Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 36 - A-MUSING TALE

hey guys and welcome to Assassin's Creed

Odyssey we are escaping The Mercenaries

with a skate prison I'm now going to

meet Socrates right now

and hopefully it's a safe haven a safe

place to be because cleome the Athenian

leader wants us dead I know it by a

hundred percent Lawrence I swear

Pericles lives yes I remember

flashbacks you made it

of course I did Barnabas was ready to go

after you again like he said it's the

thought that comes right apparently come

the others are waiting we were worried

you wouldn't make it especially with

every Athenian guard for you

Creon we'll have to do more than that to

stop me what's all this we've begun

working on a plan to take down clear

although I hardly call it a plan lots of

talking not much action hmm it feels

different without Pericles but his

inspiration lives on that's why we're

here where once we gather to forget our

problems now we meet them head-on and

get back to what truly matters to

restore Athens to its former glory so

you're taking down Cleon tell me the

plan it won't be simple his death would

disrupt the peace and be worse for

Athens he's right we must discredit him


Aristophanes apparently has some play he

thinks will do the job some play it is

so much more than that oh don't get your

tunic in a twist I just don't see why we

can't all love each other it's so much

more fun that way what is going on right


what's so special about the play will

your famous orange ape impression be

making an appearance funnily enough that

was the inspiration

isn't it a risk to show him in a bad

light in front of his admirers I think

the play will change their minds good

art is risky but my plan will work

sorry to apply Bansha plan an actual

play we can't just sit around

Creon is sending a boat to meet aleni to

kill the people there the people trust


they'll vote for whatever action he puts

forth but that does not mean we plan to

do nothing

taking down Cleon won't be easy but with

your help it will be possible all right

let's get to it then let's get to it so

where do we start where do we start

almost levelled up two missions

available so how do we get this place

that's it let's find out I tell you calm

down what are you talking about my

masterpiece it will change everything

amuse astound titillate and open

people's eyes to clearance matcha

Nations but I need you I'm no actor or

poet there is the finest by the gods no

it's this piece my living that is

missing I play with most artists no play

at all let me guess I've called find a

lady man and return him how do you know

he's missing unless he's drunk or with a

woman or a man could be anything then no

he knows how important this is he

wouldn't let me down

something must be wrong you could just

get another actor Oh No this piece

always throws a huge crowd for his

performances when more people could

experience my blistering indictment of

Cleon they're better so where would I

find him first [ __ ] usually doesn't go

far from his home you best start there

there so sounds easy of course but we

still got bounty on us the Athenians are

looking for us this will not be an easy

mission I'll do it

prepared Lee Shaw and I'll be back as

soon as I find him prepare the show oh


level 41 ah that kind of sucks

what is so high level what that's

whether the previous missions were all

level 38 why the dramatic jump for Oh

why don't we have much choice do i well

so be honest this is still like the sort

of family quest line there is other

quest lines there's like other Indians

to the game I believe if you give it a


we're about to level up as well so that

will help it's gonna be tricky it's it's

quite a long way up can we fast travel

to store let's try and skip some travels

we can fast travel a little bit want to

help out dramatically mmm let's just

let's just walk and try and avoid every

murse to be possible I can't pay the

bouncy believe me I've tried because we

have the money like the monies money's

nice to you right now the bounty is an

issue what is the most we were right in

front of me where he is good to be care

to fool there he is is he tracking me

down looks like it he's close very very

very close

Oh yep use me and me I'm coming climbing

this wall what do you look up no it's

weird like Alexius is a Spartan no doubt

about that but now he's like yeah that's

France a Eve Athens oh shoot

did not need to go in here whoopsie

