Do NOT Shop at Mexican Markets...

a very good morning amigos born as the

escaped Alchemist on how you doin it is

another beautiful day here in Puerto

Verta Jalisco Mexico the weather is

actually we're not sweating here in

Vienna I'm a goes today actually before

we go too much into this today later in

the video we have a special surprise for

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watching sort of a surprise for us too

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it until 5 p.m. but I mean goes today we

are talking all about public

transportation here in Mexico public

transportation more specifically in

viata and we're going to tell you why

you should not shop at local Mexican

markets maybe kind of you got it you

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more now onto the public transportation

I don't know if we are as good as Disney

Plus but Disney Plus doesn't say your

name alright they recently changed the

bus system here in Verona so that is

what we're checking out today we are in

downtown we're in the sunlight romantic

aware by Popkin laughs self-guided MS

that name always trips me up

we're by Basilio video and we want to go

to mega our local med knuckle man both

go some over here we don't know how to

get there but we're gonna figure it out

and we're gonna see what the cost is and

what the speed is like compared to a


I bet if we can actually find the bus


gracias y vamos a la cΓ‘mara Mary Sue's

corn or something


so fired or recently recently for us in

the last year or so upgraded their fleet

of buses in addition to camping around

this one has air conditioning seats are

a lot better than the other bus the cost

is elevated it was I believe when we met

your license with the older

Potter buses it was like seven which 10

pesos is 50 cents into seven and a half


there are 83 menos 50 cents


alright that was not too terribly bad it

all costs 20 pesos one total dollar it

took us how long this walking is good

for you so 24 minutes $1.00 to get to La

cometa and I did want to say well I

think we were on the zt3

bus that it picked up on a picture of

people on Basilio by the Oh or you could

write before the small tuna or you could

go to the 5k laughter okay got it - how

are the heck you say that but by the

park and just ask if you're not sure

just I don't know if you speak Spanish

or not Costco block Ahmed donde como

little caesars may you this for football

get any was here a lot commit

Dressen don't shop at Mexican markets

okay we're being we're trolling you a

little bit obviously we've set the shop

in Mexican markets highly recommend

shopping at Mexican markets and actually

right off the bat today the obvious

benefit for us shopping at a local

market versus coming to a soup it is the

time there are plenty of markets in like

most neighborhoods at this area at least

there's one in Cinco this one and

there's one over by Walmart there's also

one that probably wanted PBS and there's

one in admitting on Zapata so we can

like go work out go to CrossFit and it

is right there we can get pretty much

everything we need on a daily basis we

get on a daily basis but several days a

week we go and get our cheese we will

get a chicken we'll get things like like

the basics of pretty much any meal in

Mexico people mock dates boy

cilantro Hamas she lays chicken I

mentioned some fruits and vegetables

however where we do feel like there's a

benefit to shopping at a soup it and

what we would like your input on is when

do you stop at a supermarket if you live

in Mexico versus going to a local market

is there are some things that we have

found to be more recently priced to be a

little bit fresher to be higher quality

out of supermarket versus a local market

so there's definitely benefits to both

we're gonna kind of explore that today

but we need your help as well for

example something like I'll ask

something like grapes what we've

actually seen it a lot of markets is it

seems like that will go to Costco or

they'll go somewhere else and get some

things like this that aren't as aren't

eating as much obviously the markets

here like Savoia seen on throw

like peppers things like that are going

to be very very cheap but then there's

some things that I think they're marked

up a little bit because they get them

from other stores here in the area not

sure I don't know

just a gringo for example for once in my

life I have getting right at least some

something this time maybe although

you'll probably tell me how long this

spin is the Popeye spinach spinach

spinach SP naka we get at the market and

I believe it's around how many pesos 50

pesos about two and a half dollars here

it is 40 pesos oh that's a pretty

significant savings here though did take

time to get here and it did take 20

pesos on the bus but proves my point

that there are some things at

supermarkets that are cheaper however I

know I mean the benefit of shopping and

market is you feel like they're

supporting the community more but I'm

just trying to trying to show what makes

more sense to get a super versus not

super example number 2 of something that

is actually a little cheaper at a

supermarket are strawberries best as


60 pesos and I believe at the market we

got them 480 officials they look like

elephants exact same brainer huh

these look a little bit higher quality

wetsuit market we're in the same sort of

sort of tug like it is about packaging

they did seem a little older but it

could've just been the day that lint

however depending on how many

strawberries you eat I think you're

actually the best quality and best best

quality and best value like price price

per strawberries probably at Costco



now the best part about shopping at

supermarkets the samples in lock has

that's a that's a big blow my at least

three or more samples yourself what kind

of bread is this rosca de reyes which

strangely looks like pandey warp though

place for Christmas right

a bit early for Christmas cue the

Christmas music oh my gosh

that's delicious

I'm pretty good true


good free samples but in all seriousness

we do like getting our bread from


scout to Commons Colleen's does not have


I'm trying a different one okay

I'm sure Khan cake this is butter

what are these for if you're lucky you

get the one with scoliosis

oh nice that's a Hillary sucker hey what

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what do you feel like your thoughts are

on never ever shopping at a local market

wait never ever shopping a little more

hair never shopping at a grocery store

well yeah where did honestly what is

what do you feel like is more a

convenient or like what do you feel like

is better for shopping not at a market

convenient for us is the market because

it's a block or two from the gym that we

got to every day I do think however if

you need like a bunch of groceries a

cartload of boatload

I didn't think while commander for a

supermarket may be a better option

depending on what you're looking for I

think there's a time and a place for

both believe it at that


24 minutes later we have made at home 24

minutes both for the bus in for the uber

what surprised me because typically I

think of buses being slower because of

the stops but and I don't feel like

there's really traffic coming home like

the uber uber cost 80 that's cheap dose

which is about four dollars four times

as much as as the bus and you know to be

quite honest it wasn't to me it wasn't

any more comfortable but there's

obviously our pact yeah but this one

really wasn't I wasn't too bad okay

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