hello friends we are currently in the

United States today we are going to a

Mexican grocery store yes we are we are

here in Atlanta

specifically chamblee which is part of

metro Atlanta alpha Buford Highway if

you know Atlanta you'll know where that

is this is actually one of my favorite

parts of the city because it's where

there's a lot of culture a whole lot of

nationalities and it's a perfect place

to make this video because there's a lot

of Mexican grocery stores so we are

going to go inside and see if we can

find some of the same things that we

would be able to find in Mexico in

grocery stores yeah I mean we definitely

miss Mexico just having been here a

couple of weeks and anything that can

remind us of be there we want to see it

okay let's go inside always your things

mate or attorney and needs the car

running but they see on

got the festive music the produce these

look like the zucchinis you find New

Mexico they're very small and I wanted

to point out one huge difference between

grocery stores of Mexico in the Mexican

grocery store in the US is that in the

u.s. you'll most likely be able to have

a fun descending station for people who

are living here sending money to their

family and

and anyway affects the groceries to the

produce and happy I like this so


what else do we have

Amaka chemical oh my god it's so cute

he's so close

come come you were so good


oh my goodness passion fruit cult seven

dollars that's like 150 vessels yeah

you know what that is uh-huh that is

called chayote yeah

chayo take on a spinner yeah these are

the same


I think so yeah

you want to make some Bobo with this

baby I'm interested to see the prices

here they are $1.99 what does this mean

eat what that's the most expensive I've

seen them anywhere no way but this

familiar Wow

yes these potatoes they don't have brown

potatoes in Mexico Oh ladies

right in a bunch of baggies we never buy

them like this but we definitely have

seen them like that right my parents

still like and it makes a mess and

actually I don't get why you were going

interesting food tortillas Ezekiel bread

well look at these cups oh this is funny

cuz like I would never pay this much

attention right when we're just grocery

shopping and like oh please we got these

is your cup the security guards actually

like Gary here

in Mexico they're like tiny and yeah

fabulous is that not what to use like

Americans I don't think our ger know it

we've never been to historic Mexico

where they have the hottest it's like a

medal they do really yeah is it since it

of course it since it

if anybody knows why all of the toilet

paper in Mexico is let me know because I

think it's instant coffee oh yeah


but there's this thing of like making

videos of people eating oh yeah trying

candy we will leave it up to you guys if

we make that video because it is an

interesting video that we can make

whether it's here or in Mexico for

Montana to try Mexican candy let us know

if you would like to see that and if not

then don't say anything we won't make it

we might leave a comment some of these

look pretty interesting Japanese style

penis you had that on the plane oh yeah

I wasn't a fan is that a Mexican thing

yeah what's your favorite boy I think

nice these I feel like I saw these

everywhere my favorite I would say

myself and probably peanut candy masa

fun style I don't know what that means

me something that looks good that I

would want to try I always see these

everywhere and I want to know what they

are they are wheat flour wafers so just

like wafer things it's just wait for you

I would like that yeah maybe good

tamarind I've tried that wasn't a fan no


tamarind paste right after I first met

Sergio tried to learn how to make

tortillas corn tortillas and everyone's

like two of my pants now you

underestimated the tortillas did you

find Norma new respect for all those

here we have all the colored marshmallow

doing justice to a Mexican grocery store

they're doing it right this is how it

should be done

colored marshmallows that are flavored

no other options we don't really get

this packaged stuff but it is stuff that

is familiar to you now after living in

Mexico right so like all of this is

stuff that you might yeah

yeah it's cornstarch trachea its

flavored cornstarch


maybe one day we can try it this is the

brand of the baking soda that we get

those are the two ones that we make

I mean baking powder sorry yeah we get

both of you know me yeah neither one we

don't think is oh this is the executor

we can't carry like yeah this is crazy

Wow I'm like actually impressed by how

many like actual Mexican things they

have you I thought they would have just

Mexican inspired things or something

like that like this Mexican aisle at

Walmart or k-mart

but no this is like actual things that

they brought from Mexico really this is