doodles wouldn't mean pay attention look

straight into a leaders house whoops


see you later what we're here where is

this actor where is he

they would find him this must be thirsty

cease house that's the right house but

doesn't mean he's actually there I am

guessing saying it's gone wrong and

Alexis might have to become the act for

it was to post it always be yeah the

sooner we can get to level 39 the better

I know three levels is it's a bit yeah

tricky I'm severely underpowered right

now so this is his house what's happened

here there's an Athenian here whoa

well I don't look like an actor unless

you're playing an Athenian guard I uh I

was I'm going to ask some questions and

you're going to answer what command

directional what's your name bullies

well bullies it's your choice whether

you walk out of here do you understand

yes all right I'm glad some questions

waking up some stupid play they don't

tell me anything

play I just do what I'm told and they

told me to destroy the manuscript so

they know about the play what have you

told some of the boys are meant to keep

him drunk in the tavern down the street

Alex bring him so it's just a bit Mary

you'd better be telling me everything

all I know is they wanted to keep this

actor busy see for yourself

at the tavern you sure that's all I just

follow the commander's orders I don't

ask questions

hmm join me okay

their first something worthwhile and

join my crew you're loyal and you follow

orders you take me what do you say to

get away from Athens thank you thank you

no problemo no problemo

a new lieutenant rat to the tavern in

let me guess he's been guarded and the

guards are all like level 41

yay lovely fantastic aha yep

there he is I think that's him they're

surrounded by Athenian guards guys pray

for me friend

yeah was business oh look at you you'd

best be leaving I want my actor in one

piece please I'm here for his employer

Aristo funnies so he's not working now

yes it's not working I like him though

Aristophanes funny man buts opinions

told him it's dangerous that it is I

need him sober and rested I don't think

you understand the situation oh come on

directionals orders are he's not to

leave I said I'd stay don't want trouble

oh let's make a deal why do have money

there's peace and I'll give you

something in return I'm sure we can come

to an arrangement our pie 600 other

mines here for your troubles

I'll look after him now

ha a fool and his like me very well you

won't see us again what works I mean I

got the money so why not eyes not

feeling too good oh great

Wow there is a mercenary coming this way

need to be very very careful he's trying

to track my rum rum rum take him back to

his house she said you're behind the

mask you'll be perfectly safe he said I

told him Leon will kill thank you but

you can go no further for I know true

love I just need you ready to perform

tomorrow of course and I just need my

muse my love I can't I won't perform it

out oh this is not quiet why you will


not without a cattorini a divine name

for a divine body

I mean ping how drunk are you those men

in the tavern who are they all the

admirers harmless really

and I do like a man in uniform you need

to sober up

this play is important so they cattorini

I need my muse please she's just west of

here at the house of Aphrodite if it

means you'll do the play or find your

muse why I didn't kefalonia was and I

will I will

smoke hi um yeah

do we level up though please yeah we

need that level up we needed that I

tried to make it as simple as possible

this mushrooms coming right towards me

right now it's scary

let me guess this quest is still level

41 level 41 great least we're slightly

closer to that level I'm asked to go

wherever that with my money because we

have 600 didn't it wasn't that much was

it was it worth risking it just got

level 41 soared great very useful thank


I would like mmm I think I'd like to get

those flaming attacks yes very good very

good slide it's a sign I don't know yes

I do Scott flaming sorts oh yeah I get

quick safe one up oh yeah go to

lieutenant this is lieutenant worthwhile

javelin damaged and weak point collation

damage with the javelin that's a pretty

awesome pretty good abilities I like

that makes it Devin's a lot stronger

right we need to get on with this

mission this is the Meuse mission isn't

it yeah aim using tango let's go move it

let's go for this mode summary I don't

want to fight him right now I feel like

