Livemin - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - Part 76 - A Musing Tale (Let's Play / Playthrough)


all right does anyone know where we were

what's that what's the image of the day

Jesus okay come on Ubisoft what the

hell's the damn image of the day today

let's see how chunk it is how much how

much are you gonna make me laugh at you

today okay what it what is listen what

is the image of the day where is it

Ubisoft Jesus just spit it out you'll be

Ubisoft Ubisoft where's the image of the

day that's in blue usually I just wanna

see what kind of joke they have going on

here today what's the joke today Ubisoft

there's no image of the day oh my god is

it easier if usual artfully no but it's

not showing because if you zoom out

believe in the photos don't show if the

zoom are assume in until the photo show

that's that so like there it's probably

on one of the islands or whatever that I

haven't been on screw it I don't care

about the image of the day I don't know

why I'm even looking for that get out of

my life image of the day so when we last

left off we were here in Athens in the

Attica province we had a few quests to

do here and the downside of these quests

was that we had to do them look at these

little picking ropes

Snickers little danger noodles photo

that I should show on the widest zoom


rip yeah it's probably somewhere I

haven't been yet it's unimportant man

it's real and important I was just

interested because I saw the other image

of the day so oh there is Thank You

director not geez oh geez is that the

Medusa you are geez I guess I know where

she is in LA boss unless boss finally I

[ __ ] her ex I say y-yes okay so when

we lost that's not a photo no that's a

good it's a concept odd when we lost

liftoff as I was trying to say before we

were doing things here so when you track

the quests that we were doing here and

if I'm not mistaken it's this one the

actor's house he lives in Attica his

house is located in the northern greater

Ethel's region near the Agora

what lesbos that word comes from that

Island oh my god is it what is that real

are you not you're baiting us are you

director so is that island with just

women on do you think I'd be able to

find some recruits for my ship there oh

my god whoa color me interested color me

interested so this guy is probably here

somewhere right

let's go that must be that must be the

house or that that's probably this it's

not under full of Amazonian women oh my

god what this is romantic what the

hell's going on here dude nice shot wow

this is quite is that Cleon maybe it's

not an i I don't know man

what whatever okay so we've got a bounty

on our heads

let's peace dude I've been in the game

for like ten minutes Navin you moved out

of this little damn corner that I'm

sitting in also as I was saying I

actually went ahead and salvaged

everything so look at my materials geez

okay the term lesbian commonly used to

refer to homosexual women this use of

the term derives from the poems of Sefo

who was born in lesbos who wrote with

powerful emotional content directed

toward other women due to this

association lesbos and especially the

town of eresource her birthplace are

visited frequently by LGBT tourists

lesbians is actually named for people

who live there

oh my god an island full of lesbians

okay we're gonna go we're gonna go we

want to be an LGBT tourist as well and

we want to check that out that's not

insensitive right yeah exactly tabe the

only word that you need to say it's nice

yeah nice we'll go go check it out

hey buddy listen I don't mean to shoot

you but you know what I actually do oh

Jesus hold on dude I hate I hate fire

arrows this is stupid

yeah you know this is stupid stupid if

you just know it's so tough things are

harder with fire arrows it's nice when

they're burning other people but when I

pull my bow out in a damn bush and sets

it on fire I'm not thinking to myself

wow they're realism in this game is

insane no I'm not thinking that what I'm

thinking is jeez what an inconvenience


okay man's okay let's get out of here oh

it's been too long since I played games

its facts can't be insensitive dude oh

my god have you been on the internet

before oh man doesn't matter what it is

made up facts true untrue crazy cool

stupid funny people take offense to

everything okay

people just do is that the guys house

maybe that looks like an actor's house

to me this guy better be the damn George

Clooney of ancient Greece okay if he's

living in a mansion like that it may be

something special

hold on you played hots for the first

time in a long while and it's still so

much fun so did you enjoy it I'm

assuming the new hero's not in right

it's just as it was before I don't know

what the latest hero was that they added

but this year or that day okay so that

day okay so he doesn't live in this big

old mansion here he lives in that little

crummy old place over there oh she's in

