Assassins Creed Odyssey - The Resistance, An Actor’s Life for me, A Musing Tale



you made of course I did Barnabas was

ready to go after you again

like he said it's the thought that

counts right apparently come the others

are waiting we were worried you wouldn't

make it especially with every Athenian

guard looking for you

Cleon we'll have to do more than that to

stop me what's all this

we've begun working on a plan to take

down clear although I hardly call it a

plan lots of talking not much action it

feels different

without Pericles but his inspiration

lives on that's why we're here where

once we gather to forget our problems

now we meet them head-on and get back to

what truly matters to restore Athens to

its former glory so you're taking down

Cleon tell me the plan it won't be

simple his death would disrupt the peace

and be worse for Athens he's right

we must discredit him first IRA

Stefani's apparently has some play he

thinks will do the job some play it is

so much more than that oh don't get your

tunic in a twist I just don't see why we

can't all love each other it's so much

more fun that way what's so special

about the play with your famous orange

ape impression be making an appearance

ah funnily enough that was the

inspiration isn't that a risk to show

him in a bed like in front of his

admirers I think the play will change

their minds good art is risky but my

plan will work we can't just sit around

Cleon is sending a boat to meet aleni to

kill the people there

people trust Cleon they'll vote for

whatever action he puts forth but that

does not mean we plan to do nothing

taking down Cleon won't be easy but with

your help it will be possible

these selecting misses their own dues to

approach docket on to Pilate

it'll be a disaster a disaster I tell

you calm down

what are you talking about my


it will change everything amuse astound

titillate and open people's eyes to

clearance match nations but I need you I

am no actor or poet Aristophanes by the

gods no it's this piece my living man is

missing I play with no stars no play at

all how do you know he's missing he

never misses a rehearsal unless he's

drunk or with a woman or a man could be

anything then no he knows how important

this is he wouldn't let me down

something must be wrong you could just

get another actor

oh no this piece always draws a huge

crowd for his performances the more

people could experience my blistering

indictment of Cleon they're better so

where would I find him this [ __ ]

usually doesn't go far from his home you

best start there

this shouldn't take long

prepare the show and I'll be back as

soon as I find him did you find fair

space my play must have it start



natira Bonnie


this must be first mrs. house you don't

look like an actor unless you're playing

an Athenian gird aye-aye

hush I'm going to ask some questions and

you're going to answer what command


what's your name bullies well bullies

it's your choice whether you walk out of

here do you understand yes tell me what

are you looking for some stupid play

they don't tell me anything

play I just do what I'm told and they

told me to destroy the manuscript what

have you done with this piece some of

the boys are meant to keep him drunk in

the tavern down the street you'd better

be telling me everything all I know is

they wanted to keep this actor busy see

for yourself he's at the tavern you sure

that's all I just follow the commander's

orders I don't ask questions do

something worthwhile and join my crew

you're loyal and you follow orders you

take me what do you say to get away from

Athens thank you thank you

I think he's had enough and what

business is it of yours friend yeah was

business oh look at you you'd best be

leaving I'm here for his employer

Aristophanes so he's not working now

yes it's not working I like him though

Aristophanes funny man buts opinions

told him it's dangerous

that it is I need him sober and rested I

don't think you understand the situation

come on Directioners orders are he's not

to leave I said I'd stay don't want

trouble give me this piece and I'll give

you something in return I'm sure we can

come to an arrangement

here for your troubles I'll look after

him now huh

a fool and his like me very well you

won't see us again

nice not feeling too good

she said you're behind the mask you'll

be perfectly safe he says my parents

said you'll either be an actor or a try

them i became sport told him cleon will

kill us all

it's more research than satire the

sausage seller was my idea then I will I

will gather my what was it again

oh yes sausages mmm let me tell you a

secret it's a good one

listen to me I love you I do

thank you but you can go no further for

I know true love I just need you ready

to perform tomorrow of course and I just

need my muse my love I can't I won't

perform it out her you will perform not

without a cat Irene a divine name for a

divine body

I mean beam those men in the tavern who

were they

oh the admirers harmless really and I do

like a man in uniform you need to sober

up this plays important so they katerini

I need my muse please she's just west of

here at the house of Aphrodite if it

means you'll do the play I'll find your

muse I sometimes wonder if leaving a

fellow near was a good idea


should be careful high-security show

News hmm not my usual type too many

muscles but if you've gotta drag me we

can come to an arrangement vespi said

I'd find you here

ah my darling Thespis an artist in so

many ways but let's talk about us

I thought you were suspicious great love

that is love this is commerce so what

are you into

no this piece wants you to go to him he

needs you to help him perform tomorrow

this piece does love to perform but

he'll be doing it without me this time

but you're his muse

commander reactional has made it clear

it would cost me my life if I were to

associate with this piece right now I've

been hearing about this command erection

or a lot recently

he's one of cleon's favorite dogs I've

heard stories from some of the girls

likes to play dress-up but a fancy Robin

mask likes to hurt people too I'm sorry

he runs the local garrison his men are

always here let's help him in an instant

if I was gone why would this commander

threaten them it's all to do with his

stupid play they're doing everything

they can to protect cleon's

image still to threaten you actors are a

superstitious bunch commander action or


Thespis won't perform without his muse

waiting in the wings don't worry now

deal with Commander action or you don't

understand what a bastard he is he's

more than just some Athenian soldier

what do you mean secret meetings strange

visitors he gives me the creeps

you'll have to kill him there's no other

option if I do this will you go to


it's a dream my pleasure

where can I find the commander in the

barracks across the street to the north

the girls have to visit him there when

he wants

servicing doesn't have the stamina to

come down here can you describe him he

wears one of those big stupid shells

makes up for other areas don't worry

I'll take care of him bring me back his

little sword as proof be back soon

there seems little doubt that direction

or is aligned with the cult of Cosmos

let no man be called happy before his

death till then he's not happy lucky




something that value 18s because if

metabolic schema hello Tamiko very Pro

Kenosha pistol my mind must be played





I shouldn't hear anything



someone there








the Athenians here






I see













you deserve and worse


is this proof enough of his death

not quite the sort I meant but as long

as he's dead

my part is done go make sure face pieces

at the theater in time for his

performance you are too tense come here

and lie why with time to have a little

fun or is it always business with you


is it with you so blood does pulse in

those veins it roars but what if this

piece this piece is an actor have the

girls here have been his muse at one

time or another




now we need to worry about this piece

and that is the finest is play this play

is important to you with it we hope to

make change for the better

I can see there is more in your eyes but

we are all entitled to our secrets it's

enough for you to know that I plan to

stop men like commander Axanar and Cleon


the watch will be vigilant here


they'll keep a sharp watch you



please tell me you have news of Thespis

he's fine

and he'll be fit to perform your play

tomorrow oh thank the gods I know what

actors can be like simians lives are too

complicated I would rather be a farmer

that work in the theater true it's not

for everyone

but it's a wonderful life here for your

troubles the people may be the heart of

Athens but my play will be as voice if

Cleon should bury you also know what a

big education he has had


certain thoughts and to think I was

going to propose the statute will be

erected in the city two heads of you for

your bravery see he treats us like all

daughters and crows at our feet to

deceive us but the cunning we're in his

power lies child this time recoil on

himself conspirators are murdering me