they're forcing these mercenaries on me

recently and it can become a little bit


don't want to be caught here that is

hard of a centric

sorry I'm going I'm gone be aware of you

so they're free nyan so does one attack

us but the most from his will the bounty

will never be lifted until Cleon is gone

has rid of this land I'm guessing his

play with definitely weakened his hold


red areas are around here everywhere

it's hostile again that might because of

the bounty loop realms can I go in here

it is Lions stand yes with that so we're

a spawn of course where we're trying to

save athens i shouldn't we want f into

the fall would you want let me chat to

you this is not part of my mission by

the way it's just me trying to get a

little bit more XP normally x' missions

you can just do on the side yeah can I

help you with anything

mighty misty us hear me I am a lowly

Athenian and I need your help okay

you look like the type that can get

things done I can of course I can now

see there isn't anything I can't do

really what do you need you are too kind

my team is Theos it may sound ridiculous

but it is my dream to become a sophist

like the great receiver host or the even

greater Protagoras and to leave this

lowly life behind I get it what's the

issue I can't pay for lessons so long I

am sure I would make a fun he wants

money doesn't mean and with a mighty

misty or such as yourself being in

Athens this could be my chance to get

the drachma so you want me to give you

some direct meet yes any drachma you can

give helps it just wants me to give him


alright buying take it

god damn it Oh little submission here

very attempts you want Allah we do have

do run out so she here he's news oh this

could be easy hello not my usual type

too many muscles but if you've gotta

drag me we can come to an arrangement

recipes said I'd find you here

my darlings ESPYs and artists in so many

ways but let's talk about us mmm he sent

me you don't understand I need your help

so many do these hands have helped more

people than epic rotties no their speech

told me to find you well I'm not giving

discounts to his friends if that's what

you're thinking no Vespas wants you to

go to him he needs you to help him

perform tomorrow

Vespas does enough to perform but he'll

be doing it without me this time but

you're his muse command directional has

made it clear it would cost me my life

if I were to associate with ESPYs right

now oh god damn it

really I've been hearing about this

command erection or a lot recently

he's one of cleon's favorite dogs I've

heard stories from some of the girls

likes to play dress-up but a fancy robe

and mask likes to hurt people too I'm


he runs the local garrison his men are

always here they tell him in an instant

if I was gone ah why would this

commander threaten you it's all to do

with this stupid play they're doing

everything they can to protect Cleon

image still to threaten you actors are a

superstitious bunch commander action or

knows Thespis won't perform without his

muse waiting in the wings so we have to

kill his commander don't worry

I'll deal with command direction or you

don't understand what a bastard he is

he's more than just some Athenian

soldier what do you mean secret meetings

strange visitors he gives me the creeps

you have to kill him

there's no other option if I do this

will you go to Thespis it's be my


okay where is this commander where can I

find the commander in the barracks

across the street to the north the girls

have to visit him there when he wants

servicing doesn't have the stamina to

come down here cause he doesn't can you

describe him he wears one of those big

stupid hems

makes up for other Aryans oh don't worry

I'll take care of him bring me back his

little sword as proof I'll be back soon

what what sword is she talking a man be

called happy before

till then he's not happy only lucky he's

actually a contest

oh I will get extra pleasure in taking

them out oh yes I will

so this side this little range of Ko

tests are all associated with Athens

okay them there seems little doubt that

direction or is aligned with the cult of

cosmos agree man I wish I could pay my

bouncy right now that'll be so useful

what is he gonna sing me yeah are you

gonna come in here we can just like go

past me that'd be great hope he doesn't

see me he's so annoying I hate

mercenaries like it's been forced on me

you saw that episode where I was like

freaking out I was in my happy [ __ ]

