A-Musing Tale | Kill Rhexenor the Hand, Delian League Cultist | ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY


mewls not my usual type too many muscles

but if you've gotta drag me we can come

to an arrangement recipes said I'd find

you here

Ashby's does enough to perform but he'll

be doing it without me this time but

you're his muse command directional has

made it clear it would cost me my life

if I were to associate with this piece

right now

don't worry I'll deal with commander

Eriksen or you don't understand what a

bastard he is he's more than just some

Athenian soldier what do you mean secret

meetings strange visitors he gives me

the creeps

you'll have to kill him there's no other

option if I do this will you go to


it's a dream my pleasure don't worry

I'll take care of him bring me back his

little sword as proof I'll be back soon

seems little doubt that direction nor is

aligned with the cult of cosmos let no

man be called happy before his death

till then he's not happy

there will be trouble if I'm spotted









is this proof enough of his death

not quite the sort I meant but as long

as he's dead

my part is done go make sure their

species at the theater in time for his

performance you are too tense come here

and lie with time to have a little fun

is it always business with you what is

it with you there is more at stake here

than a few moments of pleasure only a

few you don't rate yourself

highly in love then this play could help

decide the fate of Athens I need you to

keep your word and go to Thespis do not

worry I will see you at the play or with

less peace


please tell me you have news of Thespis

is fine and he'll be fit to perform your

play tomorrow oh thank you God I know

what actors can be like compared to what

I'm used to it was a breath of fresh air

that is so good to hear here for your

troubles the people may be the heart of

Athens but my play will be as voice