in mid-november Oh mal Ganis just came

out a couple of weeks ago mal Ganis

wasn't he in the game already okay maybe


mal Gainey and or whatever it was is new

okay AM L gay or whatever man that's

great that's a good name I like that

that could be using dick name okay mal

Ganis yeah I like him what they they had

dreadlord J now what is the skin or

something or as a skin for Jaina or for

Mel ganas and either way is pretty sick

I like it Jesse Cox really outdid

himself with that one nice okay so this

is the guy's house

look you don't look like an actor unless

you're playing an Athenian guard I hush

I'm going to ask some questions and

you're going to answer what commander

rational what's your name bullies

well bullies it's your choice whether

you walk out of here do you understand

yes I like it

she's a hard woman not to be trifled

with what are you doing what are you

looking for some stupid play they don't

tell me anything

play I just do what I'm told and they

told me to destroy the manuscript okay


some of the boys are meant to keep him

drunk in the tavern down the street oh

that's far more passive than I thought

it would be at least they didn't kill

him or knock him the hell out or lock

him up you must know more tell me

everything all I know is they wanted to

keep this actor busy see for yourself

he's at the tavern you sure that's all I

just follow the commander's orders I

don't ask questions

join me uh no okay actually yes join my

crew you're loyal and you follow orders

you take me what do you say to get away

from Athens thank you

thank you you know I didn't actually

want to recruit him but he's gonna be on

the bench most likely unless Beulah's

here has like amazing passives it's

possible videos like amazing passives

because some of the other people that I

got like this idiot here T Mon has

amazing passives yeah that's not so


whatever I mean he's just gonna chill

his schedule but recovered and one wants

the new content patch drops for a while

and it becomes bad and Irwin Plus

surfing or something like you know just

both of them or whatever man yeah yeah

it would be cool that would be cool you


and one but I mean jeez what kind of

abilities would he have I don't even

know man but he would he would fit yeah

he's having dad's already in there very

intrinsically era drinking outdoors

madman is this him is this the George

Clooney of ancient Greece you're not my


not without this person his employer

Aristophanes so he's not working now yes

it's dangerous what that it is that's

opinions I don't think you understand

the situation

come on directionals orders are he's not

to leave I said I'd stay don't trouble

go back to your coat pinky Daria let's

make a deal I'm sure we can come to an

arrangement ah dude a lot is 600 and a

little is 300 to you as if I care about

600 very well you won't see us again

600 that's enough to buy them off nice

ok Clooney oh my Cory just falls over

carry him to his home my god come

Clooney let's go ah look we might look

where my arm is great well let's clip in

threes leg now sir doesn't look all that

amazing but

nice nice Oh

what I just need you ready to perform

tomorrow of course and I just need my

muse my love I can't I won't perform

without who what who what you will

perform a divine name for a divine body

I mean being who's that who were those

men who were they harmless really

and I do like a man in uniform

ok pull yourself together man you need

to sober up

this plays important I need my muse if

it means you'll do the play I'll find

your muse ok yeah man this is ridiculous

ok this is just ridiculous also there

was a bounty hunter nearby I might want

to kill it

Museum tail aha aha ahá brother's keeper

where's that person even go you know

what screw it

it's fine this doesn't seem like it's

too much effort however any of this

up-and-down area in Athens here while I

have this massive bounty on me is a bit

of an annoyance it's a bit of a

frustration I'm assuming the bounty will

disappear once we finish our main

questline in the city because then

obviously Cleon will probably be out of

the picture and hey hey hey hey I'm not

even a lot of run here I'm the only one

allowed to run what now

hi security here my god I remember this


I remember this black and party just run

down here look at this beautiful blue

water very nice there's a lot of Athens

that I haven't seen yet if I'm being

real I could probably spend a whole lot

more time exploring here but now but now

it's so much else that we could do tons

of other stuff can I jump on him

nice that's the hardest cloth I've ever

seen what up what up what what did she

just heart this what hello I mean I

let's talk about what hello so much for

this percent II don't understand I need

your help

she needs mine these hands have more

people than Epocrates no Thespis told me

to find you well I'm not giving

discounts to his friends if that's what

