Layers of the Earth video for Kids | Inside Our Earth | Structure and Components

hello friends today we'll learn about

the layers of the earth the earth is

made of four layers the crust the mantle

inner core and the outer core some of

the layers have even more layers inside

them and are always moving come on let's

start from the outside and move our way

in world crust the crust is the thin

outer layer of the earth where we all

live the crust varies from around 3 to 5

miles thick in the ocean floor to around

25 miles thick on land Earth's crust is

found on the outer surface and it is

made of solid rock and minerals mantle

ah the next layer the next layer of the

earth is the mantle the mantle is

thicker than the crust at almost 1,900

miles deep and makes up about 85% of the

Earth's weight

it is solid rock but not completely hard

amazing the mantle is made up of

slightly different silicate rocks with

more iron and magnesium tectonic plates

the tectonic plates are a combination of

the outer mantle and the crust these

plates move very slowly about a couple

of inches per year the place where the

plates touch each other is known as the

fault when the plates move and the

boundaries bump up against each other it

may cause an earthquake whoa

outer core the Earth's outer core is

made up of hot liquid iron and nickel

and is about 1,400 miles thick to think

the outer core creates something called

a magnetic field and makes a protective

barrier around the Earth that shields us

from the sun's destructive solar wind

that's cool now the inner core the

Earth's inner core is made up of solid

iron and nickel and is about 1,500 miles

thick that's too hot and unbelievably

it's as hot as the Sun surface around

9,000 to 13,000 degrees Fahrenheit

now you know a lot about the layers of

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