Assassin's Creed:Odyssey - Part:156 A-Musing Tale (How To Kill Rhexenor)

and what's up Boscovich viewers how you

doing so I got me four marks looking fo

my ass amusing tale that's what's up

that's what is that so we're like still

where I left you off last time we're

outside dude's place he wants me to go

talk to his muse but as you can see

where I got four marks looking for my

ass so we got to play this cool go just

why would you do that like that chick

didn't see me up on the wall of that

building [ __ ] knew she saw me

spider-man in that wall like a mofo yoke

so we running across the chica what I'm

assuming here is uh this is no Muse I'm

assuming this is just a wet hole of some


and since dude just got thrashed from

sundown till sunup and even beyond he's

like man I really need me a fix what you

told he said I got a drain my stack I

should try to stay on the site


Who am I staying on a site firm mules

not my usual type too many muscles but

if you've gotta drag me we can come to

an arrangement recipes said I'd find you


ah my darling Thespis an artist in so

many ways but let's talk about us huh


laughs innit bagged and tagged this

[ __ ] I don't know let's see what


I thought you were suspicious great love

what are you into no Vespas wants you to

go to him he need you to help him

perform tomorrow

Ashby's does enough to perform but he'll

be doing it without me this time but

you're his muse

command directional has made it clear it

would cost me my life if I were to

associate with recipes right now I mean

a damn sense

why would this commander threaten you

it's all to do with his stupid play

they're doing everything they can to

protect cleon's image still to threaten

you actors are a superstitious bunch

commander action or knows Thespis won't

perform without his muse waiting in the

wings okay I've been hearing about this

command erection or a lot recently

he's one of cleon's favorite dogs I've

heard stories from some of the girls

likes to play dress-up got a fancy rug

and mask likes to hurt people too

I'm sorry he runs the local garrison

he's men always here they tell him in an

instant if I was gone man bunch of

snatching [ __ ]