you're thinking he'll this piece wants

you to go to him

he needs you to help him perform

tomorrow Vespas does enough to perform

but he'll be doing it without me this

time but you're his news commander

reactional has made it clear Oh

associate with this piece right now God

let me just kill the commander who's

commander Rickson or I've been hearing

about this command erection or a lot


he's one of cleon's favorite dogs I've

heard stories from some of the girls

likes to play dress-up but a fancy Robin

mask likes to help people - oh I'm sorry

it's a cultist dude he's probably a

cultist likes to play dress-up

roben mosque why would this commander

threaten me it's all to do with his

stupid play they're doing everything

they can to protect cleon's image still

threatened you superstitious bunch

commander action or knows best B's won't

perform without his muse waiting in the

wings I mean he's smart where that's

concerned but not small enough

don't worry I'll deal with commander egg

soon or you don't understand what a

bastard he is he's more than just some

Athenian soldier

what do you mean secret meetings yeah

yeah yeah yeah gives me the creeps

you have to kill him there's no other

option dude if I do this will you go to

Thespis that's a yes oh my god you see

you see he's a cultist wasy now where

can I find the commander in the barracks

across the street

to the north the girls have to visit him

there when he was

servicing doesn't have the stamina to

come down here okay what so he's not

gonna be much of a threat to me I take

it what does he look like describe him

he wears one of those big stupid hems

makes up for other areas say no more

don't worry I'll take care of him bring

me back his little sword as proof I'll

be back soon well I'm not actually gonna

bring his little sword am i before he's


whoa look at this helmet he's not happy

only lucky dude nice look at that that's

sick I want this I want this

Rizzy down here okay okay okay dude he's

right there

I have full and I will reiterate the

Eifel adrenaline this is gonna be really

easy this is gonna be like really easy

oh my oh my god is you standing there

out in the open

this is gonna be stupid oh my god this

is the place I've been here like a

hundred and fifty times come over here

oh my god I'm burning oh Jesus

Wow Wow rip oh my god all the bushes I

just burnt down all the bushes just put

the fire and now an update okay Wow I

mean good game Wow nice game Thanks

that's great that's Wow Wow

man I'm just on fire like constantly how

does this even work how does this even

work I think I need to get rid of this

bow like on the double pronto that just

ruined me I tried I hide in a bush that

got set on fire try to hide in another

bush I've got set on fire is their

blacksmith nearby I'm done I'm done I'm


there you go we visiting the blacksmith

first and then only then are we going

back this time without it it's not my

element looting trip what's up man hey

you're right you're absolutely right

it's not my element it's just something

I should not associate with I'm finished

I'm done I'm I can't I can't I can't

take anything seriously like this it's a

joke it's a joke

oh my god just like the bounty hunters

or jokes poisons better anyways look

it's the pole that's sitting on my

arrows on fire automatically I think

this bounty hunters after me hello it's

over there

look I'm not in the mood right now

bah I'm just here for my bow okay now

I'm gonna upgrade one of the other bows

and we're just gonna use that instead

there's the poison one devastate it I

think this is the best one I think this

is the one we want no it wasn't actually

using fire as I'm using this bow that

makes all your arrows fire arrows

devastating shots just sick we can

upgrade this one there we go now I can

put a different like boost or whatever

on there as well so I'll change the

engraving quickly that's this one 10%

hit your damage is nice 20 what 20

percent headshot damage is better what


16% poison damage charge speed poison

arrows fire arrows elites and bosses I

kind of like elites and bosses

let's go with that I kind of like that

that's just like a straight damage boost

let's take the fire damage off here you

need some bosses because now we know

that both of these count towards our


adrenaline per hit I want that on there

it's fine I'll just keep that on there

for now I'd want to make sure I don't

have too many fire insurance on crit

damage crit damage crit doubt Jesus

headshot damage crit okay yeah Oh do

kolduny grave Ian's not stack dude thank

you I didn't know that okay wait

yeah yeah then then I'll do what 2x uh

CID and reduce the oh it's really no no

I've already got a track that's already

reduced see it's on this on the Minotaur

X okay so it corrects ah I've got it on

them in two acts so we've already got it

as an ability it's just on me so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put your