familiar no like the way they bulk all

the dried shipping this is what he'll

and what is this yeah and hibiscus this

is the corn that they used to make never

had that

one day are these overpriced here no

this is normal here really yeah they

sell these a good coffee shop and or

small town yeah like a cool hip coffee

shop and they're like gently falling

towards because the price of that

because these aren't made for cool hip

people it's just made for normal people

who are used to buying it you know like

we've I've known about this with my


the Mexican

Mexican Pepsi don't see that very often

I usually don't drink soda and all but I

tried one of these I was convinced that

it would be the same just like that a

normal Coca Cola

let me know your opinion on it is this

the soy tree though

no this is soy the box oh goodness

you're right it does Oh

so Teresa oh my goodness this is awesome

I'm taking this it's only $2.00 yay oh

my goodness yeah my parent to be so

happy because this is the service so

Teresa I mean it is the chorizo been

that they sell in the in Rome but not

this boy wine oh really

yeah well maybe you should get one into



that's crazy we haven't seen this brand

before right not in Mexico that's not a

Mexican I mean it's a Mexican brand this

is the stuff I expected to see here I

was surprised to see the real Mexican

stuff this is like a Mexican bran face

in the US yeah so they're from industry

in California drinkable yogurt is so

much bigger there than it is here

yeah it is and we just recently saw that

Lila has nut milk started AHA has enough

milk in Mexico at least pretty exciting

vΓ‘manos Oh max we love this is the

friend of orange juice that we buy so I

get your reaction on this yeah yeah I'm

sure they're good


McCormick's yeah that's Mexican I don't

know that's Mexican mayonnaise for sure


oh look the rice friend that's the exact

right friend we have we buy yeah better

they bite you interesting that's it's so

crazy to me to see this stuff here how

would be so surprised if they had the

Sierra beans yeah they don't have those

here because the words from this

particular movie is from General of fun

which is the exact town where my parents

are from yeah and they make they're

really famous for their mullet

there's like there's no more hair like

more than this so have you ever seen

molded at every weapon and you want to

trim all it get this okay

personally I think

but I definitely wasn't expecting there

to be a whole torti area like bakery

section here that's really cool because

this is like a pretty small grocery

store that we came to let's go and check

out that stuff see what effect

water filling

this is such a good place to go to and

you're feeling nostalgic about Mexico I

feel I feel like we in touch with Mexico

after doing this

oh whoops okay final thoughts on the

grocery store I think me as long as well

as these people watching want to hear

your final thoughts on first I felt like

we were like back in Mexico yeah

everybody was speaking Spanish right


it was weird hearing English at the end

we're checking out as a whole the

security guards yeah which is the same

reaction I have when I hear you go to

Mexico obviously I kind of like broke my

ear because you know it's kind of

interesting to hear people speaking

English anyway I loved it

I present like I loved it and the funny

thing about that is I've actually been

here a few times my family yeah it's not

the same thing coming before going to

Mexico as it is coming after living in

Mexico for so many years because you

know you recognize all these things and

it makes me really happy to know that

they have these options because there

are a lot of immigrants that live in

this specific area of Atlanta it seems

like this area is very diverse all

different types of restaurants and

grocery stores this area actually has a

lot of Bobo places which were to go head

up right now

yes Buford Highway area has a lot of

Vietnamese a lot of Filipino a lot of

Chinese Japanese Korean and Mexican

South America and Central America and

places to enjoy like restaurants and

everything it's so like an authentic

experience yeah exactly

I feel like I would never would have

known that this whole area was here they

met you well yeah like it's not super

underrated here yeah I feel like this is

one of my favorite parts for sure I know

I already said that but I love this area

and the supermarket has been a very

fantastic experience this is not

sponsored by them

happy got the soy chorizo hmm and you

may have to save some for me to try it

it's good I will make you some tortoise

good okay so we're gonna wrap up this

video now leave a comment below if you

want us to do a/b testing trying Mexican

candies give this video a like make sure

to subscribe if you're not already and

we will see you in our next one bye