Layers of the Earth for kids - Atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere


smile and learn today we're going to

learn about the layers of the earth the

earth is formed by four different layers

these are the atmosphere the biosphere

the hydrosphere and the geosphere the

atmosphere is the outer layer that

surrounds the earth it is formed by

gases that protect the planet from

outerspace dangers like solar flares or

small objects flying in space oxygen

that is an essential element for life is

found in this layer the atmosphere is

divided into five main layers the

troposphere the stratosphere the

mesosphere the thermosphere and the

exosphere as we reach the surface of the

earth we find two different layers the

biosphere and the hydrosphere the

biosphere is made up of all living

beings this layer extends downward to

the depths of the oceans and upward to

about ten kilometres over the sea level

plants animals fungi and bacteria live

in this layer together with all human

beings the biosphere is made up of

several ecosystems like the forest the

jungle the savanna

the desert or the tundra

the hydrosphere is made up of all of the

water on the Earth's surface this layer

includes the water on the surface under

ground and in the air water in the

hydrosphere exists in three states

solid liquid and gaseous the hydrosphere

covers three-quarters of our planet

that's a huge amount of water but only

six percent is fresh drinking water

that's why we should save as much water

as we can and use it wisely the inner

layer of the earth is the geosphere that

extends from the surface to the center

of the earth this solid ground habitable

layer is made up of rocks minerals sand

and other materials the geosphere is

divided into three different layers the

crust the mantle and the core the

temperature rises significantly as we

move deeper that is all about the layers

of the earth would you like to find out


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