Restaurant Design - Napa Mediterranean Restaurant

located in the downtown area of Napa

Tarla Grill serves indulgent

Mediterranean food and beverages to the

guests who are ready for a relaxing

linger on the west side of the dining

room a lengthy bar counter anchors the

white bar and the open kitchen where

guests get to watch their food being

artistically dished while enjoying their

drink from the bar warm teak patterned

laminate dresses up the drop ceiling and

the wine bar to give the restaurant a

clean but could by the look costing less

than $150 a piece

laminates are such a portable materials

to add tons of warmth and style to any

commercial space multi-dimensional stone

tiles are put in to bring texture and

interest to the space on the east side

for oversized tangerine barn doors

blanch on the stone wall to bring in the

updated farm style underneath the soffit

wine bottle style pendants are hung to

add touches of elegance and character

soft illumination help highlight

different focal points quietly the super

stylish chandeliers resemble clusters of

bubbles and sparkles and wine this is a

playful reminder to emphasize the napa

wine themed tangerine and olive color

accents together are not only appetizing

but also very Californian and

Mediterranean who says upscale design is

always achieved with high cost material

this project is a great example which

disproves this philosophy