don't worry I'll deal with command

direction or you don't understand what a

bastard he is he's more than just some

Athenian soldier what do you mean

secret meetings strange visitors he

gives me the creeps

you have to kill him there's no other

option if I do this will you go to

Thespis if I go slaughter a bunch of

innocent man will you then go have sex

with despot will you do that please

where can I find the commander in the

barracks across the street to the north

the girls have to visit him there when

he wants

servicing doesn't have the stamina to

come down here huh can you describe him

he wears one of those big stupid hems

makes up for other areas who's he

talking to good good don't worry I'll

take care of him bring me back his

little sword as proof let no man be

called happy before his death till then

he's not happy

only lucky

huh I only finna go kill another

cultists on him Robin like what we're a

widow yeah point them out point them out

Oh snappy right there huh okay let's

just you know take off

it seems little doubt that direction nor

is aligned with the cult of cosmos look

at this look it there so they come in

this direction no they don't

okay let's uh let's go find this punk

[ __ ] he's in this little garrison that

makes sense she said he would be didn't

she I don't know I went paying attention

they won't ask any questions best keep

out of sight surrounded


if there's no guards up on top of your

dude I'm finna just make there's not

hey where's our boy at okay I need to

find someone different

I'm Way too out in the open what are you

doing huh we're we're way way where they

don't know why that they don't know why

that you can't see me

are they really gonna come this

direction I cannot afford this right now

this is some war okay you go away from

me I take this loo okay I'm sure I'm

working my way around but I want to

start on the other side first this

sitting you know thought it was a big

old stockpile these little purple things

around my head you see that that's what

I thought it was Lulu oh no we didn't

move or has he been standing still the

whole time

I'll take that okay oh no man this damn


we'll see sprintin and just decided to

stop as he got to where I didn't need

him to be when this [ __ ] s Markie this

is some pool see now what I want to do

is I'm wanting to get up on this little

I want to get up here and shoot at him

from here because then there's a lot

more like directions I can comfortably

go once I popped a cap in that fool


lame I hate that why does it like don't

even show the health bar if I'm not

gonna hit them that drives me absolutely

crazy you know they're coming this

direction son of a damn it gotta go

it's too much going on right now I can't

just simply kill this pump this punk

[ __ ] dang

also severely pissing me off straight

through them I mean I didn't think I was

gonna hit anybody I'm just upset at this

this moment in time I'm so mad about it

look at it look at that [ __ ] a smirk

he's like there's something up here

unless I investigate this garbage ash

[ __ ] here remember



just trying to do something simple guys

just trying to do something simple go to

where I originally wanted to go up here

that punk-ass mark right there you'll


oh my god what do I have to do you know

what I mean like come on man

I just want to hit someone at this point

are you down for the count

so pathetic they're gonna come this

direction I can at least hit him for

once finally my goodness anything's a

win at this point in time I don't even

know where this guy's at now where did

he go you didn't know nothing

I still can't pick out who's who and now

there's bitch-ass mercenary it's ruining

the he's running everything

does he react in it the mercenary no he


I want to tag in with this but I know it

won't let me

what just happened no way that mercenary

saw me like that no way in hell that is

read the other ones weird give a damn

you don't know

a real amount of arrows this is the

travesty I know where's dude at will he

go no he's not no he's not

oh [ __ ]

oh my god

[ __ ] boom baby how's the wrong person

what Nick oh you [ __ ] where's this


oh this is some pool and a half gas hey

big fella digging I'm sagging we gotta

go we gotta go

I saw another mark on the way pull

yourself up


he conned up on the roof guys and then

took off in a direction

who knows where he's at now


it's amazing people that don't ever need

to get snitched on are the ones who get

snitched on and the people who need to

get snitched on never get snitched on

you don't know none

punk-ass mercenary

look at this one guard over here

he's still looking slack jog he'll even

know it's going up

ah dude he is almost dead he's dead

that's all I can say

oh of course he did of course he did

he's a [ __ ] come on foo the one guy who

had no idea what's going on unbelievable


sometimes this game turns into nothing

but a waiting game you know what I'm



that little punk [ __ ] this full right

here is on thing keeping me from

accomplishing what I need ha ha [ __ ]

ha ha

report to a catechism in your busy day

today you only got moves like I got

moves look at these moves and I gave

them the slip just like that I'm a

gangster what up how is this proof

enough of his death

not quite the sort I meant but as long

as he's dead

my part is done go make sure their

species at the theater in time for his

performance you are too tense come here

we've time to have a little fun is it

always business with you I don't

necessarily want to be Eskimo brothers

with Thespis but it's been a long day

is it with you so blood in those veins

it soars with one of the HP's first

piece is an actor chef the girls here

have been his muse at one time or


so you're the youngest one around then

mmm so you digging there

we need to worry about this piece in the

rest of our nieces play this play is

important to you with it we hope to make

change for the better I can see there is

more in your eyes but we are all

entitled to our secrets it's enough for

you to know that I plan to stop men like

commander action or and Leon polo she

got AIDS was she talking about secrets

and such I don't need this man just

think that guy would have taken a left

turn just a second ago she has seen some

balls dipping I'm just saying okay

Arista fine he's where are we going now

huh where are we going now huh I at

least want to look at the map Oh see

where we going all over here

there's a merc right behind me I should

have called that damn horse

who's that hell of a run

oh that would've hurt so bad what are

you doing guy

I like this man look at that like where

they like the big old rock wall and

stuff behind it makes it that much

easier to hear oh no I'm just like that

the way that's like to set up this whole

little setup okay I'm getting back to

what I'm doing

please tell me you have news of this

piece is fine and he'll be fit to

perform your play tomorrow oh thank you

God I know what actors can be like

[ __ ]

compared to what I'm used to it was a

breath of fresh air

that is so good to hear here for your


damn right the people may be the heart

of Athens but my play will be his voice


you also know what a big situation he

has had


and to think I was going to propose the

statute will be erected in the city to

its of you for your bravery he treats us

like all daughters and crows at our feet

to deceive us but the cunning wearing

his power lies child this time recoil on


oh he's so mad yo look at how mad he is

he's storming off

look at this chomp the knight's possible

did oh no I don't think you understand

your little own loss we're an ass yeah a

[ __ ] recognize full beards viewers

that's it for this one I'm concluding it

here hopefully you enjoyed yourself

maybe this was useful for you help I

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