We Went To The #1 (Numero Uno Market) Mexican Market Today!

alright guys this is the new mirror on

the market we're going in there get some

tomato cucumber but I don't stuff

coming at some part we need apply please

give me the part


really that has all this I think you're

gonna hold this it's okay don't know

because it looks a lot all right this is


okay how many doing this what's enough

jugo detects you want to get get to

you're the one that's getting this out

maybe I need to get four

this one very good it's hard it's okay I

think this one is good it's very soft

it's very very tough oh I like Oh


one more

and the bottom right here oh no it looks

like Oh on the bottom right here okay

all right so here guys I got four it's

two for a dollar

oh you still need to get some cucumber

oh look at the mango this is like mango

Manila but it's ha I don't know how to

say a town full at all Oh Gerry's do you

wanna get some chairs limbs do you wanna

try first do you think it's tasted look

look it's only a little bit to her a

little bit $1.99 a pound

you don't want it right

all right

all right oh that that right there is

very hot pepper forget the name of this

Oh habanero it's right here this one

right here is very hot very very hot

okay now what else do we need


brain green onion bright green onion we

need to get some



right here

alright here's three $4

on the top because I don't want this you

want the bigger one

what it's doin angling no it's one night

one 119 yeah yeah this one is cheaper

can you give me a bag

Oh broccoli is cheap look

I finished abruptly last night

maybe I want to get some at least two

parts to master

doing some roughly


I'm gonna give some relatives


I got one already

but you need to hold this


thirty now

me before huh

last night was a little bit

maybe this enough for tonight

do we need this Loomis oh yeah we do



oh yeah


oh look at this bell pepper Tomas this

so big look how big this is

it's to $5 wow it's really big

I wanna get this it's really good it's

big this I wanna get this too

oh my goodness the sender is 2 for $1 at

$0.99 store yesterday I got one oh man

this is good to mix egg salad

sorry two months to four dollars not bad

I think I'm gonna get one at this one

because I like celery and anything

oh you know how we call this two months

we call this go white person a monkey


yeah we call this Goa in the Philippines

in what I I don't know in Tagalog what

we call it away

yeah this is not Yoko Oh Yoko yeah I

think I don't know how you call it here

but because this door why this is really

good we usually eat this with lichens I

don't know in in what I will update this


bok choi bok choy in speech hi guys

butchers features


didn't even hardly see any Chinese

college senior

all those rooms

I don't see peach in there oh my

goodness I need this for Park CO and

adobo I need this

how much is this oh this is the yucca

you're talking about this is the yahud

talking about we could this belong who

in where I 299 I'm just gonna get this

because I need this to make when I'm

making let me see how many fantastic not

even a half pounder maybe one I was like

to choose the one is easy to peel you

know I like the easy feeling like this I

like to choose like easy to peel like

this part right here and I just need two

there this is yoga and this is commodity

we call it schemata in the Philippines

here it's called sweet potatoes look at

this these are bigger was hams

you don't have to be romantic this which

one you would appropriate the infamous

this or this or that the big one yeah oh

we need this how much is this limit


oh it's 69 cents this is good

shiny and big oh no it's soft I don't

like so this is good

how many do we need a lot more huh maybe

four or five

I don't like though I'm just like a hole

how many how many do we have

I'm gonna choose the biggest one

right here yeah all right

what else do we need right there oh we

need lime - over here let's get the line

first it's two pound for a dollar right


I like to find the one it's is softer

like soft like this one is rough I think

it's hard to squeeze this one is good

wasn't hard but I like your song thank


that's hard we get three

for about five maybe we have to get a



oh Jesus

you think it's enough how many punches

is it's two pounds for a dollar good


but you know what doesn't bring it

doesn't really go oh not even a poem

well it does not already do go back to

speed we love to eat with soy sauce in

this you know the Silversun soy sauce

she really loved it this okay this is

enough that's good how many pounds

almost two pounds you wanna make it two


well it does not really go bad and stay

in their fridge or a refrigerator for

patina too much

oh do we need this while we are you

maybe rehab does everybody how to make

how to make like a great the seasoning

that we need okay now we need cucumber

oh it's 79 79 sometimes this is for a

dollar guys

but today 79 cents each so maybe we just

