Assassin's Creed Odyssey Mission A-Musing Tale

not my usual type too many muscles but

if you've gotta drag me we can come to

an arrangement recipes said I'd find you


ah my darling Thespis an artist in so

many ways but let's talk about us I

thought you were suspicious great love

that is love this is commerce so what

are you into no Vespas wants you to go

to him he needs you to help him perform


Vespas does enough to perform but he'll

be doing it without me this time but

you're his muse commander reactional has

made it clear it would cost me my life

if I were to associate with this piece

right now


I've been hearing about this command

erection or a lot recently

he's one of cleon's favorite dogs I've

heard stories from some of the girls

likes to play dress-up but a fancy robe

and mask likes to hurt people too I'm


he runs the local garrison his men are

always here they tell him in an instant

if I was gone why would this commander

threaten me it's all to do with his

stupid play

they're doing everything they can to

protect cleon's image still to threaten


actors are a superstitious bunch command

erection or nose Thespis won't perform

without his muse

waiting in the wings don't worry I'll

deal with command erection or you don't

understand what a bastard he is he's

more than just some Athenian soldier

what do you mean secret meetings strange

visitors he gives me the creeps

you have to kill him there's no other

option if I do this will you go to

Thespis it's a dream my pleasure


where can I find the commander in the

barracks across the street to the north

the girls have to visit him there when

he wants servicing

doesn't have the stamina to come down

here can you describe him he wears one

of those big stupid Helms makes up for

other areas don't worry I'll take care

of him

bring me back his little sword as proof

I'll be back soon let no man be called

happy before his death till then he's

not happy only life

there seems little doubt that direction

nor is aligned with the cult of cosmos

they'll be watching for me I need to be






is this proof enough of his death

not quite the sort I meant but as long

as he's dead

my part is done go make sure this piece

is at the theater in time for his

performance you are too tense come here

and lie with time to have a little fun

or is it always business with you is it

with you so blood does pulse in those

veins it roars

but what of this piece this piece is an

actor chef the girls here have been his

muse at one time or another



now we need to worry about this piece in

the rest of our niece's play this play

is important to you with it we hope to

make change for the better I can see

there is more in your eyes but we are

all entitled to our secrets it's enough

for you to know that I plan to stop men

like commander action or and Leon



they'll be on high alert here

please tell me you have news of the

ESPYs is fine and he'll be fit to

perform your play tomorrow oh thank the

gods I know what actors can be like

compared to what I'm used to it was a

breath of fresh air that is so good to

hear here for your troubles the people

maybe the heart of Athens but my play

will be as voice children if Cleon

should bury you also know what a big

education he has had


some few sites and to think I was going

to propose the statute will be erected

in the city to its of you for your brain

see he treats us like all daughters and

crows at our feet to deceive us but the

cunning we're in his power lies child

this time recoil on himself the

conspirators are murdering me