attempts in hunter damage or poison

damage is cool but I'm not really using

poison damage so much yeah dude I forgot

about it on the ax as well I mean that's

just something I forget about too quite

often yeah let's just put 10% hunter

damage on this one

I would've preferred something to do

with crit but apparently you can't put

that on this X so whatever or whatever

or whatever right that's that I think

we're good to go let's see if you had

some wood to buy just no nothing

sell trade goods okay we good to go this

is gonna be insane we're gonna own we're

gonna own he's a bounty hunter going

away yeah it looks like it I can't wait

whoa man no more fire arrows wait hold

on why is that a fire I didn't change

the bow right here we are that means

that we back on death arrows which means

we back to waste in wood all the time

it's fine it's fine I don't mind wasting

wood I think our damage is gonna be so

significant that any animal would cost

will just be worth it that's what I'm

gonna say I'm putting that out there

pretty confident in that

there's ago I'm gonna I'm gonna deal

with this guy so much more effectively

this time hello can we go look up up up

up up up up up whoa oh man the distance

here is sick however what's bit of

damage this one oh my god dude that's a

one shot or is predator shot bitter dude

they both so close they're both so close

pretty shot is a better chance to hit I

feel but at the same time this one gives

me the opportunity to shoot once and

then if I want to immediately again but

it doesn't really matter because I can

just I can wait for him to hide

somewhere see and then use the ghost

arrow on him like right there see but I

need to go in there and actually confirm

the kill you know what it's fine

he'll go in there and confirm the kill

where's the sky

hello what if I'm going in this is

boring I'm bored and you nearly set

myself on fire

whoops that would have been bad check

out outside the what he's outside Wow


what do you have me now is that actually

something you think with moves like that

I don't know man

Oh sick okay so we've got this bow as a

main weapon now and it's awesome like

it's great what are we gonna have as a

main melee weapon like I could look back

at these and think to myself you know

that's worth it that's great that's

awesome maybe these daggers were nice I

don't know I don't know I don't know I

don't know spear what was the one that

the autumn assisters gave me it was this

one yeah yeah damage on animals and it

gave hundred percent damage and fifties

and health tame beasts might be worth

checking that out at some point I don't

know okay confirm the kill get this guy

out of the way

Oh his little sword that's okay I was

expecting something else which would

have been way more gross but you know oh


director I always forget that oh my god

man yeah and you know what listen listen

but no no no no see okay I would have

done this okay

you absolutely right poison damage

permanently is nice because I keep

forgetting that it reduces their damage

the damage their deal but this has

assassin damage on and unfortunately for

my current bolt that's just pointless so

like oh that is sick 25% crit damage but

again assassin damage maybe we still

maybe we have to still like just find

the one that works maybe we haven't

found the one that works yet you know

maybe there's one that's just gonna be

perfect for me

spread shot ability now now we'll find

something that works okay we'll find

something that works lady go it's time


assassins Opie I know man I know gosh it

looks confused it's dead man he's dead

okay you think you're being sexy but

you're not go make short face pieces at

the theater in time for his performance

with you no there's too much at stake

I don't mind stayin a little while is it

with you so blood does pulse in those

veins a draws but what if this piece

he can wait Rhys is an actor chef the

girls here have been his muse at one

time or another

this music is beautiful

much more so than the woman we're about

to lay with but we take what we can get

we take what we can get

it's a tough life in Athens too tough

life in ancient Greece yeah so assassin

damage is way higher we need to worry

about its higher because it's harder to

use as tracks I said hope to make change

for the better I can see there is more

in your eyes but we are all entitled to

our secrets yeah man personal motivation

like commander Axanar and Creon why am i

explaining myself to this woman please

tell me that why yet assassin damage is

way harder to dish out it can be much

more effective absolutely I actually

never even looked at my at my abilities

here and my not my abilities put my

damage I mean yeah the hunty damage it's

it's so different it's so different

it's just so different I'm not gonna

tell him that I snipped with her I mean

he might know you might find out I might