have to get two is enough because I have

mangoes - it's enough no skin there's

like a dark color in it

maybe stuff here that's good yeah this

is Singh Thomas we call this in the

Philippines Inc Thomas and D

college-aged son he can he camera I

don't know we call this thing commas in

the Philippines in what I am Not sure in

Tagalog I like the taste of this it's

crunchy Oh pineapple look at that

pineapple but it doesn't look like it's

very ripe yet

it's Pina - that's not bad but it

doesn't look like it's it's right here

okay now we need what do we need

Oh Carabas we call this parable squash

69 cents per pound that's how big it is

like this one right here

shuttle bus I like care of us oh we need

this 69 cents what this

sounds this is good for Dylan love this

what else doing it do we need that I

know we're making our own song darkly

yeah so we just need some seasoning I

don't know what huh

I want to get one of this no I know no I

just want to get this to make soup beef

soup I just need this

the big question looks like a pan a


I got onions I got this in the house -

marine bogus tamarind oh oh

jackfruit Tomas Wow look at that


oh this one is really good oh my

goodness I'm smelling guys this one

smells like really right it smells like

right this one is not really right this

one is very right it's much really right


it's very big you know in seafood city

they cut this in portions so you don't

need to buy the whole thing yeah yeah


this is the one Greer oh yeah that's it

oh wait how much is that one just I

think you have a big deal over here

it's bigger one $3 it's a lot more

yeah no son I don't know it's 2.5 arms

for $2.99

my is like scoring

Hey I don't know this kinda is it I

didn't know it is this we have the seeds

you're bonded no these local news

oh I see it read there

over here this is it right it's a 99

wait this one right there's only one

name he made for us this is good that

way yeah it's cheaper it's the same

thing Sega's

okay that's it


we need avocado we have to find our


did you think I've got in here


I'd rather

Robin Hood is I bought one of these

pathologist and we forgot and we were

ready to eat it it was already over

right but it was not good Oh Kiwi

I think it's three for a dollar

and I I don't want to get pure right now


69 cents per pound and plum red plums

citizens of

you found one

this one here right oh this one is good

yeah this is me

those these are the pieces of right

person how many how many did you they

those needle like this this one here is


yeah I don't get the one it's not stuff

to so we need it today

oh this one is this one is bad I think

this one is bad

oh yeah who cannot hear it's $1.99

coconut is 199


your father

well limit you okay right here this is

so this is good enough

no no no that's not the one that's not

the one I can tell this is the one this

is the one that you choose that's enough

to you how many do you need great but

all of this are not soft


that's enough I guess that's it we all

of them are hard so we can't get the one

at all

don't have this in the house I think I



we're done now guys this is the store

very cheap

car wash that yesterday or day before

yes I think he just got we went there

yesterday taken today



it was only right turn I think we're

going that way going to the laundry

that's weird

did you write

well they gotta businesses well is that

a fire doing or they just rebuilding

clothing well I think




where you gather at cyclist women

somebody's door is open

my boy wait wait wait wait don't open

the wall drive and wait till I stop

so this showed me the door

Oh check this - yeah Oh

it was not really open it was

yeah don't arrest

which is not

lower in Torrance



back in


they're right on the right side

used to be K Mart Supercenter right so

person that was interesting

Ypres Kmart simply came

and they closed it

two years ago


okay Martin they have looking 24 hours

24 hours

no more

now it's like


we're not not only to but their city's


they also play seat

you guys I cannot turn the camera

because it's right here

the name is for any poor

I said it's a big land space

maybe Lance

now we're in mainstream


been straight

take it out tiny thing out here this

goes over to where the job

no wonder we never went we never used


Jesus starting

March 21st right


my lintons be happy

okay oh yeah Valentine's Day

we're we're in the lhamo and

who you mean see on

we say that helium in what I say it

booyah booyah

feel it

achew I am foo young

it's good not to have music inside the



oh yeah


oh wait

we're going to the rough road

from her mr. wised up going to follows

birdies you know where areas


are we here

make tutorial part

of course on the right

with Facebook

baseball back and another swimming pool

also students scores

they open only


the kids playground right

right here in

and this is the end of the video also

thank you guys for watching our journey

for today bye