Assassin's Creed Odyssey - All DELIAN LEAGUE CULTIST Location Walkthrough

how's it going guys and welcome back in

this episode we're gonna be checking out

the location of all of the Kota stand

the Delian League branch just a quick

reminder as usual we do not actually

need the clues for the coaches to

actually spawn if we know where they are

we can go and find them directly without

the need of grabbing the clue first up

is Bryson we can find Bryson in the

Attica region here's going to be on the

small island to the left of Athens

specifically in the northern Salamis

marble quarry he should be very easy to


once we've killed him don't forget to

confirm the kill and that is going to

put an end to the first one second is

gonna be predicates the cruel this one

forms part of a side quest called Hades

meet Pataki's however to unlock this

side quest first we need to finish a

different one called trouble in paradise

we can accept this side quest from the

message tabloids where we normally

accept our contracts and bounties from

if you can't find it check your quest

list in case you've already got it I

actually wrote except that this side

quest without even noticing somewhere

early on in the game once we've accepted

the side quest we need to go to the

island of Mykonos which is over here on

the east side of the map and simply

follow the markers the task is to find

two hideouts first we need to head off

to the far end camp to help out the

Spartans and then go to the cave inside

and this will unlock a branch of new

side quests specifically one of them is

the one we want called Hades meet

Pataki's once we accept this it'll guide

us straight to the leader which is going

to be Pataki's the cruel again make sure

you confirm the kill after you've killed

him and that is two out of six

the third coldest in this branch is

going to be Rex in all the hand this one

is actually going to be cured

automatically during the main quest so

you don't have to worry about this one

there's no way you can possibly miss

this next up is your batis the stoic we

can find him on the island of Lemnos we

can see exactly where here on the map

firstly I found him having a little bit

of trouble with the locals he was

already in an encounter with random

enemies I'm not sure if that's always

gonna be the case it was just I'm a

little bit of good luck

next up is contrast the ball for this

one I would definitely recommend getting

the clue as he can move around in a

large variety of areas so we can be a

little bit more difficult to find

especially considering one of the places

he likes to go for walk is in the middle

of the forest so it can be very hard to

spot him to get the clue for this one we

will need to be a relatively high level

as we will need to defeat the champion

code ketose of athens down at the arena

for those of you who've maybe not

visited the arena yet its located on the

most eastern part of the island Masada

which is the island right at the bottom

of the map

once we have defeated the champion and

obtained the clue we want to go to the

island called lesbos which is right at

the northern eastern part of the map and

he can be located anywhere around where

we can see here on the map and finally

the last of the deviant league coaches

branch is going to be Cleon the everyman

as is the case with many of the other

coaches he will die automatically by

simply progressing through the storyline

you don't have to go out of your way to

kill him so you can't miss this one

either so he did find this your health

guys if you dare don't kill himself I

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Morini will want to know Leon is dead

and receive us I should have gotten to

be more sooner