Restaurant Road Trip: Mediterranean Cuisine at ZOHARA - West Hartford, CT

what's up guys I'm chef plump and

restaurant road trip is back right now

and today we are hanging out in West

Hartford a culinary Mecca right here in

Connecticut I'll tell you what for the

holiday season

one of my favorite restaurants has got

to be Zohar a Mediterranean kitchen

the flavors are unbelievable the

colorful foods you gotta check this

place out right now

on restaurant Road Trip presented by

Burger Chef knives a silent distillery

and go nation

sohara hanging out with Scott Miller

dude this place is amazing I love the

open kitchen where the whole idea for

Frisco we fell in love with this cuisine

a few years back we try to encompass all

the countries surrounding Mediterranean

you guys are big proponents of local

stuff too right buy a lot of produce

from organic farms within our area we

also buy all of our lamb from a guy that

raises the lamb butchers that here in

the state of Connecticut the end of the

day we want our guests to have the best

product possible the open kitchen that's

here got to be incredibly helpful even

though the guest smelling food seeing

food we've built the entire restaurant

around the open kitchen concept our top

dish since today we opened up is our

roasted cauliflower I can't wait to try

the pita I can't wait to try the hummus

I love the charcoal grill I couldn't be

happier right now this is the kind of

place I want to cook that let's do it

man all right Scott what are we making

one of the traditional dishes that we

like to do here is called shakshuka

which is a traditional Israeli breakfast

ironically the name of my band amount

from the 10th grade

you play triangles ha ha there you go

this is our shakshuka base take about 3

or 4 large spoonfuls of that we're gonna

put that back on the flames

we season it just a little bit those are

lamb sausage drive right it pop it right

in there drop it like a top so we're

gonna kind of let the sausage graze

within the structure at the base lots of

flavor lamb neck look at that back on

the heat back on the heat every

shakshuka is finished off with eggs we

let it sit for about 3 to 4 minutes

Yanko thrilling all right Scott I am

blown away by how much food is on this

table and how amazing it smells but

what's striking me the most is the color

it's bright it's colorful it's warm its

inviting this is the roasted cauliflower

we roast it whole we top it with this

cook the tahina I personally like like

the bottom of the cauliflower better you

get some of those some of those leave

please get in there right get in there

mop it up on some of the bubble that so

much play ever happened I can already

feel it wow dude

I had a cauliflower that doesn't taste

like cauliflower the mint comes through

this is our top-selling dish it's what

people have been talking about I know

based on your show history that one of

your favorite foods is bacon yes we take

the lamb belly

we cure it in-house just kind of go for

it or we put it on something I would

just get in there this real simple a

little bit of olive oil tomato Wow

the old lamb sometimes traditionally has

that gamy kind of flavor don't get that

at all here now we like to have some

protein that's cooked over our charcoal

grill use some of that Scoob grab a nice

little chunk of octopus here the octopus

is pretty tender here a lot of times you

get octopus it's not very tender at all

Wow melts in your mouth not to me at all

that charcoal char that's that's the

flavor right there your debut at so hard

Mediterranean kitchen yeah the guy did

pretty good back there there it is look

at that that lamb neck meat man there's

a whole lot going on with that I got to

say man of all the places you've been to

so Hara here the flavors are just all

over the place I had no idea that you

guys are doing that kind of flavorful

food man this stuff is outstanding

cheers thank you very much chef we

appreciate it

sohara this place is great Johar and

West Hartford it's awesome

so are these we'll see you guys next

week come on damn it's out of here right

let's get outta here come on we gotta go

just be the Breslin

all right come in I think he saw me I

think I saw it I think it sauce let's go

get back here with my freedom back you

know what's a real cauliflower real

Valley flour right