exocrine glands are made of epithelium

and these glands make products which

leave the body either leave the body

outright such as sweat or enter a tube

which exits the body and so this would

include digestive tract secretions

reproductive tract as secretions and

anything which would enter the

respiratory tract the urinary tract at

cetera and so exocrine secretions leave

the body and they typically travel

through tubes or ducts so if there is a

sweat clan there would be a sweat duct

if there is a digestive glands such as a

salivary gland there would be a duct for

that gland the only at exocrine glands

which lack these ducts are the

unicellular gland some of which make

mucus exocrine grains are very common in

the skin in the digestive tract in the

reproductive tract and in other parts of

the body endocrine glands are also made

of epithelium

unlike exocrine glands their products do

not leave the body instead they diffuse

into the blood endocrine glands make

signals known as hormones which then

travel through the blood to other cells

of the body in addition they do not

travel through tubes or ducts they

simply pass directly into the blood so

endocrine glands can be distinguished

from the exocrine glands because they

are not making products which leave the

body but rather hormones which enter the

blood and they do not travel through

tubes or ducts

both of these glands however are made of

epithelial cells