be a little bit late whatever I am a

mysterious I'm the Eagle Bearer

I'm basically a demigod I don't care

yeah yeah okay okay we've got an

emotional connection with her now that's

why we poured our heart out I get it but

I still feel like it wasn't necessary we

didn't need to feel a tear cambian my

horse didn't need to feel attached to

her in any way it was just a little fun

on the side right

what is this what are they ten people in

the street and that might have been my

fault shut your dirty mouth Athenian how

the hell does it take so long to get to

where I want to go Wow was it because

she didn't have a phone lumen oh no oh

no oh no I'm just gonna have to

constantly ask people what don't you

guys have phones lumens more of a love

em and leave em sort of lady in this

game yeah I mean yes my one true love is

dead I killed her so like what there's

no there's no way I'm not gonna get

attached again that's part of my my

story now it's part of my history now

you want me to fit your muse it's an out

of season April Fool's joke oh my god

you can actually use that everywhere

it just works in any situation I love it

man I love it Thanks Patrick's I do it's

done tomorrow oh thank you God I know

what actors can be like okay it's no

trouble compared to what I'm used to it

was a breath of fresh air that is so

good to hear here for your troubles the

people maybe the heart of Athens but my

play will be that looks like a bit of a

Miss out front I hope you don't have to

watch the play oh my god here we go


know what education he has it's not even

that many people watch him oh my god

he's here it's terrible

this is actually terrible I seem to work

though it seemed to work

that was terrible but it seemed to work

amusing tale I mean I was far from using

for me yeah that guy basically just rage

quit the theater you're right

insane hermit Dave that's a good shot

hermit Dave damn nice framing look at


I like the lighted well done it's not

often it's not often that you see

something like that okay what do oh my

god what do what do

public opinion is the other quest meet

Socrates at the Penix that's the one

glad Greek plays were just a passing fad

Yakko Mac I mean theater still exists

but not in that form that was like that

was a little ridiculous I didn't

understand what's going on there the

costumes were terrible the acting was

questionable I I was calling that guy

the George Clooney of ancient Greece I

take it back

I take it back yeah at some point this

even mounting your horse when you're in

a city because it moves so damn slowly

you just can't cover ground in cities

not at a at a decent pace at least it's

the same speed just running where you

want to go so we run I guess we run I

want to taste my assassin damage out

everyone's just watching everyone just

watch she survives she's survived woman

well done well how much healthy she have

lived oh that was a close one that was a

close one

Wow yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I'm not

gonna kill you don't worry that was

traumatic I know all about it I know all

about sin myself on fire

these Socrates quests are usually not

the greatest let's just say not the

greatest I'm actually gonna be glad when

we're out of Athens and when the quests

that we do in or for like Spartans or

for ourselves or for literally anyone

else okay oh this is the pin Knicks this

is where we make them this is where it

all began in Athens I remember this

place okay okay what up oh god I thought

he was hidin in the bushes good

lynnie is just the first of many places

that he wants to wipe out nice with the

sway he has over the police he'd get the

votes for death every time then it's up

to us right now to change their minds

so you'll join me yes talking to the

people may not be enough we need to show

them why following Cleon is wrong I'm

surprised to hear you suggest such an

idea desperate times isn't that what you

smell God am I gonna have to perform

follow my lead and respond as if you're

one of Cleon support is not mine oh dude

that's insane

okay so I have to play the opposite of

course I know I am I am I'm doing this

right still responsible

may harm another even if not by our own

hands that's right so let me ask you

another question who should you trust

the many or the one who has more

expertise oh Jesus

oh my god I wasn't paying enough

attention I don't know what to say here

hold on hold on hold on if I'm supposed

to be speaking like a Cleon supporter

what do I say what's the right choice


listen reduce silver what's up man

what's up hello I had one I know but I

really forgot what that one job was I

know I had just one job and I've already

forgotten how to do it dude I didn't

want to have oh my god this was a


this was a mistake I dude I just forgot

the question that he asked me what was

the question

oh my god the people with expertise know