Lucky's level 39 so it's not too bad so

why is that it will fall to our mission

if did if their level 39 and I was still

gonna be tricky you don't get me wrong

like this is very well guarded very well

guarded indeed there's the mushroom ring

I think he's he's lost my sim a little

bit well I'm worried cuz honestly the

mercenaries been about I'm worried I am

very very worried none of this is even

to be possible to Ernest there's just so

many guards around there's a silly

amount of guards I'm talking silly

amounts now we don't know if I could

take them out and then the mercenaries

turn up as well and it's just it's just

I don't like this like forced mercenary

bounty thing at the moment what why is

why is that really necessary but this

look at this look at a saucer in here

was he doing this runs in here looking

for me desperate to find me it's just it

just doesn't I don't like it I think

it's a I think it's a negative way it's

a negative direction for the game to be

honest don't feel like it needs it so

more gods over here there is great

fantastic most of me still in here well

he's just there he's waiting or she's

waiting for me to come out just back off

level 40 as well come on what a joke one

absolute joke I don't even know how I

even go about doing this attack I know

it does say it's a little walk to our

mission and that probably would help the

most moves just in here all the time I

just can't get rid of him but the mercy

Mews are so hard and so the cultists

honestly how am I supposed to do this

I'm right this game is getting a

slightly negative direction less that's

all I'm saying it's turn into a bit of a

slog and it was fine it need the

mercenaries doesn't need force bounty I

just think you do things where I'm like

yeah bouncy and you can clear it I get

that that's why I'm by having this

forced on me it's not it's not even

leaving he's not going I'm renting again

like this is happened the last couple of

episodes of pop 34 or something and at

this part if I go down and I start

combat I'm dead in seconds

it's just how it goes is it's not gonna

work it's really not gonna work what is

he doing get out

bugger off clearly I'm not here I don't

know what makes you think I'm here so

I'm not here

Gold get out you know it's just like

it's like an extra guards there we go

finally Jesus man missed missions hard

enough insane I would like nighttime as

well I don't want a motor want to like

complain like the sisters to me

being honest like just it's just how

things are and it is really a million I

want to moan I really don't like I don't

want to do that but thanks wrong with a

gang I'm gonna I'm gonna let you know

burn this [ __ ] idiots

probably I love them and they will

scream in agony and pain anybody in here

no good burn as well

oh god am i hidden here yeah just about

what's weird

I'm definitely hidden are me yes my

attention the mushroom is coming back

great yep the mercenary is running

around this corner I could absolute

mental man what is he doing what does he

how does possibly know I'm here how how

would he know I'm here

what a joke and he's still afraid I like

the Murphy's back how would he do that

oh great nothing man who's he does

course he does [ __ ] does don't be


he knows I'm a Honduras in there how

would he not cuz that we shouldn't it

one by one against one guy dumb just

filled up wow what was that they got

javelins or something madness so

probably Louie lucky in terms of oh come

on I was okay Noreen I'm here to - are

you kidding me

please us man I gotta take these up is

that one got to do there's another one

up as well yeah great great absolute joy

the only hope I have right now what can

I call persistent flutter I'm gonna

frickin animal after me now as well oh

damn oh she's getting really stupid what

a joke this is three Merstham used to go

that one's almost dead

go for that one done it almost kuda yeah

let me do that Oh what one did this guy

still got a shield be very very careful

reduce Magellan in to give her that

shield great you just shot your own

mercenary friends ever stand shot barely

done nothing it is done literally combat

doesn't work

any of my CSUN help saying you can't

fools something I want have arrows honor

that is true I said probably trying to

do that right now uh do we have any new

Japanese actually level 30 several

Supreme saying that stores probably yes

like me more powerful we have a heavy

blunt weapon a heavy bladed weapon a

level 40 javelin or spare even what's

here these these mercenaries level 41

absolutely mental tear free mercenaries

is that the tier 4 like this whole like

area so Afghans always it like the whole

map I don't know how it works Jonas

recent health foods health

please please please oh yeah I want the

American I knew forgot something

see this is not what I want to be doing

right now I don't want to be running

around here mushrooms I don't want to be

doing that I don't and was killed me how

