we've done a lot of reviews of beds that

have coils I'll try to link some in the

description the fact of the matter is

you'd be fine on nectar but it's not a

bed that you probably want to use

long-term if you're you know heavy large

obese it's just not really designed for

a person like you now secondly I

mentioned the survey before the 88% of

people you know seem to be open to

memory foam well 12 percent of people

clearly do not like the material so if


don't like memory home you should not

get nectar because it has a true memory

foam feel and what I mean by that is

when you do lay down over time you'll

end up sinking into the bed now in one

case it could probably make you sleep a

little bit more soundly because you

don't want to move around and the other

case if you're somebody that likes to

more freely move around on their bed you

won't feel as though you can do that as

easily as with another bed because it

has that true memory foam feel and

lastly I did touch on firmness but just

to reiterate this bed is not truly soft

or truly firm you know so it's right in

the middle in terms of firmness maybe a

little bit on the firmer end but look if

you want a plush bed or if you want an

extra firm bed it's not gonna work for

you now we have done reviews of super

soft beds and super firm beds and

everything in between you can check out

our website for that but yeah it's more

in the middle and you know that's

understandable right because nectar is

trying to appeal to as many people as

they possibly can so they want to make

it more in the middle in terms of

firmness so that's what I have for you

in today's review in terms of my final

verdict this is what you need to

remember close to a medium on firmness

close to it true memory foam feel a

really affordable bed and if you don't

like it you can return it in the first

year so that's why obviously why people

are willing to try it because if you

don't like it you just return it so let

me know what you think if you have any

experience with it you know brightest in

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