bitter I decide with the cry oh my god I

feel like it's this one because that

sounds stupid what happens when you wear

a bathrobe while streaming what it's a

top it's a yellow hoodie man see hold on

there's a hoodie on it see I can't put

it on really because I got a ponytail

behind but like you know what it is

that's what it is done come on man we've

had a bathrobe I'd obviously be wearing

that I don't have a bathrobe it's

probably too because cleon's a leader oh

okay okay okay so you want that good he

thinks he's a dictator he knows what's

best I got I got it I got it he doesn't

talk with the people I'd pick to

jebaited okay that seems right and if

they lied

Oh God oh my god why does it have to be

so hard I should have expected this when

Socrates is involved I should have

expected this so if I'm being stupid

then I pick one here right if they lied

I still follow the leader

right I understand

it's reverse psychology yes but like so

I have to go full like what happened

Socrates reverse philosophy oh man

reduce silver on the bright side she's

looking hella cute dude she is I don't

usually say things like hella cute but

in this particular occasion I'd say she

looks hella cute she's a looker she's

yeah so I think it's I think it's I'd

still follow the leader so reverse

philosophy thank you Tareq so that's

actually beautiful dude that's beautiful

wow you should you should patent that

trade market or something yes I want to

make myself look dumb for supporting him

exactly exactly makes mistakes I would

continue to follow them it's only

natural to believe the person you follow

is worth your loyalty however those who

are untrustworthy do not deserve to lead

yes you're right so you agree that

someone who lies to you is not worthy of

leading of course 10 people hear these

words the one you currently follow is

lying for his own gain they don't seem

interested in

to attack mytilini and we have the proof

that you'll do it again should the ship

arrived in meek daleney the people stand

no chance of surviving this is working

now that you know the truth you can take

back your decision another vote must be

called the lives of those people are in

your hands - the ship must be stopped

what is this not working well what

didn't go well probably could have gone

better but even so I believe the people

are unable to deny the proof we present

it it did seem to work let's be


I guess I've learned something it must

be from all the time I've spent around

you debate may not always be as quick as

a blade but it can have just as big an

effect but was it enough I believe word

of clearance misdeeds will be shared

throughout Athens its citizens love the

city and what it stands for nobody

wishes for it to fall okay we're done

suddenly a Cleon follower yells is this

an out of season April Fool's prank card

no and man so wins the the first Diablo

immortal stream you know you know I'd

love to stream that on day one I would

I'm not even joking when I say that

however I probably won't be able to just

because my phone sucks although it'll

probably work on emulators I don't know


so hold on my quest that I picked up now

is called the night's return to Socrates

I hope that worked

I wanna stay hopeful of that work he's

such a neckbeard I mean that's literally

exactly what he was right he's like he

was like the ancient Greek version of a

keyboard warrior that's exactly what it

is actually right that's exactly what it

is if you think about it I love it

that's great

wait where we now is this Pericles this

place oh it is it is it is nice nice

nice nice oh god he's still standing

yeah oh this is our little command room

why is everyone looking so worked up hey

guys what it is what happened the play

was a great success as I knew it would

be with that and the proof you presented

at the Phoenix

Cleon has lost much of his popularity

now he heads to Amphipolis in an effort

to redeem himself cassandra proceedeth

sent me to find you

he's alive and well what does he know

comfy Belize they're preparing for


if you reach him before I do tell him

I'm on the way I'm going to fight I'm

gonna help precede us I'm not going to

say I'm gonna kill Cleon we'll see me

it's my help I plan on giving it to him

though should our paths cross I won't

hesitate to kill Cleon whatever you

decide remember he's only a man I can't

promise man you know maybe I don't need

to kill Cleon I don't know like he's a

bad dude and all that but we need to

keep in mind that the choices we make

apparently seem to matter a little bit

so we're gonna want to actually spear as

many people as possible oh my god that's

six thousand meters away all right

you started Kingdom Come deliverance on

hardcore mode and picked

that's sleeping nerf and it's a

nightmare with no map marking but dude I

mean Kingdom Come deliverance is a

nightmare and really hard on Normal