dare I go into the option menus how

stupid all right heat up peanut arrows

done some damage how did you get me here

me too much too many times now we're

drilling right now

briefly lost them heal up there yes can

I try it

try and drop in on them perhaps hmm take

heat up sure actually oh that guys see

me - grace yeah right ahead

oh come on push off Prince Rob yes

that's it she actually did confirm kill

I'm funky really nice son of a

mathematician turned up nothing good

finally you've now lost your shoes but

now you have a fire weapon that's the

kind of scary I just stood up what a

joke no no no no no no that little

stupid little box wall thing almost

killed me


idiots stop healing

it cannot be honest I'm sure sorry this

is there we go

most should be dead why can I finally

get on with this kill now what can I

save it everyone I save it because I was

too most from he's dead I'm not sure

I've killed the third one I'm gonna

double-check I hope I did cuz that would

really suck as it definitely saved hey

Bella B we now have a level 39 sword

very nice and it was first no that's not

as good got level 41 but I can't wear

that just yet do kids wow that's a

couple of mushroom was dead the ones

that were trying to track me down are

now dead some hope in that helps the old

or sitting up the first mushroom yield

had a shield but I've definitely Kia I

don't know in the panic I might have

missed him bonus might missed him so

come path a little bit my bouncy but

it's barely worth a honest barely were

fair I don't want to be spotted here

I've lost some of his helping myself I

can drop down on this map

have you got some bad stuff

he's very supple hopefully wouldn't be

that tough how wrong I was

yeah I like that hey yeah you still


maybe spit nice but prison blades yeah


he burns just like anybody else I'm

slowly slowly taking him out slowly but

surely he says God does not like arrows

oh it's all pressing X at the same time


was that lives absolutely slice slice

like a boss I think we fight one on one

nope and this is unless the besson

annoying ability isn't it so realize you

have oh that got me it's been an

absolute challenge but I've done it

oh sorry again about Benton I like for

my family

cultist is dead wait Lucas playin I

might as well

what nobody's here is there another

chest just it is and there's one more

loss players ah

and that goes it's done you can loot it

and then burn it which is what I'm gonna

do there's a lot liver

I think the fact is daylight it is the

most effective way to do it just the

lunch in get rid of some of the old

bounties the Muslims are definitely

slowed down a little bit cuz I killed


it just got rid of them whoa it is done

is this proof enough of his death

not quite the sword a man but as long as

he's dead my part is done go make sure

this piece is at the theater in time for

his performance you are too tense come

here and lie a while with time to have a

little fun or is it always business with

you I'm I can yeah I can have some fun

is it with you so blood does pulse in

those veins it roars but what of

therapies this piece is an actor half

the girls here have been his muse at one

time or another

well that ended quite nicely didn't it I

hope this doesn't scroll a mission I

don't think it will now we need to worry

about this piece Naruto furnaces play

this play is important to you with it

we hope to make change for the better I

can see there is more in your eyes but

we are all entitled to our secrets it's

enough for you to know that I plan to

stop men like commander action or and

Leon God thou is absolutely mad doing

that that mission was insane I think I'm

put included most of it because oh Jesus

that was close this is insane I hate

having bouncy I hate it so much we're a

few missions away I think he says we

will see my sister play this must be the

play yes

how much to see it of these Goods is

fine and he'll be fit to perform your

play tomorrow oh thank the gods I know

what actors can be like tell me about it

compared to what I'm used to it was a

breath of fresh air that is so good to

hear here for your troubles the people

may be the heart of Athens but my play

will be as voice so the plays not

happening right now all we might do cuz

it gonna wait a whole day it's gonna

become sober he's gonna be mused always

in the play

he did for us and for our children

if cleon should perish you also know

what a big education he has had I do

think I was going to propose the statute

will be erected in the city to its of

you for your bravery he treats us like

all daughters and crows at our feet to

deceive us but the cunning we're in his

power lies child this time recoil on

himself he did not like that play today

it is not enjoy that the rupes is

whoopsie doodles or myself away right so

despite that mission being a little 41

we still managed to do it and killed

free mercenaries thank you guys for

watching sorry I'll be angry again

I like to vent sorry bye bye