difficulty I can't even imagine on the

hardest difficulty good luck to you is

all I'll say good luck to you

proceed asses are bro dude bro she does

is amazing that dudes awesome right so

where's he hello

look god damn that way 6000 this way oh

wow I haven't been up there yet

interesting all the way up here it

spoiled some stuff with screenshots whoa

whoa whoa good shot man good shot nice

armor actually

do nice dude nice ultra-wide not bad not

too bad dude how do we get there what's

the quickest way to get there

look where's the ship at you want to

kill that guys well so let's go here oh

my god but the distance there it kills

me it pains me to do something like that

so maybe I'm just gonna do it anyway

okay we're going over yeah I was looking

for spoilers in the screenshots I didn't

find any

oh it's we have a chance to wake up

somewhere random off to go into sleep oh

dude that's insane so you got to try and

recognize the spot where you are or

guess where you are by just looking at

your surroundings

I mean Kingdom Come deliverance this

world is actually pretty big so that

that's not easy that's not easy

oh it's dog town this is the dog island

nice nice ship down there we're gonna

head to the battlefield

it actually looks to me like we're just

gonna fight in another battle like

immediately we fought in the battle with

BMO's we didn't hear what the I guess

end result of that was cuz we we kind of

convinced him I think we convinced him

right I don't know we convinced him that

we were both sort of cost out we both

suffered and we convinced him that mama

dearest still cared I that matter still

kid so hopefully he's gonna be on our

side when the time comes I don't know if

that's a fact I don't know if that's the

true truth but hopefully


and I can upgrade my ship again I don't

know we'll see how it goes like maybe I

don't need to do more ship battles if I

don't need to do more ship battles I'm

not gonna bother right I'll save the the

materials I've got and I'll just use it

on upgrading gear later on I I don't

know like the thing is I feel like there

could be like some massive epic ship

battle coming up that's part of the

story and that would suck because then I

might actually need to to upgrade it a

little bit but if that's not the case

then I can just do whatever time she

sees this can you stop with that now

Jesus why does she have to tell him this

every single time what what what what

what do I have a crew full of goldfish I

actually feel like that's the case I

guess is legit the fourth time that she

tells him this story

what are we getting right away yeah you

know what I'm just gonna lie on this

idea that cultist is kind of close that

cult is gonna die

you want a doc yeah you know what you

know what oh my god what a handbrake

turn Wow not bad dude whatever okay


I'm just coming here to pick up the fast

travel point kill the cultist and then

please not again

beautiful music ladies I love it

inspirational stuff as always I need to

tell them that every time I see them

just so they keep it up you know I just

gotta keep it up so where oh man oh man

really all the way over there what does

the screenshot look like is it worth

going there hey whatever just kill the

let's kill the call this first I don't

need to talk to you guy this pace is

pretty kind of nice

what is you just walking around yeah

whoa whoa what is that breast plate this

is not a bush to hide in

what is that breast plate oh wow

this stoic oh sure man sure headshot

kills him so I just staring up here they

don't even care confirm the kill we

still don't even care just another day

for them oh it's the Athenian war hero

armor right now cause they were 47 he

was the leader of the island what what


uh really damn man okay okay I mean I

understand he wanted to be one of the

people he wanted to be visible to them

so he's just like chillin out in the

public there but he didn't have any


he wasn't protected he was an easy

target you know if you're a member of

the cult you got

you gotta think a little right maybe

didn't know he was discovered or

uncovered or anything so he was just

sort of brazenly marching around his

little island here thinking you were


he wasn't safe not with lumen the hunter

on the job I still I still go out of my

way for wood I got a do it still the one

resource I've got way too little of so

we get it

chillin like a villain that is actually

almost exactly what he was doing exactly

I love it

it fits beautifully perfectly hold on

down down down want to loot this stuff

first so I think when we get out our

next level and the next point that comes

with said level we actually gonna just

have nothing to spend it on like we

might even be able to get stupid spot

and kick if we wanted I'll see I'll see

but maybe we'll get another archery

ability because we have one more slot on

our archery bar I'll see I haven't

decided yet


nice but I'm actually kind of done with

ancient Greece most of what we've seen

here it kind of looks very similar you

know it all just looks very similar but

that's the rub right you you have

ancient Greece and you have a set amount

of themes in ancient Greece and there's

a set amount of of like visual styles

you can go for and that's like that's

unfortunate but it is what it is you

know until they make an assassin's creed

a game where you can like go literally

every way in the entire world a game

that would span the globe until they do

that they're gonna be stuck with limited

tile sets and limited themes that they

can work with I can't really do

everything so to get a little bit dull

after a while the thing is the thing is

this is quite important to remember is

that the previous Assassin's Creed games

like the first and second ones maybe

they were even more like what's how does

how does one set in monotonous like the

would the word I'm looking for is

actually Anna I know the word in

Afrikaans what is what is she doesn't

know oh god I think I'm enough this

might be it I don't know

but you know with the with the world

like like this you can you can be a

little creative but it's always got to

look like ancient Greece so monotone I

mean I don't know if that's the I don't

know if that's dude it's like it's a

dead word I don't know I don't know it's

not often that I know the word in

Afrikaans but I don't know it in English

like barely ever happens it's actually

embarrassing I mean I see myself as

someone that actually knows the English

language relatively well and then this

happens why the courts yeah it's kind of

embarrassing so hold on you guys were

saying like you know you can go

everywhere you can see so just as an

example that that's no amount come back

there can I go there I feel like I can't

go there just because it's not looking

like it's part of the game world maybe I

can hold on oh maybe I can maybe can you

run along and hop in you probably can't

draw it no I don't think you can go here

or here tedious I mean it's like a mix

between monotonous and tedious

repetitive could be something as well

yeah I mean like all of those NIC rapid

weight like a combination of all of

those I actually don't even know what it

what the word translates into some

Diablo mobile now that is the one that's

just not the same as the other similar

yeah exactly so you guys have all all

these words kind of fit it it's

basically just a word that you use to

describe something that is too much of

the same you know

cheese them under ships in this little

bay here what the hell and you know

what's weird is that it's like Athenian

ships pirates and partnerships and they

all just chillin all of it

whatever man that's the would even exist

in English probably not probably not you

can search flavor for that word and

you'll never find it oh my god oh geez


Oh Oh I'm trying not to anger and okay

we're doing a spinny flip spin that's it

that's it

Jesus guys what is going on here

German has all the best words I mean

that's exactly why I was like yeah this

Afrikaans word actually suits well the

description of that I want perfectly his

dream in an Afrikaans they like this man

they're like two peas in a pod they're

very similar

Afrikaans always has very descriptive

words I think it's the same as German in

that way that it's just the words they

have so much more meaning than English

words have and thereby your sentences

and stuff or way shorter often times

because you can say more in less words I

don't know or use all those big words

all the time but damn people who do it's

something to hear man it's something to

hear again I feel like it's the same in

German yep makedonia rise of an empire

talk to precede us we kind of close to

level in our we kind of close to level


it's gonna be sick that's 46 and 50 is

the max so that's just a strike good

deal look let's get the fast travel

point first

that's precede us right oh I startled

the big man sorry dude sorry


oh no matter peak woods oh no matter

peak woods

oh no matter peak is that the world am I

saying it right

that's fascinating man I've never heard

that before look at the little leaf nice

nice let's get up here yeah you see you

can't go up there I'm almost certain of

it I'm almost certain they're not gonna

allow you to go up there on that


yeah yeah woods which mean like they

sound yeah exactly

I always feel like languages like German

even French and in this case like I'll

say in Afrikaans they are much more

passionate languages because of that

it's pretty great

Wow nice hey that's new a little pond

for you to jump into I like it I like it

good wind chill in his bathrobe swigging

ale haha dude I almost bought in jail

today so that was almost a 100 percent

perfect statement except I'm not in a

bathrobe and it's it's lemonade it's

cloudy lemonade